Choosing the right sofa

Monday, May 15, 2017

Arguably, one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house – the sofa!

Choosing the right sofa helps create spaces to relax, read, cuddle, laze, chat and connect. From making a style statement to defining a zone, a sofa is a home’s best friend. Whether you are looking to create a family space to sprawl, a cosy nook to relax or a space to bring friends together; the perfect sofa can transform your space in a flash.

From our experience working with our clients, we know that choosing the right size, design, fabric and colour can be a tad daunting. Read on for tips and inspiration that tackle some of the questions we so often get asked.

A small sofa in a small room can make a room appear even smaller. So, don’t be afraid to pop a larger sofa in a small room, as it almost always makes it feel bigger. You don’t want it so large that you can’t move about, but do go for the biggest sofa the room can accommodate.

Several sofas and pieces in a larger room help liven up the space, creating little pockets and bringing warmth and togetherness. If the space allows, sofa’s placed face-to-face (with an ottoman or coffee table and a rug in between) get the Fenton & Fenton tick for creating spaces for people to chat.

Neutral furniture in shades of tan, grey, white and black are forever popular, and almost always bought to life with colour and pattern underneath. At Fenton & Fenton rugs are our room heroes. They can refresh and add wow to a space immediately without doing anything else. And, they help create zones within the spaces they sit.

As much as we are about aesthetics at F&F, we also believe in quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. The better quality the frame, the longer the sofa will last, so if you are after that forever piece, choose hardwood timbers with steel sprung and rail support every time. This is the structure behind our fave locally designed and manufactured sofa, The Matilda.

Sofa’s are made for kicking your shoes off and relaxing, so comfort is king. Think luxury wrapped cushions, feather / fibre back support and duck feather scatter cushions for that dreamy spot you won’t want to leave. It’s like buying a bed, sit in it to make sure you love the feel before choosing your finishes. You’ll always find a Matilda Sofa on our floor to test things out.

Linen or leather? Wool or boucle? Denim or Washed Cotton? Firstly, it’s got to fit with the needs of your family. A finish with a bit of texture is often best suited to families with young children as they are more forgiving with wear and tear. Keep things classic with a herringbone wool to create a mid-century vibe, elevate the everyday with velvet in deep or vibrant shades or create that relaxed beach-side vibe with linen or denim in sultry shades.

At Fenton & Fenton we’re not about playing it safe. Bold patterns, vibrant colours and rich textures are what takes a room to the next level. Colour, pattern and texture are integral to the Fenton & Fenton look and we love creating layers in spaces for extra oomph.

We’ll often choose a timeless base and then accessorise with absolute abandon. Think patterned rugs, textured cushions, eclectic patterns and side tables and accessories that add quirk and personality.

Our Melbourne designed and custom made Matilda is now available to personalise in various sizes and fabric options. Think velvet, linen, leather, wool or boucle.

Available in almost any size and finish, from single armchairs, through to a 3.5 seater with chaise, we will happily tailor the right sofa for your space.

Our in-house stylists are here to help you make the right choice and can guide you through the selection process, from getting the size, fabric and finish right through to accessorising your room to take it to the next level.

Pop in to the store to have a friendly chat or make an appointment for a home consult today.


Friday, May 12, 2017

We love working with our clients to present their homes for sale. We recently styled this urban townhouse in Prahran, and the good news is, it’s for sale!

Click here to view all the styled photos from the shoot here in our styling gallery.

Check out the property page via Jellis Craig


How to make an Autumn Gin Sling by Four Pillars

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our friends at Four Pillars got us into party mood at the Autumn Group Show last week with this delicious cocktail, inspired by lazy Autumn nights in.

30ml Four Pillars rare dry gin
15ml Bickfords pomegranate juice or fresh pomegranate
100mls of Capi ginger ale
1 wedge of lime

Squeeze lime into glass.
Add the gin and the pomegranate juice and fill the glass with ice.
Add the Capi Ginger ale.

Garnish with a fresh slice of orange and a generous slice of ginger.

Put on some tunes and enjoy x


Thanks for joining us at the Autumn Group Show

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Together with our artists we’d like to thank everyone who came along and celebrated with us last Thursday night at the official opening of our Autumn Group Show.

The store was alive with colour with stunning new works by Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.

A big shout out to our fabulous event partners and party peeps Four Pillars Gin, Rutherford Entertainment, Pam Wachira, DJ Eddy Mac, CAPI and Cookes Entertaining and Events for giving the night the buzz it deserved.

And, a special mention to Haymes Paint for transforming our walls with their vibrant hues. We are firm believers that paint has the power to lift and make a space.

We were fortunate enough that all of the artists joined us, as well as many friends of Fenton & Fenton to celebrate.

Chelsea from Tiny Disco captured the night, buzz, artists and works on film beautifully. Above is a little piece she created summing it all up.



Wednesday, May 03, 2017

We are thrilled to partner with our friends at Four Pillars to create an Autumn inspired gin cocktail at the launch of our Autumn Group Show this Thursday, 4th May.

In true party spirit, they will be serving a Four Pillars Gin Sling, dressed with pomegranate and citrus fruits. We’ll share the recipe with you after the event.

Want to learn more about this boutique Australian gin maker producing world-class gin?
Just read on.

1. How would you describe FOUR PILLARS in one sentence?
Four Pillars is a small gin distillery based in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, producing a world-class, award-winning, modern Australian style of gin.

2. Tell us a little about the gin you kindly donated for our Autumn Group Art Show this year?
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is our flagship gin – our first labour of love – launched in late 2013. The Rare Dry Gin captures Asian spice, Mediterranean citrus and some native Australian botanicals. We use fresh oranges in the distillation, which gives the gin a distinct citrus note. This combined with powerful flavours and an incredibly clean spirit makes for a unique and memorable gin.

3. What will you be serving as your beverage of choice this Autumn / Winter?
Negronis! The ultimate winter gin cocktail. Equal parts Four Pillars Gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, stirred down and garnished with an orange twist – perfection!
4. Any tips to creating the perfect G&T or cocktail bar cart for easy entertaining?
The perfect G&T is simple – you just need to get the basics right! Pour 45ml of good quality gin (such as Four Pillars) into an old-fashioned glass. Fill the glass up with plenty of ice, and then top up with a good quality tonic water such as CAPI. Using a good tonic water makes a huge difference! Finally, garnish with an orange wedge, and enjoy!

5. Where can people find your gin?
Our gin is available in Dan Murphy’s stores across Australia, as well as most good independent bottle shops. If you wander into your local cocktail bar and peruse their gin selection, you should be able to spot a bottle of Four Pillars there too.

Thanks Four Pillars. We look forward to your Gin Slings tomorrow night.

Discover Four Pillars @fourpillars and at


A guide to choosing art this Autumn

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Richly hued and layered artwork gets our tick this Autumn. Whether you are looking to brighten up a minimalist look or compliment a bold and colourful space, our latest curated collection will not only dress your walls but lift your space, and mood.

The intense hues and arresting detail in Megan Grant’s delicious oil paintings
add the right blend of sophistication and fun to a space.

Take things up a notch or two with a split painted wall in equally
vibrant hues to ensure your walls are anything but boring.

Patio - Megan Grant

Prickly Pear - Megan Grant

Blue Hideaway - Megan Grant

Dress your walls with statement shapes and a bold palette
with stunning new pieces from Carly Williams.

These pieces work equally well in feminine and masculine spaces. Team with shades of ink and navy for a more masculine look or hues of pink, rust and gold for a feminine touch.

The Better Street - Carly Williams

Love Soldiers - Carly Williams  

There’s just something unique with the way a Michael Bond artwork
explodes at you and makes a statement in any space.

His vibrant use of colour will take centre stage in your space whether large or smaller scale works.  We love working Michael’s pieces into dark and moody rooms for a dramatic result or clean and contemporary spaces that need a lift.

What Lies Ahead - Michael Bond

Exotica - Michael Bond

Exotica by Day - Michael Bond

Refashion your home with these richly textured treasures by Maryanne Moodie.
The tactile nature of these pieces instantly soften a space and are a fun way to add visual interest at eye level.

Home #2 - Maryanne Moodie

Doors & Windows #2 - Maryanne Moodie

Doors & Windows #1 - Maryanne Moodie

Kristen’s artwork brings a real vigour to the spaces they complete.
Her intensely layered use of colour adds magic to a space in an almost ethereal way. We think her large-scale statement pieces look striking on a bold background, and her smaller vibrant works on perspex are perfect for contemporising a space and adding the right amount of wow.

Lemon Myrtle - Kristen Daniels

Outside #5- Kristen Daniels

This new collection, curated by Lucy Fenton features 70 new pieces from 5 established Australian artists. The exhibition is in-store between May 4th – 17th and online from 5pm today.


Friday, April 28, 2017

/Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
I'm an abstract painter living with my family in the lovely Central Victorian town of Daylesford. I started my creative career working as a Film Set Painter many moons ago but took the plunge a few years back and followed my passion to become a full time artist. So far so good! My art steams from all things bold and simple with my main focus being to create work that I actually really love and am proud of.

Because sometimes the sky explodes

/What kind of mediums do you like working with most?
I've always been an acrylics girl. Over the years I've tried it all, pastels, water colours, oils, but always found myself being most comfortable and confident with acrylics. Love to try oils again but to be honest, I'm too impatient! The drying time drives me nuts!

Love soldiers

/What has been the inspiration behind your art for our Autumn Group Show?
My inspiration for the Autumn Group Show is quite simply SHAPE. I've focused on bolder sharper shapes than usual, with my current love of triangles featuring regularly throughout my collection. This current obsession with sharper shapes has developed from my regular visits to Melbourne. I found the city scape shapes and lines inspiring and contrasting to the softer country shapes of home.


/What makes your work unique?
I believe my work is unique because it wasn't created to fit into any one style of interior design. It would look equally as comfortable and eye catching in a soft, feminine interior as it would in a masculine, edgy space - and I think that's pretty unique.


Thanks Carly! New pieces from Carly Williams will be available online from 5pm on 3rd May and in-store between 4th and 17th May as part of our Autumn Group Show.

