Fenton Interviews|Amanda Dziedzic

Friday, March 27, 2015

We are big, big fans of the talented glass blowing Amanda Dziedzic. Her hand blown Glass Domes and Yumimeru can and have been described as elegant, sculptural and eye catching, but mostly we think they're just plain gorgeous. Designed and made in Melbourne, they are such a beautiful way to bring colour into your home.

We pulled Amanda away from her blow torch for a quick chat about her success, her background, her dream following advice and well, her blow torch! 

1. You had a massive 2014, and pumped out a whole lotta glass! From collabs with Gorman to Dinosaur Designs to TDF Open House and countless features, you must be on cloud nine! It’s all so well deserved and we love having your beautiful pieces at f&f! Can you sum up what you’ve learnt from 2014, a highlight and a few words of advice for
those looking to follow their dreams like you did? 
Oh, thank you very much! Last year was amazing for me, it was the year I turned pro. (Or at least that was my mantra for the year) I decided to make the jump and commit 100% to glass which meant saying good bye to my part time job and potentially to a steady pay check. I’m pretty stoked that I did, I worked really hard and one thing kind of seemed to lead to the next. While terrified at the prospect of not having a steady income, saying yes to my practice meant I could say yes to every amazing opportunity that came my way. This meant saying yes to people like Dinosaur Designs and Jardan. My meeting and collaborating with Lisa Gorman was a definite highlight. I feel really strongly about working with Australian makers and designers and have been honoured to work with ones of such high calibre. 2014 was definitely the year of self belief and the year for taking risks. I learnt so many lessons last year and continue to do so with every job I take on. This I guess leads to my advice for other creatives chasing their goals, don’t see a failure or difficulty as a loss, see it as a lesson. It’s just a lesson to make you stronger next time. Trust me, I ‘learn’ something everyday!

2. We probably should have started with your background and how you came to be a glass blower! What exactly IS glass blowing, and what path led you to it? 
I started blowing glass way back as an elective as apart of a visual arts degree at Uni SA in Adelaide. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I would study full time when I moved to Melbourne and did a bachelor of fine arts in glass at Monash. After I graduated I was lucky enough to be accepted into the associate program in Adelaide at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design. It was really here that I learnt how to blow glass. It was both the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. I worked fulltime, long hours probably six days a week most weeks for two years. I came out the other end exhausted but a glass blower. 

3. We’d love to hear more about your home, we have clocked onto your love of colour, is this reflected throughout your home? 
Last year we were lucky enough to buy our very first home. We have only been in about four months actually! As a total colour fiend it is so exciting to finally be able to paint a wall!! I am really looking forward to this easter where we are going to get it together and paint!! My colour palette that I a working on is grey, turquoise, chartruse and peach. This is blended in with lots of natural elements like plant life and wood elements. We are also a sucker for Danish style furniture. One of my first purchases for the house was an amazing vintage Danish armchair in deep turquoise. I am in love with it! It also goes with out saying that I have a pretty banging collection of glass at home. Most of my own works are more neutral in beautiful brown and amber tones, where as my other pieces from my glassy friends and quite bright. We also have a good collection of art on our walls. My favourite piece is by painter Joe Sorren and it’s called ‘Bull with parasol’. We also have three beautiful owls by Darren Henderson. Another job for easter is putting up shelving to home my collection of goblets and cook book collection! 

4. Is there a set process involved in what you do, where do you start? 
I usually start with deciding the colours I want to work with. I think knowing which colours work together is a valuable talent and one of my favourite things to work on. I also like the glass to kind of be able to speak for itself. Rather than get hung up on getting the glass to do something, I like to work more fluidly and work with the glass rather than against it. For example with my Yumemiru works its nice to be able to get a feel for how the glass wants to be shaped and have the freedom to make different shapes. Not everyone has to be identical.

5. Hot torches look pretty fun to us, what are you currently experimenting with? 
Working with a hot torch is super fun. This is how I make my sculptural work and this year I am looking to create a new body of work which revolves around botanical markers. Iv’e applied to take a class with flame worker Amber Cowan in the states and I’m really hoping I get in! I think it could have the potential to be a big jump for my practice.

6. Any hints as to what’s to come for you in 2015? 
This year I have a couple of collaborations in the pipe line but you are going to have to wait and see for those ones! What I can tell you is currently I’m working on developing a range of lighting that I am really excited about. It’s going to be all about the colour and I think they have the potential to be some really gorgeous works. Keep your eyes peeled!



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We're not going to lie, we still get the warm fuzzies when we see hand selected f&f pieces on TV, especially when they are some of our favourites and from one of our favourite block couples, Ayden and Jess! The challenge on last night's episode of The Block (in case you missed it) was to create a clever one-bedder and pitch it for sale to potential buyers, and A&J nailed it. Such a liveable, happy space and how gorgeous does that MSG Urn look in the bedroom!
Well Done Ayden & Jess!

Shop the look below!

4. Bone Hexagon Tray (enquire in-store)
5. Blooming Cushion
6. Indian Pressed Metal Ceiling Screen Printed Cushion (enquire in-store)


Fenton Loves|Foliage

Monday, March 23, 2015

We get a lot of hungry eyes lusting after our plants here at f&f, so we thought it was about time we let you in on a few expert gardening tips from our resident expert, who just so happens to be Lucy Fenton's lovely (and very clever) Mum, Angela. You can find Angela pottering around f&f with a watering can most days, she's got an eye for all things fenton but in particular adding foliage inside, and maintaining it outside. 

Here's Ang's best advice for going green + a preview of the new Tribal collection from Pop and Scott, coming very soon to f&f!! 

1. For those just starting to add foliage inside their home, what are some of your top tips? 
Choose the correct plant for the spot you're wanting to fill, the best people to help you out here are right there at your nursery! A spot that receives a decent amount of filtered sunlight is usually perfect for most plants but there's also plants that can survive in your dark corners! Make sure you water them correctly and always read about your plants to find out what they require. Most indoor plants should only be watered once a month! Lastly, don't forget to pop a tray underneath your pot! 

2. Thoughts on fake plants?
Fake can be great but can also be tacky so you have to be careful. There's some great rubber plants around, we love the stall at the South Melbourne Market for a no maintenance plants at fenton! We have a couple of beauties hanging in Small Town knotted baskets next to the bed in-store. Also, succulents can often be just as good as fake, they're easy to look after, can grow from a snipping and normally don't require drainage! 

3. Favourite Nurseries? 
So many! Can highly recommend Glasshaus in Richmond, wonderful selection of indoor plants and great staff! We are also big fans of Loose Leaf here at f&f and have some beautiful hanging baskets from them in our courtyard. Also worth a visit is Dragonfly on Chapel street, Garden of Eden in Albert Park and don't forget about Camberwell Market on Sunday's!

4. Onto nurturing. Give us a quick run down of how to get the most out of your garden.
If you have lots of pots you will get great results. The main thing is watering and paying attention to changes. People think if it rains, that's all a plant needs. Outdoor plants need care all year round. Indoor plants can be temperamental and may not like being moved around, or they may liked to be moved to where the sun is which will change depending on the day and the season. Make sure your plants are suited to their environment is basically the key rule and keep them clean, so wipe dust off them and make sure they are free from bugs and other enemies! 

There you have it green thumbs! Now we all know you can't have plants without pots, and we think the new tribal collection from the clever bunch at Pop&Scott are our favourite to date! If you're not on the wishlist to hear about these, give us a call!


Fenton Talks|Autumn á la Fenton

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Autumn to us is an extra layer on the bed, a (slightly) toned down palette and loads of cups of tea! It's that lead up to winter that makes us want to bring the cosy factor back into our home styling-and we've got loads of goodies in-store now to help you get there!

We've decided, here at f&f, that Autumn is a reshuffle of colour, not a vanishing of colour. We are loving pairing back charcoals and softer greys with earthy colours, and we think the perfect refresh can be done with a combination of the following:
-a new rug
-new linen 
-a few new cushions
-a new artwork
and finally..

We are loving our new linen, and think 'saffron' is the perfect earthy colour to bring Autumn into your bedroom. Style with dark and light greys and deep greens via indoor plants. Add texture with a throw on the end of the bed, or our personal favourite, a Reindeer Hide. 

Carry this blissful earthiness through the rest of your living areas with leather/timber combo's like our criss cross range of leather strapping chairs or stools, a cow hide + subtle splashes of Amber (hint, hint-our new range of Amanda Dziedzic hand blown glass Yumimeru are perfect!!) 

OR start again by building from the floor up, you've got two options with your autumn rug: warm colours that team well with autumn greys or a neutral palette of greys and un-dyed yarn for total calm. We can help you with either or both, and don't forget you can customise your own rug! 

What's really king this Autumn though is texture. Our top three ways of adding texture are with a throw, either on the sofa or the end of the bed (or both!) with cushions, go for velvet for added texture, and with indoor foliage (of course!)

 And finally, if you've got art on the brain, a change in season can be a great time to explore new artists! We have beautiful new works from Michael Bond, Vanessa Oter and Jai Vasicek that fit perfectly into any Autumn palette. 

P.S Autumn Pots alert! The new Pop and Scott Tribal range, set to hit us here at f&f very soon ties in with everything above very, very nicely. Loving that mustard yellow. Call us now to make sure you're on the wish list. 

Autumn's awesome, let's face it. 


Fenton Interviews|Mr Fenton

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When it comes to rugs you may as well call us 'rugaholics', we want them everywhere from the hallway to under the dining table. They are your piece of artwork for the floor and Mr Fenton's passion and we can't believe we haven't interviewed him sooner!

With no further ado, here's Mr Fenton talking rugs, or dhurries if you want to show off. 

1.Where did your desire to design rugs come from, is design something you’ve always
had a flare for?
Well... we all begin life as creative little monkeys and I was no different, however I veered towards the sciences in my youth. During a prolonged sojourn away from normality I realised that creativity is an inherent aspect of consciousness and those who are good at it have merely learned how not to stand in the way of their own light, or to borrow your metaphor, they know how to allow themselves to 'shine'. The most common response to the style of work I produced at that time was that it appeared to be computer generated, and my current obsession with geometry is surely an extension of that. I like to think that I am working in a space where mathematics and creativity meet. So, not to get too deep and meaningful, I would say that my drive to create comes from a desire for truth. After all, mathematics is simply a glorified paintbrush that human beings use to interpret and represent the universe in terms that our minds can understand. The Mona Lisa and E=mc² both symbolise equally valid versions of the truth.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about the dhurrie and it’s heritage.
The art of dhurrie weaving has been around for at least 2000 years, so it's difficult to be precise as to its origins. However, the dhurrie exists in an evolutionary position between flat woven grass matting, the purpose of which is more protective than decorative, and pile carpets which are almost purely decorative. Their portability made them more suited to the nomadic lives of ancient trading civilizations in the areas around what are now Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India. There is certainly evidence to suggest that one of the first uses of the dhurrie was as a protective underlay beneath the carpets of Mughal Emperors, and for outdoor ceremonial purposes, or as the floor coverings of their tents while they were travelling.

3. We know you’ve travelled to India to see your rugs being woven and meet the makers, what’s it like watching your designs being made and come to life?
It's a mixture of equal parts anxiety and excitement, love and hate, fear and wonder. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, but mostly the end result is very satisfying.

4.Top rug choosing tips, give us three!
The advice I would give for selecting a rug relates in a way to the manner in which I design them. Many of the designs I produce appeal to a narrow audience. I try not to allow the little voice of 'broad public appeal' in my head to get in the way of my creative process. For the client who's rug needs are quite specific or who may want something a bit daring, or that makes a statement, I believe Mr Fenton is well positioned to provide a solution. In short:

1. Be adventurous
2. Back your own judgement
3. Understand the space you need to fill

5.Your favourite design so far?
Tough question! I am particularly fond of Blooming and Entity - hexagons seem to be a recurring theme in my design life. However my favourite design is probably one that we haven't seen yet... which leads me to your next question...

6. Mr.Fenton’s rug shop just keeps on growing, what’s next?
Any spoilers?
As always, be on the lookout for fresh new designs as I am obsessed with constantly expanding the range of options available to our rug clients. I am also currently working with our supplier on producing our designs in handknotted carpets in viscose, wool and pure silk. Not only will all of our designs soon be available to order as carpets, but I am also developing a range of designs specifically as carpets. In addition to new dimensions of design possibilities, they will add a new level of luxury to the Mr Fenton offering.

Explore rugs here or come visit us in the rug shop!


Friday, March 06, 2015

If you consider yourself more of a minimalist when it comes to your home, love the 'shining stone' that is marble and look to Scandinavian style then we think (ok, we know) Harpers Project is going to get you very, very excited. 

New to f&f, Harper's Project live by the Scandinavian mantra, 'Buy Once, Buy Well'. Clean, raw timber meets marble to create timeless pieces that work just as well together as they do on their own, and the best part? Designs are explored, born and created in Melbourne and hand crafted by carpenters, no mass production here folks.

