Polkaco Hat - Aquanaut Pom Pom #2

$ 220.00

Blue & natural weave hat with peach band and two peach, royal blue and hot pink pom poms.

Circumference: 54cm

*Note: it is suggested that the hats are best worn on the larger side. Please allow and extra 1-2cm when measuring your head circumference.

More Details

Each POLKACO hat is handmade by the traditional Wayuu artisans, woven using 100% Iraka palm straw and takes approximately 8 hours to weave.

Wayuu is an American Indian ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. One of the most important aspects of Wayuu culture is the art of weaving, an ancient practice that is passed down from generation to generation.

To the Wayuu weaving is a symbol of intelligence, creativity and wisdom. Patterns and symbols on hats represent the spiritual wisdom of the ancestors.