Please join Fenton & Fenton and our 5 participating artists at our launch event on May 4th, from 6pm - a curated art event and exhibition by Fenton & Fenton showcasing Australian talent Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.

Composition Man



Friday, April 28, 2017

/Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
I work contentedly within my home in Geelong. I recently became a Mum, which has definitely altered my thought process & established whole new emotions and meanings in my artworks. I’ve found myself using techniques to blend and soften colours now, rather than make such bold gestures with them. My work is still vivid and intensely layered though!

Wildflower & the Weeping Lilly Pilly

/What kind of mediums do you like working with most?
I use acrylic paints because I like to work quickly! Also there are various mediums you can use to modify acrylic paint - I’m always discovering new techniques! Acrylic also has great bonding qualities, which is why I use it on my perspex works.

Outside #3

/What has been the inspiration behind your art for our Autumn Group Show?
Australian flora & fauna. Road trips to my home town in NSW average a 12 hour drive, so lots of gazing time! The landscape along the way is dynamic & abundant in native flowers and greenery. Some of the colours of banksias and grevilleas are just stunning. They always catch my eye.

Ember Glow

/What makes your work unique?
I aim to be audacious with my work. Every piece should be its own and unlike another.


Thanks Kristen! New pieces from Kristen Daniels will be available online from 5pm on 3rd May and in-store between 4th and 17th May as part of our Autumn Group Show.

Please join Fenton & Fenton and our 5 participating artists at our launch event on May 4th, from 6pm - a curated art event and exhibition by Fenton & Fenton showcasing Australian talent Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.

Meet Maryanne Moodie

Friday, April 28, 2017

Maryanne Moodie - Home #1

/Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
I'm a weaver and a teacher, thriving on community and making real life connections with people from across the globe. I now have studios in both NYC and Melbourne, creating commissions and collections of woven wall hangings, drawing on a sense of nostalgia and marrying it with a modern aesthetic including new and unexpected colour combinations.

Maryanne Moodie - Doors and windows #2 

/What kind of mediums do you like working with most?
Woven Textiles - I use mostly vintage and hand made fibres like hand dyed and spun yarns as well as reclaimed fibres.

Maryanne Moodie - Falling Rust & Falling Gold

/What has been the inspiration behind your art for our Autumn Group Show?
Home coming. I have been living abroad in NYC for the last four years and coming back to Melbourne has felt like a big soft Aussie hug. There is a lightless and a softness about life in Australia. I have tried to capture this subtleness in this collection.

/What makes your work unique?
I try to use materials that are hard to find and use them in ways that are unusual, as well as colour combinations that are unexpected.

Maryanne Moodie - Doors and windows #1 

Thanks Maryanne! New pieces from Maryanne Moodie will be available online from 5pm on 3rd May and in-store between 4th and 17th May as part of our Autumn Group Show.

Maryanne Moodie - Doors and windows #5 

Please join Fenton & Fenton and our 5 participating artists at our launch event on May 4th, from 6pm - a curated art event and exhibition by Fenton & Fenton showcasing Australian talent Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.



Meet Megan Grant

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

/Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
I’ve been making art forever and studied Fine Arts at University, but then took a bit of a painting hiatus for much of my twenties while I raised my children at home. Now that they are well and truly school aged, I’m thrilled to be working full time as an artist. I work from my (tiny) home studio and am genuinely excited every time I pick up my brushes each day. I am excited by all of the paintings I haven't made yet and feel so lucky to be able to do this everyday.

Megan Grant - 'Patio'

/What kind of mediums do you like working with most?
Oil paint is the medium I use most at the moment. I dabble in most mediums and anything I can get my hands on but oil paint always seems to draw me back. Oil is so versatile and rich in colour but also very slow drying, unforgiving and hard to clean up! But I have found that adapting to these challenges has actually moulded my style and forces me to give each work plenty of time for reflection between each painting session.

Megan Grant - 'Tangerine Green'

/What has been the inspiration behind your art for our Autumn Group Show?
Plant life and untamed gardens in general. I’m interested in the vast diversity of landscapes and life that can be found in a single suburb, if you really look closely enough. I have a soft spot for the beauty in things that grow against the odds - neglected pot plants, a lone shrub in a car park, palm trees next to the service station fence and vast fields of cacti behind industrial wastelands. All of which, when isolated and celebrated in single painting, could be imagined as any type of exotic location, anywhere on earth.

Megan Grant - 'Blue Hideaway' 

/What makes your work unique?
My work changes often in terms of the themes that interest me, but my love of colour and intuitive mark making are the constants that will always remain. I permanently have colour palettes filed away in my mind that I want to use for my next painting…and if I painted for another 50 years I don't think I’d get to try them all out. I’m in constant awe of just how many possibilities there are and If nothing else, I could explore these possibilities for the rest of my life! My paintings reveal themselves to me as I go and a final piece is built upon layers and layers of colour exploration.

Thanks Megan! New pieces from Megan Grant will be available online from 5pm on 3rd May and in-store between 4th and 17th May as part of our Autumn Group Show.

Please join Fenton & Fenton and our 5 participating artists at our launch event on May 4th, from 6pm - a curated art event and exhibition by Fenton & Fenton showcasing Australian talent Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.

Meet Michael Bond

Monday, April 24, 2017

/Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
I'm originally a Melbourne boy who decided to pack up my life and move to Queensland!! Now residing in beautiful Sunrise Beach, Noosa with my partner in our dream home. I'm an abstract artist and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do what I love full time. Creating the work I do is how I express myself and is very much a part of who I am.

'Exotica' 1.2 x1.2 acrylic + pastel

/What kind of mediums do you like working with most?
I generally use acrylic because of the drying times, but also include other mediums such as inks, graphite and oil pastel into my work. I do love oils and intend to create more works down the track using oils.

'Exotica by Day' 1.2 x 1.2 acrylic and pastel

/What has been the inspiration behind your art for our Autumn Group Show?
The inspiration for the pieces in the Autumn Group Show was Light. Light has always held a fascination for me, whether it be light filtering through the branches and leaves on a tree, the lights at night or how light can reflect in a pool of water!!

'Worlds Apart' 1.2 x 1.8 acrylic and pastel

/What makes your work unique?
I believe my work is unique because of the emotion I put into it. I try to create work that makes the observer feel.
Thanks Michael! New pieces from Michael Bond will be available online from 5pm on 3rd May and in-store between 4th and 17th May as part of our Autumn Group Show.

'Lucid Dreaming' 1.5 x1.5 acrylic on gallery cotton raw oak frame

Please join Fenton & Fenton and our 5 participating artists at the launch event on May 4th, from 6pm - a curated art event and exhibition by Fenton & Fenton showcasing Australian talent Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.



Friday, April 21, 2017

It’s no secret that we love colour at Fenton & Fenton and our friends at Haymes Paint feel much the same way. This Autumn, it’s not about one colour, but a mélange of colours and depth of tones to liven up your home as more time is spent indoors.

 Yellow Knot Cushion | Louise Kyriakou - Buddy Vase | Mondo Blue Pale Velvet BenchCandycomb Dhurrie - Round | Original Italian Vintage Mustard Armchair |  
Paint: Wall colour ‘Goddess’ by Haymes Paint

Think deep and playful colours in saturated hues and contrasting palettes - like blushing peach, pale rust, deep charcoal and vivid shades of peacock green.

Here’s some of our faves:

1. A palette of blushing peach, deep charcoal rich navy velvet combine to create a luxe but lived in look, perfectly accented with brass touches and bone inlay.

Original Vintage Sofa | N2S Silk Carpet | Black Marble Oval Coffee Table | Brass Clam Shell | Bone Inlay Deco Side Table | Pile High Cushion | Kooshen Peacock Grey Silk Velvet Cushion | Blooming Viscose Carpet | Original Bitossi Table Lamp | Anaesthetic Crux Pendant | Onyx Brass Side Table | Brass Crab
Paint: Main wall ‘Blushing Peach’ and contract wall ‘ Impact ’ by Haymes Paint 

2. A playful palette of peacock green, calamine pink and a lively blue pair to perfection with our ‘wobbles’ dhurrie. 

Pink Vintage Velvet Chair with Chrome Frame | Brass Crab | Wobbles Dhurrie
Paint: Main wall ‘Goddess’, Side wall top ‘Flattery’ and bottom ‘Calamine Lotion’, by Haymes Paint.

3. Shades of amber, terracotta, and rust are rich, yet mellow, perfect for fireside cocktails and soulful tunes.

Black Rattan Bar Cart - Criss Cross| Mario Luca Giusti Tumblers
Paint: ‘Pale Rust’ by Haymes Paint.


You are Invited to our Autumn Group Show

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Join us for an evening of art, live soulful tunes, gin cocktails and fun as we celebrate the changing of the seasons and our latest group show.

Showcasing a colourful and diverse collection of works by 5 of our renowned Australian artists – Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond.

The show opens on May 4th, 2017 at 6.00pm and RSVP’s are essential.

Opening night runs from 6.00 to 8.30pm. Come along and enjoy:

/ A colourful collection of art by Carly Williams, Kristen Daniels, Maryanne Moodie, Megan Grant and Michael Bond. 
/ A toast to Autumn with a signature gin cocktail by renowned Australian gin maker Four Pillars.
/ Live music by the vibrant duo Pam Wachira on vocals, supported by DJ Eddy Mac, all from Rutherford Entertainment.
/ Giveaways and lucky door prizes throughout the night.
/ Free entry, with RSVP essential and numbers limited.

The exhibition will then run until Wed 17th May. We hope you can make it.



Images styled by Heather Nette King with Fenton & Fenton products and Haymes Paint. Photography by Armelle Habib.
Event supported by Four Pillars Gin.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

We love working with our clients to present their homes for sale. We recently styled this light filled modern 5 bedroom family home in Balaclava, and the good news is, it’s for sale!

View all the styled photos from the shoot here in our styling gallery.

View all the styled photos here in our styling gallery.

To visit the real estate listing click here.


Fenton & Fenton is heading to Sydney

Thursday, March 23, 2017

By popular demand, Fenton & Fenton is heading to Sydney for a styling excursion. Our in-house interior decorators, Jess and Lynda will be zipping around Sydney and taking in-home decorating consults on Wednesday May 10th and Thursday May 11th, 2017.