It's no wonder the Greek named marble 'the shining stone', it really does bring elegance and beauty to wherever it's placed. We thought we'd share some of our own top tips on incorporating marble into your home, by breaking down each HP piece. 

1. The Dining Table
You can't help but feel a little grand sitting at a marble dining table. In the words of Harpers Project themselves, "The white marble bullnose polish finish makes this product a versatile styling dream." 

We think a marble dining table should be the hero, and styled with this in mind. A bone hexagon tray and some fresh flowers should just about do it we think. 

2. The Coffee Table
One of our favourites, the low coffee table. Designed by Harpers Project with the versatile intention to be styled as the statement in the room with nothing on it at all or just as elegantly with a bowl, coasters or fresh flowers. 

3. The stool
We love this stool. If you should opt to have these at your kitchen bench, why not create continuity by using one as feature in a separate space, either as a stand for a pot or vase or to marry an empty corner. Alternatively, these can be purchased for just that, as a feature piece to showcase a gorgeous indoor plant, a favourite piece of ceramic or nothing at all!  

4. The side table 
A marble side table is a wonderful way to instantly create elegance to any space. Prop it next to your favourite chair piled with books, next to your bed with a lamp or next to a matching stool as a means of displaying some of your favourites. We love the way green pops against this clean, white marble so adding foliage is always going to be a winner in our eyes! 

Marvel at marble now online or in-store.
We are currently taking orders for Harpers Project, feel free to call us with any queries!


Fenton Interviews|Helen McCullagh

Monday, March 02, 2015

It’s such a blissful feeling to find an artist who’s work makes you feel instantly Zen, which is exactly what Helen’s vibrant oil paintings evoke. F&F's newest artist Helen McCullagh was just recently selected as a finalist in the prestigious Muswellbrook Art prize, her still life works internationally sought after for their texture, modern interpretation and technique. Interviewing Helen was just as peaceful as her paintings, here’s what she had to say from up in her treehouse.

We love the texture and colour in your work, it really does have a serene effect that make’s us want to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak! How else do you want people to feel when they look at your paintings? 
Mainly I just like my paintings to feel happy, but I also like them to evoke emotion. Many of my paintings are colourful and bursting with flowers which I hope create joy to the viewer, others are slightly deeper and speak to my more emotive side. I think there is something timelessly beautiful about a still life and I like to reproduce this genre in a modern context.

Tell us a bit about the road to fine art for you, where did you start? 
I've been drawing and painting since I was a child. I studied art in secondary school and went on to do a Bachelor of Fine Art at University. It sounds cliched but after meeting my fiancé my work and style has completely changed and I think it's reflective of how happy I am in life. 

How would you describe your style and how has it changed over the years? 
I majored in painting at uni, however my style has completely evolved since then. Initially my work was figurative based and quite embedded with emotion. However, we moved to a gorgeous tree house in Northern NSW a year ago and what I've produced since has been full of vibrant colours and painterly techniques. I paint surrounded by greenery so the reinterpretation of the space just flows out. I LOVE oil paint and the silky layers it can create.

We imagine your home to be full of sunshine and always in full bloom, what does your ultimate space consist of? 
We are very lucky to have a beautiful home. I live with my partner and two dogs Rosie and Tank, on 20 acres overlooking Mt Warning. Our house is full of colour, art and antiques. Our walls are covered in Australian art. My ultimate space would be walls and walls of art! I'm definitely not minimalist - I love organised chaos and clashing patterns, textures and fabrics. 

You’re a teacher as well! Tell us a bit about how you balance this and your personal work. 
At the moment I'm focussing on my art as that takes up the majority of my time. I love to do a couple of days casual teaching every now and then however my art is turning into a full time job - which I love. 

Do you have any key influencers? 
I love the modern interpretation of the still life genre by Craig Waddell, Bridgette McNab and Robert Malherbe - just beautiful. I also like the modernist artists like Matisse and Degas. I feel like there's a real renaissance for beautiful art at the moment.

Career highlight so far?
There have been so many wonderful things happening at the moment it's hard to pinpoint one - however I'm stoked to have my work at Fenton & Fenton!

When are you happiest? 
I'm happiest when I'm painting, listening to the radio with the dogs at my feet.

You can have a closer look at Helen's available works here or call in-store to arrange viewing. 


Warehouse Wonderland

Friday, February 27, 2015

Well it's that time of year again, our annual f&f warehouse sale has kicked off at it's new (and very yellow) location on Garden Street in South Yarra and what a first day it has been! Thank you to all who joined us at our warehouse wonderland today, and fear not there's still plenty more f&f finds to be found! The warehouse is bursting with bargains, sneak a peek below, we hope to see you all there this weekend! 

48 Garden Street
South Yarra

Saturday 28/2 10AM-5:30 PM
Sunday 01/3  11AM-4PM



Monday, February 23, 2015

Lucky Melbournites, this is your chance to win our version of a golden ticket to the fenton&fenton annual warehouse sale! The sale kicks off this Friday through to Sunday and to celebrate the madness that awaits us we're giving away 10 x VIP passes, entitling the winner to a full hour of shopping before the doors open officially to the public! 

Enter the competition now via Instagram. 
Deets below...

1. Follow and Tag @fenton_and_fenton 
2. Regram the image 

- VIP tickets are transferable (so if you cannot make it you can give it to a friend to shop on your behalf)
- Each winner can bring 1 friend - Winners will be allowed to enter the sale on Friday 27th of February at 9am
- Winners will be announced at 7pm on Thursday 26th of February AEST

See you all on the weekend for our best sale yet and don't forget to get gramming for a chance at a cheeky head start!


Fenton Talks | Let's Never Get Out Of Bed!

Friday, February 20, 2015

We love talking about our favourite place in the world (excluding exotic islands and other holiday lands) the one and only 'bed', which is why when our new 100% linen bedding arrived from bedouin societe we thought what better time to chat bedding on the blog. 

There's so much to talk about when it comes to bedding, so get comfortable, because you'll never want to leave the fenton bed. 

The Basics
Let's start with the basics. We're talking your fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases and douvet cover. We're going to be controversial here, because we can never choose just one colour, and say these do not have to match! The bedouin societe is based around this philosophy also, with collections designed to work together or stand apart. We love that. 

Speaking of bedoin societe, we're also going to aim to convert you all to linen bedding. Not only does it feel amazing to sleep in (like, arr-mazing) it also gets softer with each wash, breaths like nothing else because it's a natural fibre and looks relaxed and oh-so-comfortable. 

Ok, here's where we give you a red hot fenton tip. For that layered, draped 'fenton' look try two flat sheets instead of a doona cover. So one underneath your quilt and one on top. Go for a size larger than your bed too, that way your dovet or sheets drape right to floor. 

Here's one we prepared earlier..

The Trimmings
Here comes the fun part. Mixing in pattern, texture and a little extra padding. Yes, we're taking you to cushion town. 

Our block quilts are a great way to add a splash of colour and a versatile layer. They can act as that extra layer in winter or your one and only in summer. 100% cotton, super soft and handmade in India. Use the colour to act as your base for your throw and cushions, tie in with an artwork or feature in the room or to compliment your basic bedding. There's no rules! Choosing a colour palette is always the best way to achieve an inviting space though. 

Next up, throws. That end of the bed addition for when you want to curl up with a book on a Sunday afternoon without getting under all the covers, or just get your bed looking fresh outta Vogue. We love a throw. Our favourite being Kantha quilts, which are a beautiful way to add in both texture and pattern, and are light as can be so can easily rotate from bed to sofa! Tie this in with your block quilt or cushions for fenton perfection. 

Pictured: Lucy Fenton's Beach House in Anglesea, Victoria. 

Onto cushions. Adding cushions is essential in our eyes. It's the plush effect and it makes your bed all the more cosy. Plus there's so many amazing cushions out there to play with! We say if you have the space for them get some European pillows in the back and some smaller, quirkier patterns in front of your pillows. Again, tie these in either with your block quilt and throw, your basic bedding colours or a feature in the room, like an artwork. 

Now, let's never get out of bed!

All bedding is available in-store or online here

(oops we mean xx, fell asleep for a minute!)

Fenton Loves|A New Coat Of Paint

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We've got a case of the blues (and the purples) here at f&f, but not in a bad way, in a very very good way! Our new 'Windy Peak' and 'Ravinia' walls courtesy of our friends at Haymes Paint are just the change we needed.

 It always helps when you have an antique Caravaggio inspired painted wooden panel straight from your  Indian travels!

Straying from traditional wall colours can be intimidating, especially when you want to style it with predominantly what you already have. That's why light, pastel-like options can be the perfect option. These subtle blues and purples team perfectly with metallics, greys and even bold colours like pinks, blues and teals! 

You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday! 

Shop our two new looks below! 

1. Helen McCullagh 'Hydrangeas In Full Bloom' 
2. Abigail Ahern Pineapple Sconce
3.Abigail Ahern Bulldog Lamp
4. Skull Apothecary Bottle Candle
5. Bone Inlay Commode

1. Genu Floor Lamp
2. Laelie Berzon 'Bare'
3. Wing Book ends
4. Wire Spindle Cactus
5. Finn Retro Desk 

Stay tuned for more from f&f and Haymes!



Saturday, February 14, 2015

The newest artist to colour us excited here at f&f is Brisbane based abstract artist Michael Bond. Michael is self taught and super talented and his bold and engaging pieces have that capability to make any room come to life, and become a great starting point for styling your space. We had to know more about Michaels striking style and what gets him painting, here's what we chatted about! 

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and the road that led you to becoming a fine artist.
I'm a hairdresser by trade but have painted for as long as I remember. My art is my drug. When I paint I am totally immersed... there is nothing else! Last year I was struck by the idea of seeing where my artwork could go, so I turned to social media and started posting for all the world to see. 

2. How would you describe your work?
My work would be described as abstract, sometimes abstract / landscape. My work captures captures my feelings, memories and emotions, all displayed on the canvas.
My early days of painting I painted realistic landscapes, but turned to abstract and found it to be a more expressive way to be able to display these feelings.

Michael Bond North By Northwest
122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on gallery linen

Michael Bond Breaker
122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on gallery linen

3. Do you have a set process or is each piece a different journey? Do you always work with acrylic and gallery linen?
There really is no set process with my work, each piece is a different journey. Just like in everyday life, it comes with some highs and also some lows.. Usually the early stages of my work give no indication to the end product. My early days painting I tended to use oils, but choose acrylic these days because of the faster drying time (I'm a tad impatient), and since an artist friend persuaded me to try linen, I'm now hooked on the finish and the texture it's gives.

4. We love your bold use of colour, do you know what colours you’re going to use before you start painting or is this part of the process?
Usually I have a colour or colour combination in mind before I start.
Sometime the colour or combination will be inspired by something that I have recently seen or sometimes (as some say) by the mood that I am in!!
Sometimes my palette consists of calmer more neutral tones with a pop of colour to add interest just as it is, in my home

Michael Bond 3AM
122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on gallery linen

Michael Bond Back Paddock
122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on gallery linen

5. Can you share a few of your key influencers with us? Where or who do you turn to for inspiration?
There are many, many artists who influence me, one in particular is Jo Davenport. Her use of colour and emotive brushstrokes is devine!
Also, I have come to realise that my work is strongly inspired by the beauty of nature, the colours and textures that surround us everyday.
A lot of the influence of my work comes from memories or images that may pop into my head from time to time. Whether these memories are from my childhood or as early as yesterday, they are stored away into the filing system we call our brain, waiting to be created into a visual glimpse or snapshot into my thoughts and emotions.

6. Lastly, wise words from the artist for those thinking of purchasing your work?
Simply.... "Enjoy"

Michael Bond's work can be viewed here or you can call us in-store to arrange viewing. 


One For The Lovers

Monday, February 09, 2015

We're all loved up here at f&f, because Valentines Day is coming up and we think it's a bit nice to tell someone, anyone or everyone that you love them! And if you get into the spirit of giving like we do, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve to share with you.

Check out our love list below. 

Behind The Brand|Basil Bangs

Saturday, February 07, 2015

We took a moment to talk Summer lovin' with one of our favourite courtyard brands Basil Bangs. Half of Basil Bangs Kirsta Huebner gave us the low down on personal favourites, the true awesomeness of the beach umbrella, and Frosty Fruits! 

Photo Credit: Maree Homer

Describe your ultimate Summer’s day in Australia. 
It would have to be surrounded by our favourite people, by the water and with some very good looking shade...lounging of course on an abundance of cushions and Love Rugs!! We've been lucky to enjoy some glorious days recently which started with early morning swims and ended with long lunches in the backyard and nude babies playing in buckets. Quite idyllic really!

What's not to love about an Aussie summer though: Frosty Fruits, salty skin, burning your feet running across the sand, jumping into the pool in the afternoon, the feeling of "holidays" in the air, heading off for a beach swim at 7pm on a Tuesday after work (thanking you, Mr daylight savings), walking the neighbourhood and smelling all the gorgeous flowers... (clearly my words here, not mike's!), and generally how happy people are.

