Pebble Tulip Stump in Dove

$ 450.00

It’s the detail in the Pebble Tulip Stump that will stop you in your tracks.

Handcrafted from terrazzo, our new favourite in The Fenton & Fenton stump collection, this guy is the perfect offsider for bedroom, living room or bathroom. A new refined shape is here for good, and we love him dearly!

More Details

38cm(D) x 45cm(H)

Please note, terrazzo is a composite material made up of sealed marble chips and fine aggregates cast into a concrete base. Each piece is hand-poured and therefore variations in colour and pattern may vary. Images displayed on our website are indicative only.

Shipping & Delivery

To ensure your stump arrives safely, it is packaged in a wooden crate. You will require a Phillips head screwdriver to disassemble the crate, if this is unsuitable please call our customer care team to request sensitive freight at an additional cost.