Introducing Stanislas Piechaczek

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We are thrilled to introduce and welcome a new artist to the
Fenton & Fenton family, Stan Piechaczek. French born, Stan is new to the Australian art scene.
We are loving his colourful, abstract works, inspired by all that surrounds him.

Stanislas is a French born painter currently residing in Australia. He creates colourful abstract worlds occupied by objects and characters. His work is created by a complex depth of layers of acrylic and pastel.

Stan continues to experiment with his art from which he draws much pleasure and his style evolves to reflect himself as he is inspired by all that surrounds him, his life and his journey. Stan has participated in numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and was recently selected as a finalist for the Clayton Utz Art Award.

We chatted to Stan to tell us a bit more about himself and share some of his vibrant photos of his daily life. 


Can you give me a short intro on yourself ?

I’m a French born painter currently living in the Whitsundays, Queensland. I grew up in the Centre region of France and then moved to Biarritz on South West coast. I came to Australia 4 years ago on a surfing trip with a bunch of mates. While travelling through Noosa I met my Fiancé and decided to make Australia my home. 

Describe your art and why you became an artist?

I paint colourful worlds complete with distorted objects and characters. I love playing with my thoughts and bringing them to life using paint. I have always loved experimenting with art and have been exposed to creative environments from a young age, as my mum is also an artist.

What is your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me and my paintings are the projections of my feelings. I am also inspired a lot by musical artists. Their rhythms, lyrics and visual performances often inspire my choice of colours and the composition of my paintings.

Name something you love and why?

I have always loved and will always love the ocean. It brings me an incredible feeling. It's such a powerful energy and I can never be far from it for too long.

What makes you happy?


Learn more about Stan via his website and
follow his vibrant instagram account @stan_piechaczek


How to Style our latest colour crush - Green

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We are currently crushing on shades of green. So, we huddled the team together and rounded up a few of our favourite products to help you introduce a little green into your home.

Get The Look

1. Cake Bread - Pile High Moss/Forest Cushion | 2. Ivy Muse Saturn Hanger | 3. Knot Cushion- Green | 4. Mario Luca Giusti Salad Bowl in Green | 5. Megan Grant – Viridian | 6. Mint Large Bone Inlay Bedside | 7. Wobbles Runner | 8.  Mario Luca Giusti Champagne Glass  | 9. Afrika Pendant- Extra Large | 10. Basil Bangs Botanica Love Rug  | 11. Places to Go Book by Kate Spade


Say Hello to Natures Neutral

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When Pantone announced the colour of the year as ‘Greenery’, we started thinking about the multitude of hues to introduce into the interiors we style. From dramatic shades like emerald, peacock and tropical greens to the more muted hues of olive, seafoam or mint, there are plenty of ways to embrace Greenery within your interiors.

It’s no secret that we love colour at Fenton & Fenton, and believe it has the power to transform a space. Our friends at Haymes Paint feel much the same way too, so here we share some go to shades to bring nature’s neutral into your home.

1/ Smoky tones with ‘Spruce’ by Haymes Paint

2/ Tone on tone with ‘Foam Forest’ by Haymes Paint

3/ Dark & Dramatic with ‘Murphy’s Run’ by Haymes Paint

4/ Fresh and minty with ‘Jade Cream’ by Haymes Paint

Need help choosing the right colour for your home?

Request a consult via the Haymes Colour Stylist Service today



Friday, March 10, 2017

This Autumn, say hello to layers of texture, warmer hues and vibrant accents. As the days get crisper and the nights cooler, get your bed ready for long lazy sleep ins.

For three days only, enjoy 15% off all Bedouin Societe Linen – luxurious, timeless and available in a delicious palette, designed to mix and match.

Warm up your whites with inky or charcoal hues. Here, Bedouin white is paired with ink, kohl and wisteria. Teamed with our leather strapping bedhead and cushion and complimented with a backdrop in the prettiest of pinks, Aleaha Rose, by Haymes Paint.

Cooler weather calls for moody vibes. Recreate a look like this with a palette of lead, aegean and white. Teamed with our flat leather bedhead and pom pom throw, and enhanced with the depth of ‘Lights Off’ on the walls, by Haymes Paint.

For a clean and elegant Autumn look, try a warm palette of oil, turmeric and off-white paired with our flat leather bedhead and hourglass stump stool and offset with a vibrant piece of art by Megan Grant.

A palette of lilac, oasis, violet and Haymes Stormy Blue will have you set for Sunday sleep-ins. Teamed with our hanging chair, cowhide, artwork by Helen McCullagh and textiles by Cakebread.

Freshen up your bedroom with a new colour duvet (or just pillow cases) and introduce more colour via a rug. Pair lilac with shades of aubergine and accent with tones of pink and yellow with a Bengali silk carpet by Mr Fenton
15% off until midnight Monday May 13, 2017.


Thursday, March 02, 2017

Even though summer is officially over it doesn’t mean that alfresco entertaining should come to an end. With Autumn upon us, we’re all about maximising time outside whilst we still can.

Last weekend, Domain’s New Living magazine shared some tips on Alfreso Entertaining, featuring this sweet little courtyard styled by us and Lucy’s advice on introducing colour into an outdoor space.


At Fenton & Fenton we believe that sunny days call for colourful outdoor entertaining. And, introducing colour into an outdoor space is one of the easiest ways to bring a garden to life and create a welcoming retreat for family and friends.

/ Textiles are the simplest way to inject a bit of colour and personality into an outdoor space.
/ Bold-hued furniture and lively accessories get the Fenton & Fenton tick and add a bit of magic to almost any garden.
/ Rugs aren’t just for indoors. Colourful, patterned rugs not only add interest but also anchor an entertaining space.
/ Above, a single colour accent in vibrant shades of blue allows the space to feel cohesive, welcoming and guest-ready!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

We love working with our clients to present their homes for sale, and styling this immaculate contemporary family home has been one of our fave projects to date.


Adding warmth, texture and interest to a space is key when selling. Not only does it make prospective buyers instantly feel at home, it helps them visualise how they too can create a space that is welcoming, liveable and personal.

If you are in the market for a fully renovated family home in leafy Hughesdale, this one is currently for sale and could become yours. Check out the link below.


A home or room refresh is just a click away. If you are interested in re-decorating your existing home or planning to sell, read more about what we offer here or enquire now.

Rooms we love

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Last week, LA interior designer Melanie Burstin revealed her living room makeover on the Style by Emily Henderson Blog, featuring a few Fenton & Fenton pieces that she ordered late last year!

The result is stunning and we think our nude leather sling chairs look right at home in this mid-century head-to-toe tonal look that Mel has styled to perfection.

Leather Sling Chair - Teak & Natural

Leather Cushion - Tan

We love Mel and Emily’s style, and as part of a new regular feature at Fenton & Fenton, where we showcase some stylists picks, Em Henderson has shared her F&F faves.

1. Natural Leather Bedhead | 2. Marble Woodrow Coffee Table | 3. Leather Ottoman Tan | 4. Woodrow Baby Hourglass Stump | 5. Concrete Line Pendant | 6. Leather Sling Chair - Teak & Natural | 7. Leather Cushion - Tan

See the full story and more pics here at the Style by Emily Henderson Blog.

Photo’s styled by Mel Burstin for Emily Henderson, captured by Tessa Neustadt.

Warehouse Sale

Friday, February 10, 2017

The countdown is on! Fenton & Fenton presents its biggest warehouse sale yet – with thousands of items significantly reduced.

Come along and explore a treasure trove of colourful, exotic and modern homewares and furniture as Fenton & Fenton takes over The Clifton Street Market in Prahran for a three-day warehouse extravaganza.

There will be incredible savings to be made on ex-floor & hire stock, samples and selected current season furniture, homewares, rugs, textiles & artwork. If you’d like to inject a bit of personality into your interior, this is a sale not to be missed.

41-43 Clifton Street, Prahran

Fri 17 Feb 10am – 7pm
Sat 18 Feb 10am – 5pm
Sun 19 Feb 11am – 4pm



Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Carly Williams Artwork – The Deep Blues | Carly Williams – The Stacking of Stars | Woodrow Marble Dining Table – Nero | Leather Strapping Dining Chair Teak & Natural | Rattan Bar Car – Rectangular | Monkey Lamp – Standing | Brass Crab – Large

If you are selling a house or apartment and have decided that your décor is looking a little tired, we can help you present your home to attract more buyers and a better price.

We’ll work with you to design and style your project, working your existing pieces into a plan and bringing in additional furniture and homewares to ensure you are ready for your sale campaign.

Jacob Jon – Baw Baw | Jacob Jon – Bungle Bungle | Jacob Jon – The Lapponian Gate | Knot Cushion – Green | Harlequin Cushion | Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion – Blush | Silver Cushion | Reindeer Hide | I Love Desk Lamp – Round Base, Brass | F&F Exclusive Woodrow Marble Bedside – Carrara |
Bedouin Societe Linen – Flat Sheet Hibiscus

Diana Miller Artwork – Flit | Bedhead – Flat Natural and Teak – Queen | Tim Webber – Press Metal Mirror – Copper | I love Desk Lamp – Rectangular Base – Copper | Small Bone Inlay Bedside – Geometric Grey | Knot Cushion – Pink | Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion – Blush | Cakebread Pile High Club Cushion, Lichen (Multi Yarn) | Cakebread Tassel Squab Cushion – Berry | Bedouin Societe Linen – Pillow Case (Pair) – Aubegine and Oasis

Matilda Sofa and Ottoman | Harlequin Greyscale Dhurrie | Bone Inlay Small Tray, Geometric, Black | Bone inlay tv unit, Geometric, White | Brass Frog | Icelandic Sheepskin, Dyed Silver | Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion – Dark Grey | Knot Cushion – Yellow | Mr Fenton’s 3 Across Cushion | Leather Cushion – Natural | Daydreamer Hanging Chair – Multi | Pouf Side Table – Teal | Urchin Ottoman – Small Blue | Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion – Moderinst

This super cute Victorian terrace in Bowen Street, Prahran is currently on the market. Here we have mixed and matched Fenton & Fenton furniture, homewares and artwork with the owners existing pieces, creating a contemporary look that is full of personality.