Perfect picnic spread on a love rug? 
We come from families of foodies (Mike's dad is an old-school Italian deli owner) so there's always oodles of antipasto, meats and cheeses in our picnic basket, plus crunchy sourdough, cool drinks (the good ol' G&T is our tipple of choice this summer, coconut water is our toddler's favourite), and some kind of amazing salad creation ala Ottolenghi...and maybe some perfect peaches and dark chocolate for dessert. Lindt's dark chocolate, salted caramel to be specific. Though I also have a soft spot for choc chip cookies, so they might also make the cut if I'm in the mood to bake.

Beach Umbrella’s, break it down for us, why are they so awesome? 
They rock, quite simply, because they behave as well as they look! That is, they're easy to put up and put down, they're easy on the eye and very transportable. We choose the highest grade materials and processes available in our manufacturing to ensure the umbrellas are robust and age gracefully. 

If you had to pair two of your outdoor cushion prints together what would they be? 
That's like asking us to choose between our children! Hm. We like mixing them up, but a favourite combo is The Shrubbery and Kaleidoscope. We also like Fanatic and Splice. I also love mixing our striped umbrellas up with the cushion prints. Partly Cloudy looks great with Chaplin, and Awareness with Marigold. So. many. options.

Who would be your ultimate artist to collaborate with for a Basil Bangs print? 
In no particular order, and not really worrying about mortality: Warhol. Rothko. Yayoi Kusama. Damian Hirst. 
But that's a hard question. There are so many great artists practicing at the moment who we admire and would love to work with.

Shop Basil Bangs here and make the most of summer!
Who feels like a Frosty Fruit? 



Friday, January 30, 2015

Maria of Melbourne born and based Say Hola is one Latina lady we couldn't wait to learn more about! Her unique palm prints are currently gracing the fenton walls, each individual print reminding us on the daily that we all have our own path to discover. We just love these, and all they represent! 

We took a 'minuto' to get to know Maria, aka Say Hola

Firstly, Say Hola, best name. Tell us a bit about your background and where this came from?
Oh gracias!  The name ‘Say Hola’ is about staying close to my roots.  I’m a Latina and even though I’ve lived here most of my life, mid-sentence I forget a word in English, so I say it in Spanish and sometimes I throw it in just for fun.  'Spanglish' is my lingo and I’m just having fun playing with words which is a trend often seen my work.   It’s also a simple and positive message which encourages people to connect and I like that. 

We can’t help but feel happy when we look at your hand prints. Tell us more about the palm and it’s story.
I see hands as the givers and the takers, the nurturers, the healers....they are also my tools to create so it’s natural that I use them to tell my story in a graphic, positive and straight up way.  I am drawn to the Hand of Fatima, which is a Middle Eastern symbol used for protection and guidance, so each hand I create embraces this intention.  In my work I celebrate our unique life paths, with geometric patterns that are connected to the paper flags/papel picado that hang at any Latin celebration.  Often you will read a message in a quirky font within the hands, like a tattoo, it’s a reminder of something beyond the experience.  

We can only imagine how gorgeous your home is, do you have any stand out tips when it comes to home styling?

Our humble rainbow casa is perfect, we love it here….everything in it was chosen by us, for us. Keeping in mind that I also work from my home based studio, I wanted both living and work spaces to flow but be able to disconnect from my everyday house stuff when I needed to.  When styling our home, I didn’t follow any rules or stick to any design principals, it was enjoyable and intuitive, I knew what was right for us and our two chicas.   

My first tip is to be yourself, define how you want to feel when you walk into your own space, this will create a framework for you to begin.  Choose pieces that express your personality and individuality.  I wanted our home to feel relaxed, inspiring and playful so I chose bright colours, tribal patterns and spontaneous accessories.

Keep indoor plants…something I learnt from my mama growing up was that plants = life and plus  green balances all other colours (in my book at least) and it’s a good colour for the soul, for its healing and calming properties.  Be brave and hang them from the ceiling in a sunny corner, place them in a wire pot stand or in a patterned pot on the floor.  Plants are like friends, the more the merrier!

Choose awesome artwork (ehemmmm).  Art is a conversation starter or stopper!  Choose carefully but don’t be scared of the experience - be prepared with size, light, mood you want to create etc.   Once you’ve chosen the right piece, hang it and watch the rest of the room sing in harmony. 


 Where does your main source of inspiration come from? 
There are a few things that spark my desire to do what I do.  Firstly, I’m influenced by different cultures and traditions particularly Latin (of course) Indian and Moroccan.  Their aesthetics share a spontaneous, crafty, colourful and busy characteristic - I create with this theory in mind.  I’m also fascinated with the craft of palm reading, hence the name of my last exhibition – “Chiromancy”.  I’m intrigued that every line, dot or mark on our palm tells a story, just like reading code.   Lastly, I love fashion, I’m obsessed with Balmain and Mara Hoffman at the moment, their pieces make a statement with their bold and detailed patterns – it’s my weakness! 

'Say Hola' palm prints are all acrylic and stitching on paper framed in perspex, and are available online and in-store now. Such a beautiful and individual piece of art to add to your collection or give to someone special. 

We love Say Hola!

Pics of Maria and family are courtesy of Stuart Michael


Join the team!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There is an exciting opportunity to join the fenton&fenton team as a full time Store Manager.

We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic person who is passionate about interiors with retail experience in a management position.


The successful applicant will have:

ŸAn ability to coach, manage and motivate retail assistants in a high volume, fast paced business.

Have a hands on approach and lead by example.

An ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with customers and their team.

A commitment to maintaining company policy, both for yourself and with team members.

Leadership and excellent communication skills.

Strong Visual Merchandising standards.

To be successful in this role, you will need a proven record in successful retail management and be able to provide insights from previous leadership experience.

Experience with the Lightspeed sales system or similar will be highly regarded.
We need someone who is available to work full time from Tuesday - Saturday. Email us your CV to be considered, info@fentonandfenton.com.au.

Good luck!



Thursday, January 22, 2015

So the inflatable swan no longer lives in the window with all the other colour that was our summer holidays window, instead we have worked with our clever friends at Haymes to bring you a beautifully blissful and neutral window reflecting one of Haymes key 2015 colour forecast themes, Raw

Raw explores the notion of detoxification-cutting out the clutter-and redefining what is important through a process of natural selection. The palette is made up of neutral, soft tones creating a calm environment. Providing a subdued and ethereal aesthetic, warm browns and creams form the perfect base for any interior styling. 

We are feeling so inspired to start the new year with less clutter, so this couldn't be a more perfect window to start 2015 with! Big thank you to Haymes, who helped us decide on two feature colours for our windows "Smoky Silhouette' and 'Refuge 1'.

Looking to go Raw? Here's some of our tips, think stripped back Scandinavian, the old 'less is more' and light and bright beach house additions. 

We may as well start with paint colour, because without these beautiful walls this look would be nowhere. Adding a new coat of paint to tired walls can do absolute wonders, and is a great way to get you inspired for a brand new look. The neutral tones we've used from Haymes are both peaceful and easy to work with when it comes to styling. We've chosen 'Smoky Silhouette' and 'Refuge 1'


Lighter timbers such as beech look amazing against neutral tones, and really play up that Scandinavian Raw look. Experiment with different textures and materials by white washing a coffee table or sideboard (if you're game!) painting the end of natural antlers with a complementary colour (or just white) and adding in a few collectables, ambient lighting and twigs and branches bunched together as a feature. 


1. Cushions are the perfect way to tie everything together. Our basketweave cushion sits perfectly amongst raw colours, and if you're lucky in a Byron Bay hanging chair!

2. Taxidermy is a love or hate, if it's a love then our deer head is a key item worth thinking about. It's something you'll have and adore forever. 

3. Our new concrete pendants are perfect for scaled back styling, whats more raw than raw concrete? Hang them in groups to create a gorgeous corner of ambient light.  

4. Getting rid of the clutter doesn't mean there's no room for some key smaller items, adding shells or sea urchins in a woven bowl is such a simple yet effective way of adding texture and a little colour. Our sea urchins are available for purchase in-store. 

5. Finally, our favourite, the Byron Bay hanging chair. Oh how we dream of having one of these in every room. The Dark Rattan really compliments the Haymes Raw story, we basically want to live in the window. Call us in-store to enquire about our hanging chairs. 


Welcoming an elegant sideboard into your life is always a good idea, trust us. One, they're a perfect way to hide the clutter and two they are a great canvas for styling. A fresh sideboard accessorise can make your room look a million bucks! For this look we're all about natural antlers, feature lighting and taxidermy.
1. Our new Ashwood 'Genu' floor lamp is just perfect for a scaled back lounge look, with it's linen shade and ultra light frame, it's the hero in the room without stealing all the attention. 

2. Isn't he divine. We have one taxidermy Tawny Frog Mouth Owl available to purchase in-store. This is how to add character and charm. 

3. Natural Antlers. We can't get enough. You just can't go wrong, with just one or a few overlapping. Available in-store. 

4. Finally our danish designed 'Finn' sideboard in beech timber. So elegant, so perfect.


Adding a cow hide to the floor is a beautiful way to create warmth and texture, without getting patterns involved. Get some tan leather and a feather head dress involved for maximum calm and comfort. 

1. Adding a clean, white pendant creates a brightness that not all lights can achieve. It's not safe, it's classic. We love our Ashwood pendants

2. We had to include our Zebra cushion. The perfect way to compliment neutral colours with a splash of yellow!

3. The best thing about this look is how transitional and functional it is. Come winter all you have to do is add a reindeer hide for instant warmth!

4.  Art doesn't necessarily have to be a canvas or framed print, try a feather headdress, a weaving or some African baskets to create art in the room, what better pieces to tie together the raw, nature inspired room you've created. And the best thing about this, is often you can find things to pop on the wall that are inexpensive!

5. Finally, don't forget a desk lamp. Our Ashwood stencil lamp is so gorgeous against a freshly painted wall because you can see through to the colour! 

The Haymes 2015 colour forecast is definitely worth a look if you're feeling a change brewing at your abode! You can see more on Raw here, and the full forecast here

Head into store for a closer look!


Happy Australia Day, Australia!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Because we love Australia as much as you do, we will be closed on Monday 26th of Jan to celebrate Australia Day. Whether you're spending the day at the beach (with your Mr. Fenton's round beach towel, of course!), enjoying a cold one over a BBQ with mates or enjoying the Australian Open we hope it's a ripper!

If you're packing the car & heading off to the beach, sitting poolside or entertaining friends at home we have you covered. We have put together our Top 10 Australia Day essentials list which also doubles as the perfect top 10 summer essentials list, too!

Here it is.....

1. Basil Bangs Miss Marigold Umbrella, 2. Mr Fenton's Six Degrees Pixagon Beach Towel3. Basil Bangs Jungle Fever Love Rug, 4. Inflatable Flamingo, 5. Merfins, 6. our Trays Excellente Trays, 7. Tait Jak Chair8. our Mr Fenton's Beach Towels, 9. Outdoor Watermelon Cushion and 10. our favourite, the Hanging Chair!

Summers looking like a beauty! Happy Australia Day, Australia!


We'll Light The Way

Monday, January 19, 2015

Whether it's pendant, floor or desk, the way you choose to light a room is pretty much make or break in terms of vibe. Sounds dramatic, but it's true. Good lighting=good vibes!

We're pretty excited about all the new lighting we have to share with you. There's a bit of retro, a bit of concrete, a bit of LED and well pretty much a bit of everything. So whatever space you're wanting to light up, alas it's right here. We'll light the way!

How cute are our Ashwood lamps? Choosing between the LED stencil or the fabric shade is the hard part. The floor lamps are the perfect way to light up a corner and provide ambient lighting while the desk lamp can provide task lighting or even highlight an artwork sitting above a sideboard. 

Modern meets retro, these block colour pendant lamps might just be our favourite. These can be placed anywhere in your house for functional or decorative lighting. We vote on kitchen though!

The concrete pendant comes in small and large and clustered together look incredibly classy. Concrete chic even. 

And finally, our copper pendant. As seen above our heads at the fenton counter. Bow down. Copper is here to stay. These look stunning paired or in a row but would also make amazing bedside pendants. 

There's so much more to see in-store and online if you're in lighting mode. 
Until next time, let there be light!



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We were so in love with the piece Vanessa Oter submitted for our recent Peace Of Art exhibition that we had to see more!

We are just about to receive three new works from Vanessa so what better time to get to know the artist behind these mesmerising abstracts we can't stop staring at! 

Vanessa's path towards fine art has been just as bold and colourful as her work. The mood and raw emotion she uses as inspiration to create a connection with her artwork is beautiful and we feel very lucky to have them! She truly is one of those artists we just had to know more about, and here's what we found out!

1. There's so much to talk about with your art! The texture, the colours, the words! How would you describe your work?

I've been an artist since I was a child. Born with a paint brush in hand my mum reckons! My work is so personal, like a diary, an inner landscape of my thoughts. My painting is something that I use to document my emotional territory. I use words and paint with a huge emphasis on surface texture and a variety of mark making combined with spontaneous impulses to create art that is unique and autobiographical. 

2. Tell us a bit about Vanessa's path to fine art. What is it that first drew you to abstract and how has your work evolved?

I went to a strict Catholic School that did not promote the arts... I used to draw in class , every class, dreaming of just being free..at the end of year 12 I had a body of work I made at home and went off to art school (RMIT) and it all got better from there.. After art school I travelled around Europe and decided to go to NY.. I bought a one way ticket to NYC and spent 5/6 years living there , painting.. Living. I worked alongside the legendary Alfred Leslie (Beat Generation/film maker, painter) teaching drawing at Boston University, travelling to and from NY and Boston weekly. 
I painted. I had 5 exhibitions in NYC with one show having some press in New York Times in 2000. I came home to Australia after missing my family.. Did my honours at RMIT in painting which helped me develop my ideas.. ( so many ideas ) further..

Apart from pure painting I also make sewing installations.. I've just bought a huge round hay bale as I now live in country Vic and I love using multi media to develop my relationship I have with the landscape... 

'Putt Putt' 60cm x 60cm, Oil and mixed media on canvas

'Landscape Dwelling' 150cm x 200cm, Oil and mixed media on canvas

3. We imagine your studio space to be quirky and fun, what sort of working environment gets your brush going the most and what does a typical painting day involve? 

My studio is messy actually.. But I like it to be ventilated because I use heavy mediums, oils and turps. 
I had my garage purposely transformed for my work. I put a wall down the middle of the space so one side I can keep work free of flying paint. .. My work day in studio usually starts with coffee after I madly get my son off to school and walk the dog. I try to clean up a bit after each painting session and I have beautiful views everywhere I look I can sometimes ( weather depending ) walk down the road and paint en plein air! It's a dream.. Really stunning. 

4. Who or what is creatively inspiring you at the moment?

I am very in touch with the various textures and colours of the landscape..my paintings are influenced by the layers and movements of it. I use my mood/emotion to get a work going.. A painting is often the result of many factors! I like to think of my work as a physical part of my thoughts and internal processes.. I'm influenced by many artists.. Joan Mitchell is a big one.. 

'Urban Country' 150cm x 150cm, Oil and mixed media on canvas

5. What was your proudest moment of 2014?

Being asked to be a part of a Peace of Art! I was so happy to help a charitable cause! It was such a great feeling to know my painting helped contribute to children's education in Eithopia! We have so much here in Australia.. Great to give! 

6. It was an amazing exhibition, we're so happy you could be a part of it! And what's to come in 2015? Any hints?
I hope to be painting full time.. An exhibition would be great! I am hoping to take another overseas trip this year too.. It's been way too long and my son is now old enough to remember a holiday of a lifetime! 

We are thrilled to have three new pieces of Vanessa's story at fenton&fenton from Thursday January 22nd. For any enquiries feel free to call us in-store on (03)9533 2323 or you can view the works here. 



Wednesday, January 07, 2015

From Real Living to Yen magazine plus countless exhibitions around the globe, oh and an Archibald Prize nomination last year, Mia Oatley is making colourful waves with her stand-out style and really is one of the most exciting young artists to watch right now.  

Mia Oatley's budgies are the latest works to light up the fenton walls, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have them.

We took a minute to get to know this talented lady, and her feathered friends. 

1. We love the budgie love going on at fenton&fenton right now! Have your feathered friends always been a part of your creative journey? 

Oh thanks so much! I started adding big bright birds like macaws into my figurative work about 3 years ago, and that took me in a new direction. I enjoyed painting the the birds so much, all the amazing colour combinations that I could create with them, and their little personalities, that my love of painting feathered friends grew from there!

2. Do you have a favourite colour combination?

While I'm always getting enthusiastic about new ways to evolve my palette, I am currently a little in love with teal, with gelato pink, bold orange, or lemon yellow!

3. You’ve exhibited all over the world! Where has been your favourite place so far? 

Definitely Paris. My family flew over for the exhibition so it was very special to me.

4. Your work is so bold and vivid, do you have a New Years resolution to match? 

Yes I do! totally changing my whole diet to be more healthy, getting fit, and I can tell you that I am truly unfit after my first session at the pool today!

Welcome to f&f Mia Oatley! You can view Mia's works here or visit us in-store for the close up.


F&F Summer Hours

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

 What a year!

The team at Fenton & Fenton wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a happy New Year! We would also like to thank you for all of your support in 2014. 

We will be closed from Christmas Day and reopening Saturday 3rd of January 2015. Our online store is open during this time but all new orders will be dispatched from Monday 5th of January. 

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Love, f&f x

Megan Weston's just in time for Christmas

Saturday, December 20, 2014

If a Megan Weston artwork is at the very top of your Christmas wish-list then you are in luck!

We have received our final drop of artwork for the year. Megan has been busy working on these pieces for months and they are gorgeous! Check out all the available artwork here!

f&f xx 

Ps. how cool are the Gillie & Marc 'Dogman' & 'Rabbitgirl' polyresin sculptures?! We have just received a really, really, really big bright pink 'Dogman' - check him out in store!

Pop and Scott Pots back in stock!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Those of you on our 'wish-list' should have received an email today to let you know that....
the pots are back in stock for the last time this year!

We have received some of P&S's new 'beach-house' range which couldn't be more perfect for summer. Along with the 'gold' range and of course, our favourites, the 'classics'!

Pop into store or call us on 03 9533 2323 to check on availability. Be quick though, we estimate that they won't last long!

f&f xx

The 'Beach-house' range & the 'gold' range. Photos curtesy of Pop & Scott.

Christmas Countdown!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Counting down to Christmas as an adult without a choccy advent calendar, and a headache instead of a sugar rush is never a good time. Which is why we're very pleased to remind you, you can shop for everyone here at f&f! 

Here's some inspiration for Christmas gifting.

Bone Inlay Tray + Ceramic Coasters + Grace and James Candle + Fluro Pink Bookends

Node Ball + Trays Excellente Hexagon tray + Damesefly Candle + Krystal Knight Cuffs. 

Design Twins Concrete planter + 6 Degrees Grey Bath Mat + Wireframe ball + Fox Bookends

Mango wood side table + Keep Resin Cups (set of four) + Wallpaper City Guides + Camera Candle. 

Bug Hooks + Keep Resin Platters + Keep Resin Salad Servers + Design Twins Concrete cups

Still stuck? Just get towels, trust us. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Haymes Colour Forecast 2015

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We recently joined our friends at Haymes for some colour forecasting, teaming a bunch of our fenton favourites with their amazing 2015 paint colours. Take a peek.

 Heads up, it's a ripper. 

Whether you want to make 2015 about simplicity, earthy everything, foliage and all things green and gold or big punches of retro colour there is something to help you find inspiration in the Haymes digital magazine. 

Here's a few of our favourites, ready for their close up. 

Tim Webber, Duffle Ottoman.

Copper Candy Skull.

Node Wire Bowl. Available in 10 colours!

Tait Wall Planter. 

F&F fishscale bone inlay tray. 

F&F Block Quilt in grey. 

View the magazine here and get excited about all that can come from a fresh coat of paint!



Monday, December 08, 2014

Well we officially wrapped up our Peace Of Art Exhibition on Thursday evening in fine fenton fashion with a glass (or five) of Terindah Estate sparkling 'Methode Traditionelle' and great company, for a great cause. 

Together with our 73 amazingly talented and generous artists and bidders we raised $107,500 for Schools A Gift! All of which will be going directly to Ethiopia to help build an entire secondary school! Chuffed is an understatement, team fenton are THRILLED!

Big thanks again to our event partner Terindah Estate who very kindly kept the sparkling flowing for the evening. This stuff is special, trust us, and if you're looking for a Christmas gift to impress this is it. 
Shop Terindah Estate here

View all the photos from Peace Of Art, closing night here


Tonights the night!

Thursday, December 04, 2014


Today is the very last day of Peace of Art. Don't forget to place your bids before 9pm on Galabid/Peaceofart! This will be your very last chance to snap up an artwork for yourself - and remember, all proceeds go towards building schools in remote Ethiopia so dig deep!

Here is the link to the auction - http://galabid.com/auction/peaceofart


We would also love for you to join us tonight from 6-8pm for the official closing party at Fenton&Fenton.

It's going to be great fun and we will be auctioning live three incredible artworks by Leila Jeffreys, Miranda Skoczek and Megan Weston!!!

There will also be $2,000 worth of prizes to be won from Pop & Scott, Basil Bangs, Design Twins, Ivy Muse, KeepResin, Happy Place Terrariums, Spider+Lily, Gili Homewares and Words with Heart

We are looking forward to sharing a glass of sparkling with you thanks to Terindah Estate.

So come along - there's so much to make it in for!


Attention Megan Weston Lovers!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

We thought you may like to know about the Megan Weston artworks we currently have available.

At F&F HQ we have 'Aegean Sea 2' - you can view this on our website here.

Megan Weston has kindly donated 'Crete' to the Peace of Art exhibition which is still up & running and closes this Thursday at 9pm. If you haven't already heard about Peace of Art then you should check it out on our website here.

We also want to give you the heads up that we will be auctioning a Megan Weston artwork live at the Peace of Art closing night! We would love for you to join us for a celebratory drink this Thursday 4th December from 6-8pm at Fenton&Fenton. It's going to be a great night with prizes to be won and three live auctioned artworks including Megan Weston, Leila Jeffreys and Miranda Skoczek!

We hope to see you there!

F&F xx

PS. If you would like to go on our Megan Weston mailing list to be the first to know when we receive more artworks then please send us an email to hello@fentonandfenton.com.au

Peace Of Art|In-store Now

Friday, November 28, 2014

It's wall to wall talent right now at f&f. Peace Of Art continues in-store, with 73 pieces up for auction and all proceeds going towards education and schooling in Ethiopia via School A Gift, a fabulous charity we are so very proud and humbled to support. 
If you haven't popped into store yet to check it out, well we think you should and if you haven't rsvp'd to our closing event December 4th well we think you should do that too! You can rsvp now at events@fentonandfenton.com.au

The bidding continues online here. 

Good luck and see you all for a glass of Terindah Estate sparkling on December 4th!


Peace Of Art | Let The Bidding Begin!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

We have been busy bee's here at f&f preparing for our Peace of Art Exhibition, fluttering around filling the walls with amazing pieces from 70 amazing artists and finally we can say
'Let the bidding begin!'

Peace of Art will be exhibited at fenton&fenton both in store and on our online store, with bidding all online here, until December 4th. Here we'll be wrapping up bidding whilst also throwing bit of a closing party from 6pm (yippee!)

All artworks have been kindly donated, with money raised going towards School's A Gift, a fabulous charity behind building schools and fuelling education for children in Ethiopia. 

We are so very proud of this exhibition and all the artists involved and can't wait for you to be a part of it! Remember, you can pop into f&f and view the works in person but all bidding is online here

You can read more about School's A Gift here and please don't hesitate to call us in-store with any questions!



The F&F Christmas List

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Deep breaths everyone, Christmas is coming and you haven't started shopping yet have you? Rather than get all flustered and grinch-like, get excited and santa-like because we've made a list. A list of team fenton's top picks for Christmas. 

Just call us Santa's little helpers. 

First up, bug hooks, bookends, candles and colourful wire sculptures-that's what we're about this Christmas. PLUS we also now have the wonderfully vibrant city guides from Wallpaper, the perfect little extra something something to add to your gifts. 

Next, we think our new quote candles from Damselfly are just about the easiest, cutest and best smelling present you can give. 

If you're looking to go bigger, but not too big, we vote trays or towels (or both!) Team together different colours and sizes for a gift that screams summer entertaining. 


f&f (aka Santa's little helpers)

Closure dates 18th & 19th of November

Monday, November 17, 2014

Due to Peace of Art opening this Thursday (cue excited screams) we still have A LOT to do at F&F HQ (cue nervous screams...). This means that we will have to unfortunately close Mr. Fenton's Rug Shop Tuesday 18th November & the whole of Fenton&Fenton on Wednesday 19th of November.

We apologise for the inconvenience but remember that the online store is always open - & newly stocked up with great Christmas gifts! (stay tuned for our Christmas gift tip off later in the week). We promise the shop will be looking fab come Thursday filled with the amazing artwork of the 70 super rad & very generous artists who have donated to Peace of Art!

We can't wait to show you all - stay tuned!

Love, F&F and School's A Gift x

PS. For a sneak peak at just some of the artwork in Peace of Art click here!