Adding warmth, texture and interest to a space is key when selling. Not only does it make prospective buyers instantly feel at home, it helps them visualise how they too can create a space that is welcoming, liveable and personal.

If you are in the market for a place to call home in beautiful Prahran, this one is currently for sale. Check out the link below.

Node Ball | Marble Hands – Pair | I Love Desk Lamp - Copper | Bone Inlay Commode Floral – Pink |  Tegan Lloyd - Young At Heart

Petrified Wood Stump Stool | Marrakech Bath Sheet | Marrakech Hand Towel

Monkey Lamp – Standing | Brass Crab Large


A home or room refresh is just a click away. If you are interested in re-decorating your existing home or planning to sell, read more about what we offer here or enquire now.

Matilda Sofa and Ottoman | Harlequin Greyscale Dhurrie | Bone Inlay Small Tray, Geometric, Black | Bone inlay tv unit, Geometric, White | Brass Frog | Icelandic Sheepskin, Dyed Silver | Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion – Dark Grey | Knot Cushion – Yellow | Mr Fenton’s 3 Across Cushion | Leather Cushion – Natural |  

Daydreamer Hanging Chair – Multi | Pouf Side Table – Teal | Urchin Ottoman – Small Blue | Basil Bangs Outdoor | Cushion – Modernist |  White Malibu Marble Top Table | White Tray Rond | Mario Luca Giusti Royal Blue – Champagne Flute | Mario Luca Giusti Royal Blue Super Milly Tumblr  

Carly Williams Artwork – The Deep Blues | Carly Williams – The Stacking of Stars | Woodrow Marble Dining Table – Nero | Leather Strapping Dining Chair Teak & Natural | Rattan Bar Car – Rectangular | Monkey Lamp – Standing | Brass Crab – Large

Choosing the right rug

Thursday, February 02, 2017

At Fenton & Fenton we believe that the right rug finishes a space to perfection! From making a style statement to defining a zone, a rug is a decorators’ best friend. Whether you are looking to add personality, colour, texture or warmth to a room; a rug is key to anchoring or defining a space and can transform and lift a room in a flash.

We also know that choosing the right size, design, finish and colour can also be daunting. So read on for tips and inspiration that tackle the most common questions we get.  

A great tool for helping you visualise the perfect rug is our online rug builder, where you can play around with pattern and colour to get a feel for how your own design could look insitu in a space.

Play with our rug builder here.


The most common decorating faux pas we see is rugs that are too small for a space. In our humble opinion, bigger is better almost always! A large rug that sits under furniture anchors a space, creates a zone and generally makes a space appear larger than it is.

We recommend using butchers paper, newspaper or masking tape to mask out an area to get your sizing right. A couch or bed should connect or preferably sit on a rug for a cohesive look. Dining chairs when pulled out from the table should hit the carpet underneath and rugs should be orientated to the room layout. Square or round rugs look great in square rooms and rectangular rugs in longer rooms.


Neutral furniture in shades of tan, grey, white and black are forever popular, and almost always bought to life with colour and pattern underneath. At Fenton & Fenton rugs are our room heroes. They can refresh and add wow to a space immediately without doing anything else.

If you already have your furniture, we recommend choosing colours that either complement or contrast. If you haven’t selected your furniture yet, start with a rug and build your look from the ground up.


Have you made the mistake of buying the wrong size rug, but still love the pattern and colour? We love layering and mixing patterns (many people tell us this is what we do best). So, why not layer your rugs away too. Here, we have mixed a bold large print to anchor the space, and layered it with a softer smaller print. The palette is what ties it all together.


At Fenton & Fenton we’re not about playing it safe. Bold patterns, vibrant colours and differing textures are what takes a room to the next level. Colour, pattern and texture are integral to the Fenton & Fenton look and we design and create hand-made rugs in almost every colour and pattern imaginable.

Our in-house stylists are here to help you make the right choice and can guide you through the selection process, from getting the size right through to choosing a design, colour and finish that will take your room to the next level.


Bright colours sing in entry areas and spaces with little furniture. They set the tone for the rest of the home and greet your guests with a wow. Introduce a showstopper Mr Fenton runner and you’ll be flinging the door open with pride.

Like our rugs and dhurries, our custom runners are available in almost every colour and pattern imaginable. In addition to lifting your aesthetic they are also a hardworking addition to your space.


If you are ready for a room transformation and not sure how big to go or whether you need to tone down or lift a space, we’d love to help. We recommend you get started by doing your measurements (remember big is almost always best).

Then think about the design and colour. Ask yourself if the space is lacking colour, pattern or both? Is there furniture or artwork you need to complement? Or contrast? And, then determine whether you need to soften or sharpen a space. A round rug works wonders in softening spaces, and square or rectangular anchor or define a space.

Still unsure? Play around with our online rug builder OR make an appointment OR pop into our rug room (upstairs at Fenton & Fenton) 7 days a week for some expert advice. And, feel free to bring some pics of your existing space so we can present some options to you. Alternatively shoot us an email to

Happy Decorating. 


Ways with Bone Inlay

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

From practical storage solutions through to stylish statement pieces, our bone inlay collection is available in consoles, commodes, sideboards, tall boys, side tables, tv units, bedside tables and entertainment trays.

Designed in a floral, zig-zag, fish scale, cuban, geometric and our new design orleans; in shades of blue, grey, green, nude, black and white, yellow and the newest and prettiest of hues, blush.

Perfect for brightening little pockets of your home and making a statement that is both practical and stylish, our inlay pieces never last long.

Be inspired by our past shoots featuring some of our fave pieces.

Style to Steal

Achieve a contemporary look like this with clean-lined pieces, adding texture and interest with a cowhide, leather chair and quirky accessories. The zig-zag console makes a real statement and is both practical for storage in and atop.

Sweet Dreams

In addition to the stunning artwork, luxe linen and statement rug by Mr Fenton, this hexagon bedside in grey plays an integral role in completing the overall design of this bedroom. Offering plenty of room to store your books and bedside bits and bobs, finished here with a curved lamp and a few personal items, it’s become a bedroom staple in many homes.

Living Spaces

The classic square shape of our Cuban side table blends sleek, straight lines with a dazzling top. At Fenton & Fenton we believe the side table is a crucial element in decorating living spaces in your home. For us, it’s become the go-to place for floral arrangements, statement décor and often books.

Let’s Entertain

Get your summer fiesta on with our colourful bone inlay trays in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. Perfect for casual entertaining or filling with fruit or flowers as a statement piece in any kitchen or dining space. Our trays are the perfect way to introduce a little inlay and colour into your home.

Tribal Touches
This nude commode jumps out from the moody wall and complements the tribal décor perfectly. Here, beautiful design and bountiful storage work hand in hand, providing the perfect platform for travel stories to be told.





Transform your home with Fenton & Fenton

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ready for a home refresh this year? We’re here to help you achieve your home goals. Whether you are decorating, accessorising, renovating or planning to sell, we provide a bespoke personal decorating and styling service that will help you pull a look together and express yourself in your home or ready your home should you be selling.

We’ll guide you through the entire design or decorating process, from mood and concept boards to space plans and furniture selections, through to styling the space.

Read more about it here or enquire now

Here’s a few of our fave decorating and styling projects from last year.



Hello 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hello 2017. Hope it’s happy and colourful.

Christmas is done and dusted for another year, which means party season and summer entertaining is in full swing. As the sultry weather continues and holidays continue for many, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that was and the year ahead.

With Instagram continuing to provide major inspo for home style we are kicking off the year reflecting on the spaces our followers hearted the most. From happy and colourful spaces to artworks that make a real statement, we share our most hearted pics of the year - the rooms, the pieces, the spaces and the artwork that sparked your interest in 2016.

1. A Welcoming Entrance

Kristen Daniels Artwork | I Love Desk Lamp | Trays Rond | Bone Inlay Deco Console | |

Our style is bright, inviting and sometimes a little quirky. We love working with our clients to help them style their spaces. This hallway creates a welcoming entrance and sets the vibe for the rest of the home.

2. Statement Artwork

Christopher Boots Prometheus II Amethyst Light
| Jai Vasicek Artwork |  Green Knot Cushion | Kate Moss Book | Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion | Leather Cushion Tan |  Cake Bread Pink Moon Cushion | Cow Hide

2016 was full of highlights for Fenton & Fenton and the spectacular Prism Exhibition by Jai Vasicek and Megan Weston with lighting by Christopher Boots was one of our top picks for the year. We love how this statement lighting and original artwork ‘Pink Dessert’ jumps off the dark backdrop by Haymes Paint ‘Lights Off’.  

3. Moody Hues 

We love Megan Weston and we especially love how her artwork ‘Hollywood Hill’s’ made Julia and Sasha’s space sing on Chanel 9’s The Block. It takes centre stage in this impressive dining room of moody hues.

View more of Megan's artwork here.

4. We Heart Michael Bond 

We were also excited to see Bec Judd feature Michael Bond’s artwork on her first Style School room reveal. We started representing Michael two years ago after our first Peace of Art, and his original pieces keep walking out the door.

View more of Michael Bond's artwork here.

5. Grown Up Hues 

Matilda Sofa
| Michael Bond Artwork | Esquelet Chandelier | Leather Strapping Tomi Chair | Green Knot Cushion| Fossil Wood Stump Stool

Our fall collection was full of layers and sophisticated tones and textures. The silk Bengali carpet by Mr Fenton Rugs anchored this space and set the tone for the room, perfectly complimented with our custom made Matilda sofa, striking artwork by Diana Miller and Michael Bond.

6. Spring Fling 

Royal Blue Mario Luca Giusti Ice Bucket
| Woodrow Marble Dining Table | Leather Strapping Dining Chair | Nektar Dhurrie

These stunning artworks by Helen McCullaghand Megan Grant created the perfect palette to compliment our spring collection and launch this year shot in a stunning Melbourne home. The clean lines of our Woodrow furniture, leather chairs and layered Mr Fenton rugs got you all double tapping.