Competition time with Rebecca Judd Loves and Mr.Fenton

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Melbourne lifestyle and fashion blogger, and friend of fenton Rebecca Judd is tonight launching Mr.Fenton's new (and ar-mazing) towel collection in a big way, a giveaway in fact! For your chance to win one of two Mr Fenton's towel packs valued at $285 all you have to do is head to Rebecca Judd Loves, post your favourite photo to Instagram and follow and tag @fentonandfenton and @mrfentonsrugs

Here's a little peak from us, to choose your favourite head over to RJL here. 

fenton&fenton are releasing their inaugural towel range this summer, just in time for Christmas. Designed by Mr Fenton, they are luxuriously thick, double-sided and made from 100% cotton. Bring some of the characteristic fenton&fenton colour and flair to your bathroom or beach this summer! Due to arrive in store at the end of November, but we are taking pre-orders online or in store now. But first, it's time to get 'gramming folks! 

P.S Love the paint colours? So do we! We used Haymes in 'Inner Depth' for our dark wall, 'The Royal Flair' for that brilliant blue and probably our favourite the pink  'Raspberry Sorbet'!



Saturday, November 08, 2014

Roll up, roll up we're on the hunt for a couple of superstars. We have a Christmas casual and Warehouse Assistant role to be filled. Here's what you need to know. 

Christmas Casual

Join the fenton&fenton team in a casual position in the lead up to Christmas! We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic person who is passionate about interiors with retail experience. Must be proficient with a Mac. We need someone who is available to work on Monday / Thursday / Friday and potentially weekends and extra week days when needed! Approximately 20 hours a week. Immediate start and must be able to work up until Christmas. Email us your CV to be considered, info@fentonandfenton.com.au. Please make sure you clearly state your availability in your application. 

Warehouse Jack-of-all-trades

We are on the hunt for a fit and well-presented Jack-of-all-trades. The role is on a casual basis for 3-5 days a week and will involve helping to maintain and organise both our warehouse space in Oakleigh and store in Prahran. This will include moving furniture, unloading containers, cleaning, painting, deliveries and repairs. Furniture restoration and / or renovation experience is a bonus.If you think you fit the bill, or you know someone who does please let us know. Please email us at info@fentonandfenton.com.au or call us on 9533-2323. Successful applicant could start immediately.

Good luck!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

We thought our new courtyard deserved a launch party, so we threw one on Saturday and partnered with Seven Seeds coffee, Mountain Goat Brewery and Capi to make sure there was free coffee, cider and yummy sparkling mineral water all day long!

Thank you to all who joined us in our new summer oasis, amongst all the colour and handcrafted goodness from Basil Bangs, Tait, Keep Resin and Pop&Scott. There really is everything you need for creating the ultimate outdoor space here, and we can't wait to help you create it! 

Special thanks goes out to Loose Leaf too for completing our courtyard with their divine hanging baskets. 

See you in the courtyard!



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Colour is very important to us (had you noticed?) so teaming up with the gorgeous gang at Haymes Paint for ongoing colour stories is all very exciting! 

Haymes played a big role in creating Jai Vasicek's island paradise for his current f&f exhibition 'MALACHI', with Jai actually choosing Blushing Peach as one of the colours gracing our windows. Jai wanted a colour that was reminiscent of summer fruits, and their bright pigment, from which he also drew a lot of inspiration from for his current works. 

Along side Blushing Peach, and deeply contrasting, is Inner Depth. This is your go-to dramatic wall colour, and we love how much it makes Jai's pieces pop. 

You can see Haymes beautiful walls and 'MALACHI' in-store now for a limited time. 



Saturday, October 18, 2014

Talulah Mahana, Anika Fleur, Melea, Serena Mahana and all the rest of Jai's ladies set the scene on Thursday evening for Jai Vasicek's second exhibition with us 'MALACHI', and by ladies we mean his latest stunning artworks based on Jai's childhood sailing the sea's with his family, lapping up what can only be imagined by us as Paradise. 

The store was transformed into a lush jungle of colour, for a night of wonderful company set amongst amazing works from Jai, which also included floor cushions, hand painted concrete bowls and handcrafted tables. 

And with sparkling Methode Traditionalle flowing from our ever so lovely event partners Terindah Estate why wouldn't it be incredible! 

Huge congratulations goes out to Jai Vasicek (applause, applause!) and huge thank you's to Mountain Goat and Capri, Haymes for our beautiful 'Blushing Peach' and 'Inner Depth' walls (more to come on them this week!) and Bright Young Things for the wonderful service. 

Thank you to all who joined us!

You can still snatch up a piece of 'MALACHI', view the works here and call us in-store or pop in to purchase. 

What a night!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jai has officially swanned through the f&f doors, ready for his second exhibition with us and we could not be more excited!

'MALACHI' by Jai Vasicek has had Jai completely consumed re-visiting his childhood, which between boat life from Brazil to Africa, tropical fruits and treasure chest surrounds sounds like a movie script in the making! We took a minute to pull this busy bee aside and ask him a few questions before opening night this Thursday the 16th of October. 

1. We’re so excited for your upcoming exhibition, and we LOVE the name! Where did ‘MALACHI' come from? 
'MALACHI' is the name of my Dad's boat, and the boat I spent 15 years of my life on! This exhibition is collective of all the places I've been, so there's a strong island influence. My Dad is from Papua New Guinea and a big influence, along with my sister who actually dresses a lot like the girls I have painted for MALACHI! I used to paint these girls when I was younger, they are more of a representation of places and the feminine beauty that inspired me rather than actual people. 

2. How would you describe the pieces you’re working on? 
Probably the best way to sum them up is a playful and vibrant mix of different
cultures I've been influenced by during my childhood travels. 

3. Do you have a favourite? 
I actually do, and it's the main piece 'Malachi'. 

4. What’s the process like preparing for an exhibition?
Long! I have been hand making frames for the last year with my Dad, they are moulded from the hatch of Dad's boat, so in a way each painting is a real little piece of 'MALACHI',  which is pretty special. My Dad was a boat builder, and these frames really are an 'imprint' of my childhood. Apart from that it's been amazing re-visiting that part of my life, which has included spending time with my Dad in Port Douglas. I think the time lapse I did really shows the process the best! 

5. Finally, any requests for the playlist opening night? 
'Hang On Little Tomato' by Pink Martini. It's got a tiki lounge vibe, you'll love it!

'MALACHI' by Jai Vasicek opens this Thursday the 16th of October at 6pm. Jai's works will be available for viewing on our website this Wednesday at 6pm.  Please call or visit us in-store from 10am on Thursday to purchase any of the works. 

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition! 

f&f and Jai!


Monday, October 13, 2014

It's true, we now have an amazing Pop&Scott swing in our beautiful bright courtyard which is officially open and bursting with summer goodness! 

From inflatable swans to beach umbrellas and love rugs to light and bright outdoor lighting plus (Australian) weather proof outdoor furniture from Melbourne's own Tait and plenty of gorgeous ways to display your plants no matter what size your outdoor space-there really is everything you need to create an outdoor oasis. 

So come on down and get excited about the great outdoors with us! 


MALACHI An Exhibition by Jai Vasicek

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We are super proud (and excited!) to announce we will be hosting MALACHI an exhibition by Jai Vasicek. 

If you know anything about fenton&fenton you will know that we absolutely adore Jai and we couldn't be more thrilled to be hosting his second fenton&fenton exhibition. 

MALACHI will be filled with inspiration from Jai's childhood & youth. Jai spent a lot of his childhood aboard his fathers boat, Malachi, the namesake of the exhibition. Sailing through tropic islands and travelling through colourful lands. His work in this exhibition has a very island and paradise feel which works as an extension from a few artworks he touched on in his last exhibition, Paradiso. 

Expect bold colours, tropical motifs and ladies draped in vibrant textiles and jewellery - and that's just the artwork! In true Jai fashion, he has worked on a multitude of items for his artwork which include gorgeous bowls, fabulous cushions and even the jewellery as seen on the ladies in his artwork have been made into a reality. 

We can't wait! If you would like to come along to the opening night, then please send us through your RSVP including the number of attendees to events@fentonandfenton.com.au.

We hope you can make it & we look forward to sharing a glass of champagne with you on the night. 

Love, F&F

Watch Jai at work in the video below!



Monday, September 29, 2014

As if the sunshine wasn't enough, there is now a whole lot more to look forward to this spring! We are feeling incredibly fortunate to be teaming up with some of our favourite designers to create a courtyard oasis packed to the brim with outdoor must-haves.

If you haven't heard of Tait, you can thank us later. Melbourne based, these guys know design and clever craftsmanship and not just that, they are also strong believers in sustainability and make sure this is incorporated in all of their designs. Big tick Tait. We will be stocking a bunch of Tait's clever and colourful outdoor furniture, with the option to customise your colours. Perfect for creating the ultimate outdoor summer space! 

Basil Bangs will also be joining the gang, keeping things shady with their incredible premium umbrellas! They're also bringing love rugs and outdoor cushions to the party, all signature patterns made with only the best fabrications. Another brilliant Australian company we are thrilled to be working with. 

 Ok ok, time for the sneak peek. 

Along with these exciting outdoor must-have's we'll also have a bunch of pretty special lighting and accessories. 

Excited yet?

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to find out when the doors will finally open to our lovely little courtyard!


School's A Gift

Friday, September 26, 2014

Our latest range of School's A Gift cushions are now available, in all their velvet glory, exclusively online. There's so much to love about guilt free purchases, and with 100% of profits made on these cushions going toward building schools for underprivileged children in Ethiopia, we think that's a guilt free purchase you can feel really, really good about.

Put simply, School's A Gift is a not-for-profit organisation helping children access education-what is more important than that! With an aim of increasing enrolment and attendance in deprived areas and an emphasis on creating equal opportunities for boys and girls, we couldn't be more proud to be a part of this ongoing project. 

These vibrant velvet cushions are feather filled and only available online. 

Click here to view the range!

Concrete Jungle

Monday, September 22, 2014

We're so glad the Design Twins got together and started  brewing up concrete creations in their kitchen because we can't get enough of these clever planters, bowls and cups! 

What started as two creatives from Byron Bay and Tamworth playing with paint, plants and concrete has transformed into a wonderfully fun business with everything handmade with love out of their beachside Sydney workshop. 

Don't go changin' Design Twins!
View the full range in-store now and get ready for some extra special pots encrusted with crystals! 


A Fenton & Fenton Workshop with Julia Green - Part 2!

Friday, September 19, 2014

We love our workshops with Julia Green, not just because we get to drink our favourite Methode Traditionelle from Terindah Estate and talk about our favourite colours but also because it gives us a chance to help inspire like minded people, who like us love styling and interiors!

Last night's round two of our part two workshop covered all the important stuff including bedrooms, bathrooms and shelving and was a wonderful night that even got us inspired to switch things up! 

Big thank you to Julia and her team and also as always to our lovely event wine partners Terindah Estate. 

Look forward to more workshops soon!

shiny new things!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If the arrival of sunshine has you busting to convert to colour, we have a feeling our new range of powder coated trays, wire sculptures and ceramic coasters will have you in a spring spin. 

Above: Bold and Pastel trays available in extra small, small, medium and large. Wire Balls also available in small, medium and large and cute ceramic coasters available in blue, orange, grey and green. 

Below: Wire spindle cactus's available in dark green, bright green and mint.
We think these guys will make fantastic jewellery hangers!

Our new range is currently only available in-store.


New Artist-Laelie Berzon

Monday, September 15, 2014

You know you're onto a good thing when art works sell before they've been hung. This has been the case for Laelie Berzon, her first two pieces for fenton&fenton already have new homes but don't fret we are expecting more from this clever and colourful lady very soon.

Laelie Berzon is a visual artist living in Melbourne. Her work, like many artists, is a mash up of emotions, experiences and reflections. We just love her use of vivid colour and exaggerated texture. Created using oil, acrylic and soft pastel on canvas, these pieces really are even more mesmerising in the flesh! 

Feel free to call us on (03) 9533 2323 with any questions or to be put on Laelie Berzon's wishlist. 


A Fenton and Fenton Workshop With Julia Green-Part Two

Friday, September 12, 2014

 Our favourite stylist and speaker of all things gorgeous for the home is back for part two of our styling workshop series. Here's the deal, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors will fill your mind with inspiration and we'll fill your glass with champagne! Along with learning Julia's basic 'how to's' it's also a wonderful chance to pick up some priceless tricks of the trade plus ask Julia styling questions one on one. 

Content for part two will include bedrooms (both adult and kids), vignettes and shelving, bathrooms and much more. There are limited spaces left so be quick! For more information and to purchase tickets click here or feel free to give us a call on 9533 2323. 

And in case you need another reason to join us, we will be offering 15% off storewide on the evening (excluding artwork) plus a sneaky giveaway!

See you there!

One Fiddle Leaf, Three Ways.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bringing the outside in, we're all for it! There's plenty of way's to display your foliage inside, here we have one fiddle leaf fig, three ways. 

Our felt baskets are a beautiful way of displaying greenery!
P.S Also a very handy storage solution. 

You can't go wrong with a Pop&Scott Pot. He can be moved outside for summer and indoors for winter, too perfect. Give us a call to go on our current pot waiting list (they are super popular!)

The easiest way to cover the pot he comes in and add cuteness and colour. We love our canvas bags. Available in small, medium and large. In-store only. 

One fiddle leaf, three ways!


A Run Down On Rugs

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's no secret that here at f&f we believe the rug, or the Dhurrie if you want to impress, to be the heart of any room. It creates comfort under foot, adds texture AND colour and also has the ability to shape or segregate a space. We're not into rules but if you're looking for our top tips when choosing a rug, here they are! 

For a living room, typically the 'rule' is that your rug should extend underneath the furniture. To break-it-down, the bigger the better! Having your furniture sitting either half or all the way on your rug will not only give the illusion of space but will also frame the space, creating an 'area'. Too small and you will visually shrink the room. 

Having a rug under your dining table is a great way of lifting (or  covering!) harsh surfaces as well as adding a form of art, and the #1 for dining table rugs is that the rug should extend past the dining chairs when they are pulled out. This generally means a further 70cm around the edge of the table. There is nothing worse than chairs becoming hooked on the edge of your rug! Our Dhurrie rugs make fantastic under table rugs as they can be completely wet washed at a professional rug cleaners, so you can stress less about that glass of red that flew out of your hand! They are also double sided, meaning double the wear! 

Onto the bedroom, where our top tip is that you don’t necessarily have to have the bedsides on the rug. The rug can go up to the bedsides, under the bedsides or even towards the end of the bed. However, the rug should extend far enough from the sides of the bed that you have room to enjoy it and walk on it. Also, a round rug in a nursery or kid's room can be a bit softer and a great way to play with shapes. 

Hallways are a great place to play with colour. They are transition areas and you are never in them too long so are a great place to play with bold colour as you won’t tire of it as quickly. Hallways can often be quite dark as more often than not there are no windows, so again colour can be great! Also, as hallways are usually the introduction to the house, having a strong punch of colour will set the scene for the rest of the house. 

We hope you've enjoyed our rug run down! Feel free to pop into store and see us in the rug shop or you can play on our online rug builder here


A cuppa with Megan Weston

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Recently we sat down for a cuppa with Megan Weston and asked her some questions on art, kids & life!

1. Your recent exhibition with us was extremely successful, what was the highlight for you?

As an artist you spend a lot of time in the studio alone, working to bring a vision to fruition. Like a journey, it has it's ups and downs and you never really know what the outcome will be. So the highlight for me was when I saw the works installed at Fenton and I knew we'd got it right. It was brilliant being able to work in a collaborative team with Fenton where the end result enhanced the process for everyone involved.

I was honoured to have Mr Darren Palmer open the show because he has an incredible energy and an uncanny feel for contemporary detail. 

I was so excited to meet new and existing clients. people I've been in touch with with Instagram suddenly came to life and it was lovely to have that real connection. Everyone looked so gorgeous and it was 100% no-filter!

2. We love that your pieces resemble various aerial landscapes, where does this fit into the creative process? Do you decide on places before you begin?

It's funny, even though my pieces are aerial landscapes, there's many different ways to look at aerial landscapes. I'll study a variety of forms - it's like being an aesthetic explorer. I go flying with my pilot friends, I use satellite-based software, I look at printed materials - anything I can get my hands on. When something takes my breath away I want to be able to communicate that response in colour and form. So, yes, I always decide on location before i start, but that's more a point of departure than a point of arrival. Our experince of place is always emotional and I hope to be able to capture some of that in my work.

3. What's the most challenging part about your work?

There's a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci: 'Art is never finished, only abandoned'. I don't like abandoning things! I'm a perfectionist so i'll be with a piece until I'm completely happy with it. By extension, I'm a procrastinator. Once you start, you're there for the long haul so it can be a slow dance. My work has to live up to my my expectations otherwise what's the point it wouldn't be my work. 

4. Your children are adorable! Are they blessed with your creative flair?

I have two kids: Sunny, 8, and Iluka, 4. They definitely have it going on, but whatever it is it's entirely their thing! Sunny loves building things and creating various science projects with whatever he can get his hands on. Iluka has a flair for the dramatic arts. She's a great assistant, if somewhat stubborn at times! She's definitely determined. Her painting is quite amazing and she loves it. There's non of that self-questioning yet...

5. What would be your advice to people thinking of purchasing one of your pieces in terms of choosing colour and size.

Be open to the impression you receive from the work and the state of mind it elicits, rather than any sets of rules. However, I would say that it is important to let the art breathe, so larger is better if you have the space for it. In this way the artwork can be both an organic part of your world and a portal to another world.

In terms of colour, it's best to choose what speaks to you first. A lot of people get caught up in a scenario where it's 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' but then you have too many competing demands and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Where possible, I think it is important to choose art and the floors first before you decide on anything else in the room. It's surprising how easy it is to make the other decisions once you've decided on the defining features, so you've automatically made life easier for yourself. 

6. We were blown away that you also made cushions, resin vessels and platters for your recent exhibition! Is this something we can expect to see more of? What is next for Megan?

I have an insatiable desire to create anything, everything and anywhere in between! In making homewares, you get a different sense of satisfaction to making art. I'll continue the vessels, the cushions, the platters because I love being able to make everyday objects that are both beautiful and useful. The possibilities are endless and that's the amazing thing about creativity. I've got a few surprises in store and I'm always listening to the gods. 

We are eagerly awaiting our next drop of Megan's fabulous artworks to the store - we are hooked!

If you would like to be contacted when we receive more of Megan's artwork through then please give us a call on 03 9533 2323 or email us at info@fentonandfenton.com.au to be added to our wait list. 


Tray Time.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of purchasing little bits and pieces that end up in hiding in cupboards because you have no way of displaying them all?

Enter the bone inlay tray. 

Our tray’s are the ideal solution, or frame if you will, for your favourite pieces to sit together. Pile your coffee table books up and top them with a pot or vase, scatter knick knacks from your travels amongst candles or store coasters and glasses. The options are endless!

Beautiful as a dining table centre piece, sitting on the end of the sofa or even outside in summer by the pool as spied at the lovely Rebecca Judd's Melbourne home. 

Shop bone inlay tray's here or visit us in-store. Another Indian treasure we believe. 


Let there be Light. A How To.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lighting is the key to creating harmony in any room and the best lighting schemes, as broken down by one of our favourite designers and lighting nuts Abigail Ahern, is layered lighting. “The trick is to blend, mesh together and harmonise both so you get this enchantingly lit beautifully glowing spaces” 

We thought we would break it down five ways. Hero lighting, clusters of light, lamps, highlighting and statement lights. 

Hero Lighting. This almost becomes your ‘piece of art’ in the room. Think grand. Think Chandeliers. Our wire chandeliers come in three sizes and are a great way of adding mood, atmosphere and balance to a hallway, bedroom or dining area. Plus, you can customise the colour to suit the space. Hint: Softer is better, no florescent energy saver globes!

Cluster of lights. Grouping lighting together is a great way to practically and creatively light a space. We think our cage lights are perfect for this method of lighting, choose different coloured cages and cords to add personality and vibrance!

Lamps. We are all for lamps, as in put them everywhere (well not everywhere, but you get what we mean!) One of our life rules is where possible you should have lamps on, main lights off! Part of making your house a home is with lamps, choose lamps that reflect your personality and style and fit the space. Bedside lamps don't have to match, desk lamps don't have to be for the desk. Have fun with lamps!

Highlighting. Highlighting objects, artworks or indoor plants adds another dimension to whatever it is you're showing off, and why wouldn't you! We are all for using lamps for highlighting. 

Statement lights. These are lights that do exactly that, make a statement. There is no better example than our star lights. Statement lights are a great way to add light to large spaces. 

Visit us in-store to chat lighting anytime or shop here


Julia Green Workshop at F&F Part 2!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Last night we hosted the Julia Green Workshop Part 2 which we can assure you was just as fun as the first with lots of yummy champagne (thanks Terindah Estate, your champagne rocks!!!). 

This time we learnt more about Julia's background before coming the styling superstar that she is. We bet you didn't know that she was a drug dealer (well...the legal kind) and had a full fledged career in pharmaceuticals before she realised that she had a knack for putting just the right combo of things together that make us all swoon.

Here's a few pic's from the night......


She uncovered all the secrets of what makes a great bedroom - both adults & childrens (remember, no theming please!). She told us where we should spend our money in the bed room and the benefits of a padded bed head (yes, there was a demonstration....). 

Julia even did some live shelf styling - if only we could style a shelf that quick in our own homes! Then she briefly touched on hallways - that dreaded area which happens to be the first place you see & seems to be the hardest to style - and how to make it a great entrance & welcoming area to your home. 

Thanks Julia - we are all off to rearrange our homes! 



Monday, July 21, 2014

Friend of Fenton Felicity Lea of Creating Beautiful recently styled this whimsical, nature inspired wedding setting and we just love it. Groups of roughly cut flowers and vines sticking out of our colourful polymer planters, portholes as placemats and a beautiful wire chandelier centrepiece. What's not to love!

Wedding planners take note. 


How To Make the Bed. Fenton Style.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ahh bedtime, it’s the best part of the day let’s face it. There’s nothing like falling onto layers of soft linen and feather stuffed pillows after a day in the cold, which is why we’re going to show you how to make the bed, Fenton style.      

 (Baby Pepa not included) 

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with creating a pillow paradise. You may not sleep with them all but adding cushions to your bed amps up the comfort factor and is the perfect way of linking your bedroom elements, whether it be artwork, a lamp or a throw on the end of the bed, these little pops of colour or pattern are often the missing link trust us- we love cushions! 

Next, we begin layering. Our handmade Indian block quilts are a divine way to add colour, texture and balance to your bedroom. They are reversible, warm and super doper soft.  Play around with having them folded to reveal the opposite side as well as your dovet cover. 

Next, add a throw. Whether it be a kantha quilt, an Indian ikat quilt or one of Jai Vasichek’s jersey throw’s we think adding this last layer is the all important final punch of personality to your bed. 

Browse the best of bedding here, or visit us in-store!

Now, is it time for bed yet? Well baby Pepa, is it? 


Here's Comes The Wedding Registry!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Here comes the bride, and here comes the best way to get exactly what you've had your eye on at fenton&fenton! It's as simple as choosing a selection of items or one special piece you've been lusting after and we'll do the rest, including sending you out a registry card to include with your invitations. 

Click here for all the details. Meanwhile here's some food for thought! 

From left to right:

-Why not choose or customise one of Mr. Fenton's rugs together? Starting from the floor up in your home is always a great place to start. 
-Cushions are often something hard to splurge on, so why not let the one's you love do it with Megan Weston's beautiful feather filled cushions. 
-Our bone inlay trays are a must have for every home in our eyes. So versatile and such a great way to shape displays in your home. 
-Lighting is key. These cage lights from duckfat come in a range of cord/cage combo's, choose one for him and one for her. 
-Our resin and marble banana fruit bowls, cast from a real bunch of bananas are a fun and practical addition to your registry, who wouldn't want to receive this! 

And finally you of course have the option to choose a piece of artwork together, and what a beautiful present for your favourite people to get together and give you as newlyweds. 


No Spikes!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Made to touch, these hand knitted woollen cacti from ZOZO Handmade are such a cute way to brighten up a space, plus they make a beautiful gift! 

Planted with pebbles just like the real deal, these friendly cacti are available in small, medium and large in a range of colours and shapes. 

Knitting is no longer just for Nanna's! Feeling very inspired at f&f!


Art x Nature

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What better way to bring nature and warmth into your home this winter (or anytime!) than with Greg Hatton's furniture. New to fenton&fenton and sourced from reclaimed materials, found objects and fallen trees, Greg's pieces are as much art as they are practical pieces of furniture. 

Greg's respect for his materials and giving tree's 'another life' is as clear as day in these beautifully handcrafted pieces. 

We have a lot of requests for square 8-seater dining tables as well, so we are thrilled to have Greg's stunning Victorian Ash dining table gracing our floors, and how amazing are those carved Beetle Track Stools! We have them in white, black or for a pop of colour fluro pink, sitting along side a mushroom stool-just perfect! 

Pop in and have a look at our range of Greg Hatton's furniture.


Gold Digger!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Our favourite pot heads over at Pop&Scott have been very busy hand painting their latest collection of fibreglass gold pots, and we couldn't be happier to see our green plant friends looking better than ever against hues of teal, peach and vibrant gold!

We have a small selection of large gold pots in-store now and will receive our small and medium shipment very soon, and all we can say is be quick because these gold glamours won't last long! To secure your pot visit us in-store or call us on (03) 9533 2323 to place an order. 