7. We heart Kristen Daniels 

Kristen Daniels Artwork
| Auld Design Trio Sideboard| NS2 Bengali Silk Carpet | I Love Desk Lamp | Mario Luca Giusti Salad Bowl

As our insta love shows, you all love Kristen Daniels as much as we do. This bright and bold piece looks striking above our Trio sideboard, I love lamp, Mr Fenton rug and Mario Luca Giusti acrylic vase and bowl.

To view more of Kristen Daniels Artworks, click here.

8. Summer Vibes

Inflatable Lobster
| Basil Bangs Botanica Beach Umbrella| Ibiza Party Chair | Gold Bean Bag | Calypso Lounger

Our Palm Springs inspired shoot at this fabulous modernist home got us in the mood for a summer holidaying at home. Our ‘Holiday at Home’ collection includes a range of in-house designed furniture, rugs and lighting as well as vintage one-offs, Pop and Scott pots, Basil Bangs umbrellas and picnic rugs, Mr Fenton towels, luxe metallic bean bags, rattan bar carts, Sunnylife inflatables, coloured outdoor glassware by Mario Luca Giusti, entertaining trays and more.

9. Peace of Art 

Together with School’s-A-Gift and all our Peace of Art Artists for 2016, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the artwork bidding this year. We were grateful and humbled by the generosity of the art loving community, having raised $125,000, easily surpassing our fundraising goal; with 100% of proceeds going towards building schools and helping more children receive educational opportunities in remote communities of Ethiopia.



Time to celebrate

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wishing all our customers a fun-filled festive season and Happy New Year.

We hope 2017 is bright and filled with catch ups with family and friends.Thanks for your support this year. We hope you all enjoy a relaxing break. See you all again next year.

Please note, the shop will be closed from the 25th December, re-opening the 3rd January.
Any online orders received during this period will be despatched on the 3rd January.





Thursday, December 01, 2016

We love this time of year. Christmas parties, soirees with family & friends and holidays just around the corner.  In the giving spirit, we’ve curated a few gift guides to help you shop in spend categories – ‘Under $100’, ‘Under $250’ and our fave ‘ The Splurge’.

Jump here to start shopping or read on for plenty of inspiration in the lead up to Christmas.

Continuing the gifting theme - and because we love to entertain, throw a pool party, local Australian talent and to travel - we’ve also prepared a few special gifting edits. From fabulous gifts for the hostess to poolside essentials, we’ve got you covered.

Perfect pieces for the entertainer to party in style this Summer.

(1) Afrika Pendant,  (2) Bone Inlay Tray, (3) Ivy Muse Stand, (4) Mario Luca Giusti Glassware, (5) Malibu Dining Table , (6) Mario Luca Giusti Glassware, (7) Woodrow Hourglass Stump, (8) Rond Tray, (9) Ivy Muse Stand.

Get staycation ready with our collection of summer and poolside essentials.

(1) Sunny Life Inflatable Cactus, (2) Universal Fenton & Fenton Bath Sheet, (3) Hanging Chair - The Cocoon, (4) Basil Bangs Botanica Umbrella, (5) Aqua Calypso Lounger, (6) Basil Bangs Botanica Cushion (7) Vintage Swan (8) Fenton & Fenton Towel Set, (9) Basil Bangs Love Rug- Picnic Rug, (10) Tumble Side Table - Rope, (11) Mario Luca Giusti Glassware.  


Local finds designed and created from Australian brands and local talent we love.

(1) Daggy Designs Mask, (2) Ceramic Face, (3) Amanda Dziedzic Glassware, (4) Daggy Designs Vases, (5) Ivy Muse Stand (6) Foot Vase (7) Cake Bread Cushion (8) Cakebread Cushion (9) Merci Perci Bubble Pots  

Global finds for gals and guys who like to travel or dress their home with cultural curiosities.

(1) Guatemalan Mask, (2) Guatemalan Cushions, (3) House Protectors, (4) Fossil Wood Stump Stool, (5) Ethipion Cross (6) Antique French Male Bust (7) French Letter (8) Antlers (9) Clam Shells, (10) The Sign Hand Knotted Bengali Silk Carpet    

To further discover our gifting picks of the season and to shop by theme or price range jump here now.



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Thursday we threw a Gala Event to celebrate the fabulous Australian artists for this years’ Peace of Art. The event started with soulful tunes, thanks to Rutherford Entertainment and Chloe Maggs and deliciously sparkling refreshments by FREEMAN Vineyards and our friends from CAPI.

We were fortunate enough to have many of the artists join us, as well as friends of Fenton & Fenton. Together with our artists and School’s-A-Gift we would like to thank everyone who came along, participated in the artwork bidding, and for helping us raise a whopping $125,000 to help more children receive educational opportunities in remote areas of Ethiopia.

More specifically, we anticipate that a brand new primary school for 800 children will be completed by September 2017, making a significant impact on many children's lives for generations to come.

Enjoy some entertaining tips from our event partners below and some happy snaps from the event.    



1. How would you describe Freeman Vineyards in one sentence?
FREEMAN is a family company passionate about growing and making Italian inspired wines. It is located high on a ridge near Young, NSW.

2. Tell us a little about the Prosecco you kindly donated for our biennial charity event Peace of Art this year?
Just our third vintage, but already turning heads. FREEMAN Prosecco is crafted from estate grown Prosecco grapes. Every harvest, it’s the first variety to be picked and produces a delightfully refreshing, dry, lightly effervescent sparkling wine. Winemaker Brian Freeman sees a great future for Australian Prosecco and is expanding his plantings to help quench the growing thirst for fine Prosecco.

3. What will you be serving as your beverage of choice this festive season?
FREEMAN Prosecco of course! But without the addition of Aperol...because we prefer not to mask the fine bead and creamy palate of this zingy, very moreish wine.

4. Where can people find your wines?
FREEMAN wines are available from fine wine stockists in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane – or by mail order from the winery.
5. Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?
Vineyard summers are all spent outdoors – from dawn till dusk. Meals are simple, fresh and healthy and inspired by freshly picked vegies and salads from the garden. When entertaining we’ll often roast or BBQ our vineyard reared lamb. And of course that’s served with one of our reds, like FREEMAN ‘Secco’ Rondinella Corvina or FREEMAN Sangiovese.

Desserts are always inspired by orchard fruits – cherries, peaches, apricots and figs – and invariably matched with the little sticky, FREEMAN Dolcino.


1. How would you describe Rutherford Entertainment in one sentence?
Cool, sharp and contemporary, we are Melbourne’s leading entertainment company specialising in creative concepts, DJ’s and live artists for the best events.

2. Tell us a little about the types of gigs that you do?
We provide entertainment for high-end events; weddings, corporates and private parties. We love working with clients who are looking for something different and who need that added wow factor to really brings their event to another level.

3. What would be your music of choice this festive season?
Tropic house is definitely on trend this season, especially when the suns out and cocktails are flowing.

4. Any tips for selecting music or entertainment for Summer parties?
Keep it fresh, try adding a live element to lift the atmosphere. Know the space you’re working in and don’t be afraid to add a theme or style to your party! You can then use this as inspiration when selecting your entertainment and music choices.


1. How would you describe what you do in one sentence?
Entertainment! High class performances that add energy and excitement, also combining performance with fashion and style.

2. Tell us a little about the types of gigs that you do?
I focus on high end corporate events, fashion shows, product launches, and private parties. Often these events are affiliated with particular brands that resonate with me. Examples include; the Spring Racing Carnival and Polo in the City.

3. What’s on your playlist this festive season?
Vocal house, anything with a summer feel, upbeat and fresh.

4. Any tips for choosing music for Summer parties?
Try and visualise your party and what you would like to hear if you were on the dancefloor. Keeping it contemporary and easy for your guests to sing along to. 

F&F xx


Meet Carley Cornelissen

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Meet Carley Cornelissen 

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?

CC: I work out of a little studio in my house on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and I am hugely inspired by the plants and birds that surround us. I love colour, pattern and experimental techniques such as image transfers and lately I am a little obsessed with glitter! I focus a lot on endangered species and hope that my work can bring a little bit of awareness to their plight but with a positive and bright outlook.

F&F: How did you become an artist?
CC: I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT and always knew that it was what I wanted to do since I was about 14. It hasn't always been easy, but over the last four or five years I have become a lot more experimental with my practise, I adore the process and find it so much easier to put what I create out into the world. I have a full time job in an art supply store which I love and am always inspired to come home and work in the studio for a few hours every night

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
Schools a gift is such an amazing organisation and I was lucky enough to be apart of the previous Peace of art exhibition in 2014. It is wonderful to be a part of an incredible show where everyone is so generous, talented and like-minded, all working together for such an amazing cause and I am absolutely thrilled to be included again this year.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
Glitter for one thing! But also I love the idea of romance and love between birds, that these looks of love could be just what they need to increase the population!

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
CC: I'd have to say either Anya Brock or Carla Flecher. Birds and Koalas, two of my favourites things! Also Cat Lee's piece is stunning.

Thanks Carley! You can bid on Carley’s artwork here. Click here to bid.
To see more Carley's works check out her Instagram account @carley-cornelissen or visit her website

Meet Kristen Daniels

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Meet Kristen Daniels

Kristen Daniels is an abstract artist living in Geelong. Her recent works on perspex explore an unseen paragon. Where what lies beneath the layers of a painting can be seen through a clean, transparent surface. She paints on the influences of German Visual artist Gerhard Richter. In particular his series ‘Works Behind Glass’.

Over to Kristen to tell us a bit more about herself and why she chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?

I aim to create pieces that are completely effervescent & peculiar, that provoke the viewers imagination of whimsical landscapes through the use of bold, lustrous colour & vigorous brush strokes.

F&F: How did you become an artist?
KD: I have loved to paint for as long as i can remember… but fell into a completely different line of work which led me to Geelong. In 2013 inspired by all of the creative talents who live in this area & encouraged by my very supportive partner, Joel - i decided one afternoon to paint & have continued to do so ever since.

F&F:Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
KD: I’ve been anticipating the next Peace of Art exhibition since i saw the last in 2014. ‘About Us’ is the first artwork i’ve painted for a cause. A great sense of awareness & prosperity was vested during the process of creating it. I’m delighted to be able to offer something which will ultimately benefit others.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?

KD: A rare sunny day in September & spring fashion flooding my Instagram.
F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
KD: Anything Helen McCullagh has donated! I’ve longed for one of her artworks since discovering her over a year ago!
Thanks Kristen! You can bid on Kristen’s artwork here. Click here to bid.
To see more Kristen's works check out her Instagram account @daniels_kl or visit her website


Monday, November 21, 2016

Join us for an evening of art, live music, fizz, fun and prizes as we celebrate the artists involved in our biennial art auction ‘Peace of Art’, this Thursday from 6pm.

Showcasing a diverse collection of works from coveted and emerging Australian Artists, view over 100 pieces that form the online auction this year, plus have the opportunity to bid on 5 new extraordinary works via a live auction at the event.

With all proceeds benefiting ‘School’s a Gift’ – an Australian not for profit organisation that is helping girls and boys in deprived areas of Ethiopia attend school.


Yvette Coppersmith
3 times Archibald prize finalist, recognised for her portraits and still lifes, Yvette has generously donated this striking cubism portrait ‘Head of a Woman with Gold’, which you can bid on via our live auction Thu evening, 24th November at Fenton & Fenton.

Spencer Shakespeare
Gold Coast artist, Spencer Shakespeare is making a name for himself for his lively and imaginative work that is inspired by the natural world and landscape around his home. Bid on Spencer's 'Tree of Life' at the Peace of Art live auction this Thu, 24th November.

Bobby Clark
Hailing from Scotland, Bobby has called Australia home for the past 6 years, and Australian art lovers are head over heels with her graphic and distinctive geometric compositions. You can also bid on this beautiful piece 'Shape Study' this Thursday at our live auction.

Mario Gerth

Mario Gerth is a German fine art photographer, photojournalist and avid traveler; well known for his dynamic African portraits. We are proud to auction an original photographic print by Mario titled ‘Surilady’ this Thursday, featuring a young girl from the Surma tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Kirsten Duncombe
Contemporary Sydney artist, Kirsten Duncombe is making a name for herself for exploring abstraction through various media including paint, print making and collage. This vibrant pair 'Such Good Company' will also be auctioned live at the Peace of Art Gala Event this Thursday.

RSVP to the gala event this Thursday by clicking here

BID on over 100 pieces of art via our online auction by clicking here

Thank you to the immensely supportive Australian community of artists and art lovers, and to our event partners.

Love F&F xx

Peace of Art Gala Event proudly supported by School's A Gift, FREEMAN Vineyard, Chloe Maggs via Rutherford Entertainment.


Meet Michael Bond

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meet Michael Bond

Brisbane based, abstract artist Michael Bond is a self-taught artist who is passionate about exploring new techniques and styles. Michael embraces vibrant colours on both large and smaller scales. He focuses primarily on painting striking, bold art for the walls of real homes. Over to Michael to tell us a bit more about himself and why he chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?

MB: Born in Melbourne and now living in Noosa I am an abstract artist. Being a very visual person I find my work is strongly influenced by my surroundings and also my emotions and feelings - the work that I produce is an extension of myself.

F&F: How did you become an artist?
MB: I have painted my entire life and painting has always been a driving force for as long as I can remember. Recently I have been fortunate enough to make it my full time Career.

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?

MB: I was fortunate to be asked to contribute a piece of work to the Peace of Art auction back in 2014. The opportunity to help support such a wonderful charity such as School's a gift was truely an honour. They do so much amazing work for the children in underdeveloped countries such as Africa, so when asked to contribute again in the 2016 event the answer was always going to be yes .

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
MB: The inspiration for 'Chasing the light ' was the way that light illuminates through the darkness, not only in the literal sense but also the metaphorical. We are all in some way chasing the light!

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
MB: What piece of art would I bid on? Very tough question! They are all incredible. The peace of art auction has bought together an incredible line up and I couldn't choose only just one!

Thanks Michael! You can bid on Michael's artwork here until 24th November. Click here to bid.

To see more of Michael's works check out his Instagram account @michaelbondart or his website
F&F xx


Meet Carly Williams

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet Carly Williams

Carly Williams is an abstract artist living in the beautiful Central Victorian town of Daylesford. Her constantly evolving work reflects her obsession with all things raw, bold and beautiful. Over to Carly to tell us a bit more about herself and why she chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016. 

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
CW: I'm an abstract artist living in the beautiful Central Victorian town of Daylesford. I would describe my work as being bold and vivid. It has a strong emphasis simple composition, and simple shapes and simple patterns. I'm always consciously trying not to complicate my paintings with too much detail. At the end of the day, my objective is to create pieces of art that I genuinely love and I think that's really important.

F&F: How did you become an artist?

CW: Before becoming a full time artist, I worked as a Set Painter in the Film industry. I did this for the best part of 10 years but my passion for more creative personal art was screaming for my full attention so I took the plunge and left my full time job to begin my journey to become a professional artist, oh and had two babies along the way! Although I've never had any formal training, I've always painted from a young age, and over the (many!) years I I've developed a technique and style that I love and I feel shows off my character and vibe.

F&F:Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
CW: I was so thrilled to be asked to be apart of this years Peace of Art Exhibition! To be able to contribute to such a worthy cause by donating a piece of my art was a no brainer. The work that Schools a Gift is doing in Ethiopia is truly inspiring and if I can help through my painting, it's a good day!

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
CW: My inspiration for the piece I donated was all about getting up off your butt and helping out where you can. The smallest thing like donating a painting just might help out somebodies world more than we'll ever know! I wanted my piece to feel calm but bold enough to catch your attention. I hope I achieved this.

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
CW: My dream piece that I'll be bidding on in the exhibition is the insanely cool wall hanging by Natalie Miller! I just might have to move to a bigger house to fit it in! LOVE it! HAPPY BIDDING !

Thanks Carly! You can bid on Carly’s artwork here. Click here to bid.
To see more of Carly's works check out her Instagram account @carlywilliamsartor view her pieces here.


Meet Carla Fletcher

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet Carla Fletcher

Carla is a Melbourne based artists who has been a finalist for the Archibald prize numerous times.  Over to Carla to tell us a bit more about herself and why she chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
CF: I am an Artist based in Melbourne. I love to travel and currently live and work in a light filled converted warehouse in Northcote with my Musician husband Brett and Retrievedor Django. In recent years I have explored portraiture on a large scale and entered The Archibald Prize, which I have been a finalist four times with portraits of musician C.W.Stoneking, singer Dan Sultan and Iconic Fashion designers Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson.

A few years ago I produced a series of drawings of Australian native fauna which I released as Limited Edition Prints which have been selling all over the world from Paris, to London, New York to Abu Dhabi. I am currently working on my next solo exhibition of paintings of bold colour and patterns which has been an exciting new world to explore. 'Butterflies of Metatron' opens Dec 1 at Tinning Street Presents Gallery!

F&F: How did you become an artist?
CF: Following my heart has been an integral part of my path as an Artist and this was always encouraged whilst growing up.
Studying in different creative areas from Fashion design to Fine Art and spent years in different studios producing work and exhibiting in solo an group exhibitions. I think being an Artist is a way of life, it is fundamentally who I am. I have always needed a way of creative expression to exist in the world : )

F&F:Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
CF: Peace of Art 2016 is an exciting and humanitarian way for Art Collectors to acquire new work!
Directly supporting access to education in a developing country is a vital and important part of empowering not only an individual to thrive in life but also the community they are apart of.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
CF: The Koala is an amazing, iconic Australian animal.
For me the process of drawing so much fine detail is an active meditation.
'The Alchemist' was inspired by the notions of Alchemy or the magic of transformation.

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
CF: Pampa's beautiful desert photograph!

Thanks Carla! You can bid on Carla’s artwork here. Click here to bid.
To see more of Carla's works check out her Instagram account @carlafletcher or her website


Meet Annie Everingham

Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet Annie Everingham

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
AE: I'm a 27 year old multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Newcastle, NSW. I work across a range of mediums within my art/design practice and would describe my painting style as spontaneous, intuitive and colour driven. I'm a nutter for anything patterned and colourful and a keen interiors, fashion and textiles enthusiast, so much of my inspiration comes from a passion for design and a rather insatiable thirst to create and put things together. A killer colour combo gets me every time!

F&F: How did you become an artist?
AE: I've been drawing and painting literally for as long as I can remember but my interest in design lead me to study a bachelor of fashion & textile design at UTS in Sydney, with a major in digital print design for fabric. After uni I felt like stripping back the sometimes complex process of creating a finished textile design and shifted my focus back to the art making process (the fun part!) as a way to unwind from a bad case of burnout. So I began selling my artworks and fabric designs as prints online and at local markets. I'd never really considered selling my original paintings until people who were following my work began asking for them, and since then I've been painting my life away! It's been an amazing and challenging journey so far and I'm constantly learning and developing my practice. I love that my job allows me to combine my love of art and design and explore a variety of mediums.

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
AE: I first learned about the School's A Gift organisation when I was involved in Peace Of Art 2014 and really felt a connection to the work they are doing in developing countries in providing access to education for children. I really value the opportunities and accessibility to education afforded to us in this country and want that for everyone. I come from a big family of teachers and my Grandfather in particular was an extremely passionate and gifted educator who instilled in me from a young age the importance of being curious about the world, its history, people and cultures. It's also an incredible 'pinch me' moment seeing my art alongside a huge lineup of artists I look up to professionally and creatively, and a great honour to be invited to exhibit my work with them.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
AE: Contrasts, colour and expressive shapes, textures and movement are the recurring elements that make up a lot of my work. 'Illuminate' in particular explores the tenuous balance between order and chaos, static and fluid energy. I'm naturally a very anxious and disorganised person and the process of creating is a way of harnessing all the energy and scattered bits that makes up my busy mind. I think that energy manifests itself in my paintings - there is a softness and simultaneous boldness to it. Having said that, I tend not to overthink my work. It's an exploration of colour and spontaneity that doesn't lend itself to being taken too seriously - I always invite people to take from the painting whatever it makes them feel.