Coastal Calling

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Did you know we've passed the shortest day of the year and are officially on the way to longer, sunnier days? It doesn't feel like it but it's true! With this in mind, we thought it was the perfect time to share Inside Out magazine's latest feature on Lucy and Josh's holiday house in Angelsea,Victoria. Some sunnier days inspiration or a means of escaping the grey! 

A mix of old and new, Lucy and Josh have decked out their shack with vintage pieces as well as a collection of their fenton&fenton favourites. "We don't think too hard about our home's style, rather surround ourselves with things we love, you can't go wrong if that's where you decorate from" says Lucy. 

We have plenty of holiday home inspiration online and in-store, including our danish designed leather dining chairs (pictured above)

Meanwhile, desperately wishing this was us right now, hanging by the sea. *Sigh. 

You can see the rest of Lucy's tips for decorating your beach house here!


F&F Welcomes Erin Flannery

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New to the fenton&fenton family, Gold Coast artist Erin Flannery draws inspiration from fashion blogs and street style + some secret hipster watching on the side!

Drips, solid paint, washes of colour, aerosol and sections of stencil all on linen are just some of the details that make Erin Flannery's pieces so interesting and beautiful to look at. 

A lover of all things black, white, weird and wonderful we are humbled to have Erin Flannery's work hanging on our walls. Please feel free to contact us here with any enquires on Erin's work or pop in for a closer look! 

Mr Fenton's New Designs

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mr Fenton has done it again. We have some amazing new rug designs we are very excited to share with you! Here's a sneak peek at our personal favourite 'shirty'. This design also features chenille, making it extra soft. 

Don't forget to follow Mr.Fenton on Instagram to get the low down on all that is new at the rug shop!


Ahoy There Sailor

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bring a little bit of Indonesia meets Byron Bay into your home with these hand painted wooden oars by the clever and crafty Jai Vasicek. These have been selling fast since their arrival so you'll have to row your boat in quickly to snatch one of the last few up, but don't fret we will be getting plenty more! 

The best part? They are all different making them another unique way to add texture, character and colour to your home. They look amazing hung together, laying on a mantel to compliment artwork or resting next to a sideboard, fireplace or wherever you see fit!

Ahoy! See you in-store. 


Adore Hearts Lucy

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This months edition of Adore Home featuring our own Lucy Fenton's styling and interview is live and bursting with tips on styling your home for selling + a brief background on fenton&fenton and humble beginnings. 

Thanks Adore, we heart you right back!

Lucy had the joy of styling her friends home from scratch ready for sale, and with almost all of the pieces from fenton&fenton it's a great way to get a gage of how to style our products at home! 

View the full article here, and check out some of Lucy's loves to get the look below. 

1. 'Sicilia' Poster by Melbourne artist Maurice Golotta. Hand finished with gold leaf, the perfect way to use neon. 
2. Hounds Tooth Featherstone style chair. Only one pair available, these with add a touch of the 1950's in a very modern way. (In-store only)
3. Velvet hessian pink round cushion. Texture and colour-yes please. 
4. Desk Lamp with enamel shade. Doesn't have to be for the desk, just perfect on a bedside, sideboard or mantel to highlight art. 
5. Mr Fenton's 'blooming' rug. Blooming fantastic in any room, and blue is such a calm welcoming colour to add to the floor. 
6. Wire Reindeer.Great as a point of interest in a nursery as seen in Adore. (In-store only)


Welcome Terindah Estate

Monday, June 16, 2014

As our events are becoming more regular and anticipated we thought it was time we got ourselves an event partner and Terindah Estate, located on the Bellarine Peninsula, is just that, our new event partner! 

Surrounded by rows of grapevines, fig trees and countryside, Terindah Estate boasts some of the most breathtaking views in Victoria, which is probably why it has become renowned as a perfect picturesque wedding location. Along with the views comes the food, hailed by Gourmet Traveller WINE as the best in Geelong, and along side that some of the most beautiful wine and sparkling we’ve ever tasted. 

We shared our first event with Terindah Estate just recently with the opening of Megan Weston’s exhibition ALTITUDE. The 'Methode Traditionelle' sparkling was flowing for what was an elegant evening with wonderful company. 

A huge welcome to Terindah Estate, we think it’s a match made in heaven!

You can contact Terindah Estate here for information on wedding venue hire options, and speaking of weddings don’t forget we have a gift registry here at f&f! 



Friday, June 13, 2014

The Baby Space

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Creating a space for baby is a very special time, and here at f&f we love helping parents to-be fill their baby space with love. Here's some inspiration from the fenton&fenton walls, shelves and floors.

 Our main tip? Don't be afraid of a colour explosion! 

As seen above: 

-Create light with fun shapes, we love our star lamps from Duckfat! 
-Fill walls with art that lasts. Pictured above is this fabulous piece by Sean Herbert. Made entirely of (vintage) pencils, each one strategically placed to create something unique that will be loved well beyond the baby stage. 
-Dino Planters. Cute and colourful-tick!
-Pom Poms. The perfect way to add colour and texture. Hang over artwork or across babies first sleeping spot. 

Plenty more for baby in-store and online plus don't forget to follow us on Instagram
to see baby Pepa's favourite's!


Amanda Dziedzic Glass

Monday, June 02, 2014

We are constantly harping on about the impact colour can have on a space, and on your mood, so it was only a matter of time before we had fellow colour enthusiast and glass artist Amanda Dziedzic's glass pieces
join the fenton family.

And what pieces they are. 

Hand blown, delicate and sophisticated Amanda's clean and simple designs are a combination of her love of Japanese aesthetics, nature and of course colour. 

We love them grouped just as they are. 

You can find Amanda Dziedzic's glass yumemiru and display dome's at fenton&fenton now and online shortly.
They really do look magical against Megan Weston's latest pieces too!


Altitude by Megan Weston

Friday, May 30, 2014

Last night was the grand opening of Megan Weston's exhibition ALTITUDE - and what a success!!! Thank you for all of you who came along and enjoyed the opening with us - it was a very full house. We all had so much fun and enjoyed seeing each and everyone of you - some faces we know and some new! And to all those lucky enough to be taking one of Megan's amazing artworks home....we can't say we're not jealous!

We do have to say a few more thank you's to everyone who helped make the exhibition what it was....

A big thank you to Darren Palmer for opening the exhibition, we all enjoyed meeting you and your speech was great! 

A massive thank you to Terindah Estate Winery for providing the (many!) glasses of champagne, that is one seriously good drop - your champagne has become all of our new favourite, all we can say is YUM (and thanks!).

Timothy Burgess, your photos are fabulous and capture the evening perfectly, thank you!

Bright Young Things were stellar as usual. You guys are always so professional and make everything so easy, always a joy to have around.


The biggest thank you and congratulations goes to Megan Weston - your work is incredible!! We feel so lucky to have you in our fenton&fenton family. We absolutely love the colour and drama your works brings to our store,
it really is a perfect fit. 

Here are a few photos from the night that was......

All of the exhibition pieces can be viewed on our website here, we are not completely sold out so please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to snap up a Megan Weston for yourself! 

For all of those who sadly missed out on pieces then shoot us through an email to info@fentonandfenton.com.au and we can add you to our wish list to be contacted when we get more of Megan's artworks through. 
We will definitely be getting more - we are addicted!! 

There will be more photos of the night to follow which will be added to our gallery soon - watch this space!

F&F xx

Megan Weston Exhibition Sneak Peek

Monday, May 26, 2014

ALTITUDE-A Megan Weston Exhibition is creeping up and if you haven't already submitted your RSVP, you're definitely going to after your eyes meet the below. Here's just a taste of what you can expect from ALTITUDE. Beautifully styled by fenton&fenton and Julia Green and shot by Armelle Habib,
this makes us so excited, and so proud! 

And yes, there's going to be much more than just amazing pieces for your walls.
This is one lady who knows colour. 

All of Megan's works will be online to be previewed from 5pm Wednesday 28th May
and available to purchase from 10am May 29th either in-store or via phone.
We look forward to seeing all of you opening night, Thursday May 29th from 6-8pm. 


Abigail Ahern Dog Lamps Are Back

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Desperate for a pooch but can't quite commit, well our canine lamps from the talented Abigail Ahern are back and may be just the ticket! These British-made, glazed earthenware and hand finished lamps have got us in a spin, and with attitude to boot and no need to toilet train they will light up any space, literally. 

The Bull Terrier, Greyhound and Bull Dog are all available in-store and online now.


New To F&F

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We love receiving new pieces just as much as you do, so when we unpacked our new piggy banks and banana fruit bowls, both made from crushed marble and resin, we were pretty eager to share them with you! Along with these cute new additions, we've also got a stunning new collection of bone inlay commode's, this time with dyed bone
(ar-mazing) and also some gorgeous marble trivets from Marble Basics.  

Cast from a real pig (that died of natural causes fyi)
 Also available in blackwhite and chrome plated gold

 Cast from a real bunch of bananas and looks just as good empty as it does full!

A hexagon, a triangle and a circle. Perfect for grouping together candles or perfume or matching to your marble pots. 


5 cent Campaign

Monday, May 19, 2014

YGAP is an incubator for social change, and their 5cent campaign is something we're proud to be behind in 2014. During the month of May we'll have a little blue box on our counter and if you have a spare 5 cents (who doesn't) that's all it takes to make a difference. 

YGAP collected +3,660,000 5 cent pieces last year, that's $183,468.
Help us help YGAP put a stop to poverty and contribute to the 5cent campaign. 


New Kantha Quilts

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

If you often find yourself gazing at your bed or couch thinking, something's missing, it's probably a Kantha Quilt. And if you have a weakness for throws, traditional indian fabrics and just general 'prettiness' then you're going to love our new collection. 

The Indian Kantha Quilt is at the heart of f&f, lovingly made from used Sari's of cotton or silk, quilted with simple rows of stitches or with more intricate and detailed stitch patterns-all of our Kantha's are individual, unique and as beautiful as their origin. Our latest shipment is bursting with beautiful deep tones for winter. 

A beautiful addition to any bed, chair or lounge and a very special gift. We love our Kantha's. 


krystle knight jewellery

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Drawing inspiration from her love for the ocean, travel and hot summer nights, Krystal Knight's collection of crystal jewellery is one we can't stop looking at here at f&f! Beautiful on their own or stacked with your other jewels, her pieces come in stirling silver or brass, with the the clear quartz crystal being the hero. 

We're obsessed. 

Shop the collection here or visit us in-store, hovering around the jewellery cabinet.  


The Mother's Day Edit

Monday, May 05, 2014

Mother's Day is this Sunday and here at f&f we love having a day to give our Mum's a big cuddle and say thank you for all that you do! If you're stumped at what to surprise her with, we've put together a little wish list below.
It's the Mother's Day Edit. 

1. Marble Basics pots. New to f&f these marble pots are perfect for indoors or outdoors. Complete with drainage and polished for extra protection they are both beautiful and practical. Fill with Mum's favourite plant as an extra treat!

2. Hydrangea Cushion. Like giving Mum a big bunch of flowers, but way better. 

3. Marble Basics bowl. A beautiful addition to any home and something Mum can use for just about anything. 

4. Bone Inlay Tray. We love our bone inlay trays and we bet Mum has had her eye on one for a while. (in-store only)

5. Canvas Bags. Cute and versatile these colourful canvas bags come in a range of colours and sizes. The perfect way to wrap a plant for Mum this Sunday. 

6. Grace & James Creamy Vanilla Candle. Made in Melbourne, these hand poured soy candles not only fill a space with fragrance but look amazing. Always a beautiful gift. 

7. Kantha Quilt. Handmade in India, our Kantha quilts are all unique sizes and patterns depending on the Sari they have come from. A very special gift. (in-store only and we have just received HEAPS!)

We hope we've helped narrow it down for you! Don't forget we also gift wrap and our beautiful new gift wrap, based on Mr Fenton's rugs, has finally arrived!

Love you Mum!


All That Glitters

Saturday, May 03, 2014

If you’re partial to a bit of glitter action beyond your fingernails then our new collection of glitter cushions are for you and let’s face it, adding some disco to your bedroom or lounge is never a bad idea. 

So if you’re looking for a statement cushion, or just have a pineapple obsession like many of our followers, look no further and embrace the glitter bug within. Glitter cushions are available now in-store and online and are $190. 



Friday, May 02, 2014

fenton&fenton are thrilled to be hosting 'Altitude-A Megan Weston Exhibition' on May 29th. Please join us between 6 and 8pm for a glass of champagne, wonderful company and of course a glimpse at Megan's latest set of amazing aerial abstract works. All pieces will be available to purchase on the evening, and we have no doubt since her huge success via The Block and appearances in various celebrity homes that these won't last long!

We look forward to seeing you there, it's going to be quite a night! 


Updating Your Home For Winter

Thursday, May 01, 2014

A change in season is always the perfect excuse to shuffle things around and refresh your home. Winter is often misunderstood as the gloomy grey season, where often black is best, but not with us! No sir, there’s no need to lose colour just because the trees have, in fact there’s a need to add it-because on that inevitable day where your umbrella blows inside out leaving you saturated and desperate for a teleporting to the Bahamas, you’re going to need to walk inside and feel warm. 