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
AE: I'm a huge fan of Esther Olsson's work. It's so intricate, quirky and ornate. I might be greedy and say the Say Hola piece by Maria Flores' as well, I would kill to rock a dress with that pattern on it!

Thanks Annie! You can bid on Annie's artwork here until 24th November. Click here to bid.

To see more of Annie's works check out her Instagram account @annieeveringham
or her website

F&F xx

Mix to the Max this Summer

Thursday, November 17, 2016

At Fenton & Fenton, we’re all about mixing and matching – layering colour on colour and embracing bold patterns and quirky touches. Summer and entertaining should be fun, so don’t be afraid to mix to the max this summer and create a look that’s bright and inviting.

1. Play around with tonal variations of similar colours. We’re loving shades of inky navy, royal blue and aqua, especially poolside. Accent with shades of nude and a few vintage touches and you’re set to party Palm Springs style.

2. Mix neon brights with navy or darks. Adding neon to your space should be done in bursts, with an accent piece here or there. Neons work really well with dark colours, think charcoal, navy or forest green. Our vibrant Daydreamer hanging chair will help you swing into summer with style.

3. Mix and match different furniture styles and colours. For a bit of poolside fun, we recommend pattern on pattern mixed with colour and more colour for a bold look that embraces the good things in life. Not enough seating, pull up tree stumps, poufs, picnic rugs or towels for relaxed afternoons by the pool. And, don’t forget the inflatables for extra lounging.

4. Nudes and naturals are made for mixing too. As much as we love colour, we also enjoy creating spaces in nude and earthy tones. The trick to making a space like this work is to have a focal point and introduce a variety of natural shades and textures. Think gold sequins, rattan furniture, leather and woven pieces for a bit of outdoor glam.

Get the look....

Play around with tonal variations of similar colours: Basil Bangs Beach UmbrellaRattan Oval Bar Cart | Universal Bath towel
Mix neon brights with navy or darks:  Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion - Botanica
Mix and match different furniture styles and colours: Inflatable Rose Gold Flamingo | Inflatable Cactus
Nudes and naturals are made for mixing too: Jai Vasicek, Siren Cushion | Woodrow Hourglass Stump

Shop the Summer Collection here.

F&F xx

Photo Credits: Photography Eve Wilson (@evegwilson) and Styled by Andy Moore (@studiomoore)
for Fenton & Fenton.
Swimwear by Mister Zimi (@misterzimi) and jewellery and sunglasses by Lucy Folk (@lucy_folk).

Say Hello To Summer

Thursday, November 17, 2016

At Fenton & Fenton we believe sunny days call for the impromptu gathering of friends. Be it a casual intimate affair or fancy garden soiree, we’ve got you covered. From cocktail carts to tablescaping, here’s some of our hottest tips to entertain outdoors.

1. Rethink Cocktail Hour
Stock a bar cart with party essentials so everyone can help themselves as the host relaxes.

2. Outdoor Room
Move some of your favourite indoor pieces out for the day to create an outdoor room that keeps everyone outside longer.

3. Comfy Cushions
Scatter comfy cushions on chairs and rugs to help guests get super comfy and linger longer.

4. Go Green
Choose a few statement plants and pop them in shapely pots, arranging in clusters for an instant makeover.

5. Shady Days
Add an outdoor umbrella to not only provide necessary shade but also define a space.

6. Keep it relaxed

A summer party should be relaxed. Think tree stumps, bean bags and mismatched furniture.

Bring on the summer soirees we say!

Get the look....

Rethink Cocktail Hour: Coral Lounger | Pop & Scott Pot
Outdoor Room: Afrika Pendant | Woodrow Hourglass StumpLeather Ottoman Tan
Comfy Cushions: Pouf Side Table | Jennifer and Smith Outdoor Cushion |
Go Green: Pop & Scott Pot
Shady Days: Basil Bangs Beach UmbrellaBasil Bangs Dome Cushion
Keep It Relaxed: Basil Bangs Beach Umbrella | Ibiza Party Chair | Inflatable Lobster  

Shop the Summer collection here.

F&F xx

Photo Credits: Photography Eve Wilson (@evegwilson) and Styled by Andy Moore (@studiomoore)
for Fenton & Fenton.

Swimwear by Mister Zimi (@misterzimi) and jewellery and sunglasses by Lucy Folk (@lucy_folk).

Meet Armelle Habib

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Meet Armelle Habib

Armelle is a lifestyle and interiors photographer who we love working with. Armelle not only donated a piece of art for this year’s auction, but also photographed many of the works in our space.

Focusing on interiors, travel, people and food, Armelle is renowned for her love of natural light, uncomplicated compositions and for capturing moments in time which are captivating and candid. As you will see in the artwork donated to Peace of Art this year, titled Amalfi Neapolitan.

Over to Armelle to tell us a bit more about herself and why she chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?

AH: My inherent wanderlust was the catalyst for a career as a lifestyle and interiors photographer and remains an ever present factor influencing my work today.

I live and work in Melbourne, contributing to a variety of leading Australian and international publications including Elle Decoration, Living etc UK, Inside Out, Real Living, Sunday Life magazine. I have photographed several cookbooks and regularly work for a number of commercial clients. My travel images came about while traveling overseas for work. I have always taken the opportunity to document life around me.

F&F: How did you become an artist?
AH: For more than 15 years, I travelled extensively throughout Asia and Australia and spent long periods living in Europe. Inspired to chronicle the culture, art, architecture and people I discovered on my travels, I began to hone my talent for photography before returning to Melbourne to complete and Bachelor of Arts in Commercial photography.

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
AH: I feel really fortunate to be able to contribute to Schools a Gift, to help educate children in Ethiopia. Donating an artwork is only a small gesture on my behalf. It’s easy to forget how good we have it here in Australia. Having my son Wilfred has made me feel more for the wellbeing of others. I would like all children to have the same opportunities that we can give our children here in Australia.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
AH: Amalfi Neapolitan was photographed on the coast of Italy during peak holiday season. For me the image encapsulates the multi layers of vacation and indulgence in the sun, sand and ocean.

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
AH: I’d like to bid on Dion Horstmans steel sculpture. I’ve been following his work for a while now and love its graphic shape and form. It would sit perfectly on a wall in my home.

Thanks Armelle! You can bid on Armelle’s artwork here. Click here to bid

To see more of Dion's works check out his Instagram account @armellehabib or her website

F&F xx

Meet Liz Payne

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Meet Liz Payne

Liz is a needlework artist known for her bold, vibrant and detailed hand stitched embroidery art. Her artwork bridges the gap of what is considered art and craft - layered creations of painting, embroidery, beads and sequins. 

Liz has donated a beautifully embellished and colourful creation for Peace of Art, titled ‘Radiating’, and that it does! Over to Liz to tell us a bit more about herself and why she chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?

LP: My name is Liz, I’m from Sydney and I create artworks that are firstly painted on cotton then embellished with hand embroidery and beading using a myriad of paint, threads, wools, beads and sequins. I like my work to blur the line between what is considered art and craft and using the thread the same way as a pencil or paintbrush to create richly textured, detailed and colourful works.

How did you become an artist?
LP: After studying my Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree at Uni I then got led down the path of a "more dependable career choice"! so continued on to study Graphic Design. After working in publishing as a Graphic designer for several years, I really missed the hands on tactile-ness (if that's even a word!!) you can’t replicate working behind a computer screen. I’ve always been hands on creatively and growing up I was always painting, playing with beads, or sewing something or other. After living and working as a designer at home in Sydney, and then in London for a few years, I came back home and began experimenting with combining my background in Visual Arts, my design aesthetic from the years working as a designer and my passion for textiles.

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
LP: It’s such a great cause to be involved in! With all the proceeds going toward School’s A Gift it’s making a difference to people less fortunate. And for something like education that can be taken for granted too. I’m so happy to be able to make a work that will contribute towards it.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
LP: I’m really inspired by colour and the affect it can have. I wanted this artwork to radiate peace, love and positivity through it’s predominantly green and pink aura. By creating the central point of focus, I hope it can act as a centering point from where some of these good vibes can be drawn from, symbolizing our need to focus in life to acknowledge what’s really important.

What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
LP: I'd like to bid on all of them, if I could! There is a huge pool of talent, and I'm honoured to be amongst it. I love Natalie Miller and Maryanne Moodie’s wall hangings, Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer’s collage’s, Michael Bond & Madeleine Stamer's works, and I also love the sculptural works of Liam Snootle & Dion Horstmans to name a few!

Thanks Liz! You can bid on Liz’s artwork here. Click here to bid.

To see more of Liz's works check out his Instagram account @lizlpayne
or her website

F&F xx

Meet Dion Horstmans

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet Dion Horstmans

Dion is a Sydney based sculpture artist working primarily in powder coated steel, timber, plywood and sheet metal.

His sculptures are multi-dimensional and play with light and shade. We were thrilled that Dion chose to be part of Peace of Art this year, by donating this large scale geometric piece ‘Elektromaster 8’.

Over to Dion to tell us a bit more about himself and why he chose to be part of Peace of Art 2016.

F&F: Can you give me a short intro on yourself and your art?
DH: New Zealand born, Bondi based, sculptor, maker, do-er. Tribal patterns and motifs underpin my practice. Strong lines and geometric repetition is what you’ll see.

How did you become an artist?
DH: I was born an artist…it just took a minute to work out which discipline I was going to spend a life time fine tuning.

F&F: Why did you say yes to be part of Peace of Art 2016?
DH: In a nut shell….I’m honoured to have been asked to help this program.

F&F: What was the inspiration behind the artwork that you kindly donated for Peace of Art?
DH: It’s part of an ongoing series… I’m constantly trying to play and push ideas…two steps forward, one backwards.

F&F: What piece of art would you like to bid on this year?
DH: Anna Mulcahy, it’s so far from my work but clearly driven by tribal influences.

Thanks Dion! You can bid on Dion’s artwork here until 24th November.  Click here to bid.