There’s no need to wallpaper your walls with palm trees to beat the winter blues though, we’ve created a top five for creating a winter haven. 

1. Reindeer Hide’s. There’s nothing more inviting than a Reindeer Hide draped on the end of a bed or wrapped across an arm chair. If you haven’t felt just how soft they are, you’re missing out. All the way from Sweden, our Reindeer Hide’s are ethically sourced and the perfect way to winter-fy a space. 

2. Green. Adding different tones of green, either with scattered foliage, cushions or even a rug is a great way to keep colour in your home. Team with different textures like velvet, cashmere and wool for instant warmth. 

3. Candles. Winter scents make for a cosy home. We are loving our Grace&James Spicy Pear Candle for when the chill is biting. 

4. Quilts. Adding that extra layer to your bed is what really makes it feel like winter. Our block quilts are the perfect extra layer, handmade with love in India, they are double sided, easy to wash and mighty warm. 

5. Floor runners. And finally, adding a runner to cold spaces with tiles or stone floors is the perfect way to create warmth and comfort under foot. A runner should compliment the space it’s in by adding texture and personality. Mr.Fenton’s Rug Shop has a range of runners-or why not have one custom made! 

Somebody put the kettle on, it’s getting cold in here!


Marble Basics

Monday, April 28, 2014

We are very excited to welcome 'Marble Basics' to fenton&fenton. As one of the most durable and enduring materials, Marble is a wonderful and practical way to embrace basics in your home. 

Bonnie and Bliss Adams are a sister duo from Melbourne whose adoration of Marble has lead them to designing an introductory line of multi-purpose basics. 

Bonnie, who is actually one of our lovely and talented staff members, is very open to how you use or style your marble, whether it be decorative or practical. It could be a large bowl on display in the bathroom or a small bowl on the bench filled with keys and misfits, it’s all about making these beautiful basics fit into your lifestyle. 

Marble Bowls, small and large. 

All pieces are honed grey and white marble, except for the pots which are polished to protect them from the elements. 

Marble Tray and Pots. 

Marble Basics are now in-store and online at fenton&fenton. Pop in or shop the collection here


Have a happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr. Fenton's Rugs

Monday, April 14, 2014

If you haven't already heard, Mr.Fenton's rugs are officially making the move from rug stand to rug shop! 'Mr.Fenton's Rug Shop' will be upstairs at Fenton & Fenton (that's right, you can finally come up the mystical white staircase) and is set to open next week. 

We are thrilled to have a space dedicated to our rugs, also lovingly referred to by Mr.Fenton himself as the humble dhurrie. In addition to offering more classic designs than you can poke a stick at, in every colour imaginable, Mr.Fenton has set about creating an ever increasing range of designer dhurries that defy, not only the cruel reign of the expensive pile rug over the unassuming dhurrie but the inherent flatness of the floors that have so long held the dhurrie back from greatness. 

Be sure to follow Mr.Fenton on Instagram @mrfentonsrugs for all the information on our grand opening plus an
ever growing collection of inspiration and our favourite rug snaps plus you can play
with designs 24/7 on the rug builder here

For any specific rug related enquiries flick us an email at rugs@fentonandfenton.com.au and one of our friendly
rug specialists will be able to help. 

See you at the rug shop! 

Ahoy! Cushions & Throws

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is no secret that Jai Vasicek is one of our most adored artists and can do absolutely no wrong in our eyes.
His new range of cushions & throws due to land in May are AMAZING. We can't wait! 

His throws are screen printed and hand stitched onto cotton jersey perfect for those winter months that have snuck up out of nowhere. "Gaudeloupe" has been digitally printed to reflect Jai's amazing tile artwork, the colours are so vibrant & beautiful. They are 1.4m x 2m - the perfect size for a single bed, draped across the end of a queen or king, or thrown over a sofa to curl up with a hot cup of cocoa to keep warm. 

The cushions are printed on super soft cotton chord and most are double feather filled - so lush! They are 55cm x 55cm and all feature Jai's trademark artwork style. They all work so well together & you really can choose any combination - but they are still as equally strong on their own if you are only on the hunt for one
(seriously, how good are those papayas!).

The cushions & throws have been added to our online store and are available for pre-order!
You can view the range here. Be quick!! 

Somehow now winter doesn't seem so bad....

A Workshop with Julia Green

Friday, March 28, 2014

Starting to style your home is incredibly exciting but on the flip side often incredibly overwhelming.
How many is too many cushions? What should be the hero in the room? Can I put a rug on my carpet?!

We hear ya, that's why we decided get a bunch of cheese, olives and champagne and hold a workshop with fenton&fenton's favourite stylist, Julia Green, who came armed with her rainbow of tips and tricks on how to give your home a heartbeat. For those who missed out, never fear we will be holding more workshops within the f&f walls in the near future, and also, we took notes....

And here they are, the top ten with Julia Green.

1. There's no right or wrong. Go with your gut instinct.

2. What colours make you happy? All colours have emotions attached to them, make sure you're creating the right mood in each space with colour.

3. Start with art and floor. Repeat after us, art and floor, art and floor. Everything else can fit in around these two elements.

4. Dimensions are key when talking art and rugs. Style is not all about pieces, but about proportions and getting them right.

5. Think outside the box. Clip it. Tape it. Paint it. Display it.

6. If you're thinking “what's missing?” it's most likely foliage. So get some green in there!

7. Pull multiple pieces together to create mood.

8. A rug will make your room sing.

9. Different heights create interest.

10. “Creativity is not something that is always taught....but if I can do it, you can do it!”

We were thrilled to be joined by lovers of interiors, art, design and everything in between to peek inside Julia's much sought after way of thinking and styling and we would love to hear from you on what you would like to learn about or who you'd like to hear from in future workshops. You can contact us here with any feedback.
For now, we're off to pick on left over cheese and olives.


Mini Portholes

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cute little mini portholes are on their way from Jai Vasicek to fenton&fenton!

We will be popping them up online when we receive them so watch this space! 

Love, F&F x

Fenton&Fenton workshop with Julia Green

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Have you always wanted to get that fenton&fenton look but wondered how to create it?
Julia Green, renowned interior stylist and stylist for fenton&fenton, will be showing guests how to transform their space with colour. 

She will give styling advice for specific audience situations and talk about where to start when looking to style a space. She’ll cover topics such as rugs, art, furniture, foliage, shelves, and how to use them to best effect in various spaces around the home. She’ll also go over the ‘rules’ of styling, the dos and don’ts as well as give hints as to what to get from where and how to pull it all together to get that editorial look. 

Workshop details: 
Thursday 27th March from 7.00 - 9.30pm 
at fenton&fenton – 471 High Street Prahran. 

Includes drinks, nibbles, take home information and an enviable giveaway! 

Limited places available 

• fenton&fenton will offer 15% off storewide on the night to everyone attending!


Acrylic Boxes

Friday, March 07, 2014

We have just received some amazing acrylic boxes by Melbourne designer, Andy Mckenzie!
We love them! 

These acrylic boxes come in two styles, a single cube and a group of four cubes. They are in store now and also available to order. 

The single cubes are available in 3mm edgelight fluro yellow, edgelight fluro pink and clear acrylic. 

The group of four cubes are available in edgelight fluro yellow, edgelight fluro pink, smoked grey, pale grey, magenta pink, ivory and clear acrylic. These colours can be used in any combination! 

They are suitable for display and storage of decorative objects. They can be fixed directly to a wall or sit on directly on a bench. The load capacity is dependant on the wall and fixing type. 

Warehouse Sale!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's that time again where we need to clear out our warehouse to make room
for new and exciting things that 2014 is bringing.

So.....we are having a WAREHOUSE SALE!

Here's all the info you will need....

Fenton&Fenton Warehouse Sale
458 High St, Prahran
directly opposite fenton&fenton

Friday 28th February 10.00 - 5.30
Saturday 1st March 10.00 - 5.00
Sunday 2nd March 11.00 - 4.00

Also, School's a Gift will be there with their cushions raising funds with all proceeds going towards
building a primary school in remote Ethiopia.

So come along and grab yourself a bargain, but please remember that all sales under $100 are cash only. We do also have to warn you that our warehouse sale does get extremely busy and prams are not recommended.

See you there!


And the winner is......

Saturday, February 22, 2014



We hope you enjoy your Blockprint Quilt, Mr Fenton Dhurrie and Bauwerk paint!
We look forward to seeing what you choose!

A massive thank you to everybody who entered and stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS later in the year! 

Love, F&F x

Winner announced today!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We hope you all got your entries in for our Instagram competition - our biggest GIVEAWAY yet! 
Entires closed at midnight and the lucky winner will be announced today! 

The winner will receive:

1 x Block printed quilt – colour & size of your choice (RRP $280)

1 x Mr Fenton’s dhurrie to the value of $1000

4L x Bauwerk IRIS paint, undercoat and 1 x wooden brush (RRP $206.00)

Total Value $1486

So watch this space - we have our fingers crossed for you! 

Styling - Julia Green & fenton&fenton and photography by Armelle Habib

Candice McGaw

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You may not know, but one of our very own, is a very talented artist. Candice recently completed fine arts and has been busy working on beautiful pieces for our store and we couldn't be luckier! 

Hot Mess by Candice McGaw - acrylic on canvas 152cm x 122cm

Rapture by Candice McGaw - acrylic on canvas 122cm x 152cm

Pink Flock by Candice McGaw - acrylic on canvas 90cm x 152cm SOLD

Happy Dance by Candice McGaw - acrylic on canvas 122cm x 152cm SOLD

Small snippets of fenton&fenton

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Win! Win! Win!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't forget to enter our BIG INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY

Here's all the info....


1. Follow @fenton_and_fenton and @bauwerkcolour on instagram

2. Regram your favourite image from the shoot

3. Tag @fenton_and_fenton and @bauwerkcolour and #fentonandfentonlovesiris


1 x Block printed quilt – colour & size of your choice (RRP $280)

1 x Mr Fenton’s dhurrie to the value of $1000

4L x Bauwerk IRIS paint, undercoat and 1 x wooden brush (RRP $206.00)

Total Value $1486

Giveaway runs for 10 days from 12th – 21st of February. Winner will be selected at random by Fenton & Fenton and announced on their Instagram on Saturday Feb 22nd. Enter as many times as you like!
(Competition open to Australian residents only).


Styling - 
Julia Green & fenton&fenton and photography by Armelle Habib

Win! Win! Win!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing..... our Instagram Giveaway in collaboration with Bauwerk Colour!

We were way too excited by our latest bedding photo shoot that we have decided to giveaway the look!
If you don't already have Instagram, we suggest you get it - now!!!

Here's all the info....


1. Follow @fenton_and_fenton and @bauwerkcolour on instagram

2. Regram your favourite image from the shoot

3. Tag @fenton_and_fenton and @bauwerkcolour and #fentonandfentonlovesiris


1 x Block printed quilt – colour & size of your choice (RRP $280)

1 x Mr Fenton’s dhurrie to the value of $1000

4L x Bauwerk IRIS paint, undercoat and 1 x wooden brush (RRP $206.00)

Total Value $1486

Giveaway runs for 10 days from 12th – 21st of February. Winner will be selected at random by Fenton & Fenton and announced on their Instagram on Saturday Feb 22nd. Enter as many times as you like!
(Competition open to Australian residents only). 


Styling - Julia Green & fenton&fenton and photography by Armelle Habib

Latest Shoot!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

We are busy here at fenton&fenton headquarters with our latest photo shoot!
This time we are shooting our new quilt range coming soon to our bedding section online! It's madness here today, lucky we have the super duo Julia Green and Armelle Habib on the job so we are in safe hands! 

We are loving our walls sick in "Iris"lime paint by Bauwerk Colour -
stay tuned for our exciting GIVEAWAY we have planned in collaboration with Bauwerk Colour!
Everybody loves a giveaway!

New windows!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We've recently refreshed our windows, out with Christmas, in with new stock! A new favourite are the stunning Marlboro leather strapping chairs! Please visit the store or call with any enquiries.

New Portholes exclusive to fenton&fenton!

Friday, January 17, 2014

We have just received some amazing new portholes that Jai has designed exclusively for fenton&fenton. We absolutely love them! They are online now and can be viewed here


Hipanema back in stock!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hope everyone had wonderful summer holidays! We are still in love with the amazing Hipanema bracelets from Paris! If you missed out before Christmas, they are now back in stock, with the whole range to choose from! A selection are available for purchase online here.


It's Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

We hope you all have had an amazing year as we have. Your continued support means the world to us. From all of us here at fenton&fenton, we would love to wish you a fabulous Christmas and happy new year!

We will be closed in store from Christmas Day and reopening on the 6th January. Please feel free to shop online in between those dates, however all online sales will be shipped after 6th Jan.

Love, the fenton&fenton team x