To see more of Dion's works check out his Instagram account @dionhorstmans  or his website  

F&F xx

Bidding for Peace Of Art now open

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Bidding is now open! To explore all artwork and start bidding visit our silent auction here:

Artists: Eggpicnic, Armelle Habib, Hannah Fox, Louise Kyriakou, Ingrid Daniell, Tane Ozlu

From November 10th, Fenton & Fenton is curating and hosting ‘Peace of Art’ 2016, a biennial online art auction showcasing a diverse collection of works from coveted and emerging Australian artists, with all proceeds going to ‘School’s a Gift’ – an Australian not for profit organisation that is helping girls and boys in deprived areas of Ethiopia attend school. Bidding is now open! 

Artists: Dion Horstmans, Deborah Williams, Liam Snootle, Two and Jax, Sarah Hendy, Kerry Armstrong

Founder of ‘School’s a Gift’, Georgina Fenton, along with the help of her sister Lucy, tells us that “so far the charity has managed to help over 2,000 children access primary and secondary education, with over half of them being girls. Our last Peace of Art Event in 2014 exceeded expectations and raised $100,000, which built the first secondary school for the Esha Amba community; contributing to improved livelihoods and the empowerment of so many young adults, particularly girls, who are usually the most disadvantaged.”

Artists: Maurice Golotta, Leah Bartholomew, Madeleine Grummet, Megan Weston, Lara Scolari, Billie Justice Thomson, Vanessa Oter

“Thanks to the generosity of the Australian art community, we aim to raise over $100,000 this year to further develop schools and help more children receive educational opportunities in these remote communities. The money raised will be used to rebuild a primary school that has deteriorated to the point that it is unusable, many of the children have been forced to drop out, whilst those remaining are taking classes under a tree.”

Artists: Stephen Baker, Armelle Habib, Andrew Shaw, Esther Olsson.

Lucy Fenton proudly tells us that “We’ve been blown away by the support from the Australian art community, with 103 artists having each donated a piece of art, featuring a number of our regular Fenton & Fenton contributors, as well as some newcomers to our stable. You’ll be able to bid on paintings, illustrations, sculptures, wall hangings and more from the likes of Dion Horstmans, Kristen Daniels, Natalie Miller, Maryanne Moodie, Carly Williams, Michael Bond, Armelle Habib, Kara Rosenlund, Jai Vasicek, Kate Banazi, Antoinette Ferwerda and 4 time Archibald prize finalist, Carla Fletcher; amongst many more. Look out for up and coming talent like Esther Olsson, Genevieve Reynolds, Tegan Lloyd and one of our very own Tane Ozlu.” 

Bidding is now open! To explore all artwork and start bidding visit our silent auction here: and then follow the links to bid via Gala Bid.

All artworks beautifully on display in-store as of today. We'd love you to come and check them out.

Peace of Art Gala Event proudly supported by School's A GiftFREEMAN Vinyard and Chloe Maggsvia Rutherford Entertainment





Monday, October 24, 2016

How to make Frosé

Broadsheet has tipped Frosé to be the ‘it’ drink for summer and we can see why. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a frozen rosé or slushy of sorts. The team at Cookes Catering & Events whipped ours up in slushy machines, but we’ve also sourced a recipe so you can make them at home this summer.

You’ll need:

-One 750ml bottle of rosé. Our personal fave is the crisp and vibrant 6Ft6 from the Austins & Co Wine Co.     

-A heaped cup of sweet strawberries cut into pieces.

-¼ to 1/2 cup sugar (depends how sweet you like it)

-Juice of 2 lemons

-½ cup water

Also have a container suitable for the freezer on hand, large enough to hold the liquid.

Get making:

-You’ll need to get started at least 6-8 hours before the party starts

-Pour the rosé into a container or baking dish and freeze until almost solid (it won’t completely solidify due to alcohol), at least 6 hours

-Meanwhile, bring sugar and ½ cup water to the boil in a medium saucepan; cook, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves, about 2-3 mins. Add the strawberries, remove from the heat and let them sit in the syrup for at least 30 mins to infuse with flavor. Mush them in a bit and then strain through a fine mesh sieve into a small bowl, cover and chill until cold (about 30 mins), discarding the solids

-Remove the frozen rosé from the freezer and scrape into a blender or bullet. Add lemon juice and strawberry syrup and 1 cup of crushed ice, pulsing until smooth

-Sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to Instagram and tag us!

There are other recipes that are a bit more complicated, but this one did the trick for us.



Melissa Mladin Garden Party

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Last Saturday we threw a Garden Party to launch Melissa Mladin-Lowgren’s whimsical solo show ‘A Tale for Emmy Jean’.

The weather decided not to cooperate but thankfully our guests did! They filled the courtyard and got into Garden Party spirit, enjoying a line-up of summery treats in our cosy little undercover courtyard, dressed with a seriously stunning floral canopy and posies galore by the clever girls at Hi Petal!  

The morning started with Pressed Juices serving feel-good and taste-fantastic refreshments in-store and our friends from CAPI ensured their sparkling water and punchy flavoured mineral waters were on ice all day.

At 2pm we turned up the music and Cookes Catering & Events served delicious Frosés (aka frozen Rosé) adorned with pretty edible flowers whilst Popstic Ice Cream set up a sweet little cart and treated us to three delicious flavours of ice cream and sorbet made with heart – think G&T on a stick, choc mousse and coconut sorbet with nasturtiums. Amaze!

We were fortunate enough to have Sydney artist Melissa Mladin join us for the official launch of her magical 12-piece collection. For those of you who couldn’t join us the works will be exhibited in-store until 4th November and online too. There’s still a selection available, some of which are our faves. Check them out here or drop by the store. 

Everyone who attended the event also went in the draw to win some goodies from the Fenton & Fenton summer collection. And, today we’re announcing the three lucky winners. They can each enjoy a set of beach towels by Mr Fenton, a Sunnylife inflatable and 6 x Fenton & Fenton coasters for summer entertaining. If the weather ever decides to warm up!

Together with Melissa Mladin we would like to thank everyone who braved the conditions and to our wonderful event partners Hi Petal, Capi, Pressed Juices, Popstic Icecreams and Cookes Catering & Events.
We’re in the mood for more afternoons like this as the days get longer and warmer. See some snaps (view them all in the gallery) from the event here and enjoy a recipe to make Frosé at home here.

F&F xx

Say Hello To Summer Entertaining

Friday, October 14, 2016

At Fenton & Fenton we believe sunny days call for the impromptu gathering of friends. Be it a casual intimate affair or fancy garden soiree, we’ve got you covered. From cocktail carts to tablescaping, here’s some of our hottest tips to entertain outdoors.

Get The look....
Rethink Cocktail Hour: Rattan Oval Bar Cart | Original Vintage Cane Armchair
Flower Power: Daggy Designs Cylinder Vase
Comfy Cushion: Outdoor CushionsCalypso Lounger
Move It Out: Woodrow Hourglass Stump | Coral Lounger
Go Green: Outdoor Pots
Shady Days: Basil Bangs Four Seasons Umbrella
The Tablescape: Vintage Concrete Swan | Woodrow Hourglass Stump | Mario Luca Giusti Tumblr
Layer It: Outdoor Rugs | Ibiza Party Chair  
Keep It Relaxed: Siesta Swing with FringingOutdoor Rugs  

Garden Party Inside Secrets

Thursday, October 13, 2016

At Fenton & Fenton we love a good collaboration, particularly when it results in a party. And next Sat 22nd October, we are celebrating everything we love about Summer by throwing a Garden Party in our courtyard and a solo art show by Melissa Mladin instore! You’re all invited. Just make sure you RSVP by clicking here.

Our feature artist Melissa Mladin will be onsite between 2pm and 5pm and the Frosés and treats are on us! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our summery line up of event partners who will also be joining us throughout the day. Here they share their background story and their go-to tips on how to be party ready as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer.

Melissa Mladin

Come and meet the artists herself! Melissa will be at The Garden Party between 2 and 5pm.

Q. Tell us how you became an artist?
A. I think we’re all born with an artist of sorts in us, and from a young age I have always been creating. I began full time painting more recently as a way to move through mental health challenges and to chase that dream I have long held.

Q. Share your core inspiration behind the show ‘A tale for Emmy Jean’?
A. To inspire young ladies like Emmy Jean and the young ladies still residing within us older ladies too, to create and to explore. It doesn’t need to be hard or technical or correct, simply use materials you have and make marks.

Q. What is Emmy Jean’s fave piece from the body of work?
A. Emmy hasn’t seen the entire collection yet, but I think her favourite will be Ghost Friend Jan, after all that was the piece I was instructed to paint!

Q. Any tips for selecting art as the season’s change?
A. Art should always be chosen because you love it, so change around the smaller ticketed items in the same space to make your pieces work for any season.

Q. Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?
A. Simple strings of fairy lights sing magic, as does champagne… a beautiful fresh dessert like a raw macadamia lime cheesecake. Yum!

Find out more about Melissa on her website and follow her beautiful creations on her  Instagram here

Hi Petal!

HiPetal! will be filling our shop gallery and courtyard with beautiful blooms and selling the prettiest summer posies all day long (or at least until they run out).

Q. Tell us how your business came about?
A. Hi Petal was born from my nature loving background growing up on a farm in South Australia and having BIG love for all things colour and styling. Making people feel good with our gorgeous posies is an additional bonus to my business, I love giving and who doesn’t love seeing people happy with blooms!

Q. Where can people normally find you?
A. When I’m not at the flower markets or teaching in a classroom you can find me at our local beach in Elwood - rain, hail or shine - I’m there with our dog!

Q. What are your fave flower combo’s / seasonal faves?
A. My fave flower seasons are Spring and Summer. I love any bold bright combo's with lush foliage and a mix of great flower textures and trailing. Hydrangea, poppies and dahlias are my all-time FAVOURITE blooms.

Q. Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?
A. Yes, float your flowers! If you’re hosting an outdoor party this Summer season get any vessel out, pick whatever blooms or herbs you have in your garden and float them! It’s a super sweet touch to styling your tables. Another tip is, bring the picnic rugs out and create a relaxed party vibe station on your lawn. On my wish list is Fenton & Fenton’s Basil Bangs Love Rugs - they’re amazing and look so pretty on lawns.

To check out Hi Petal's daily posies visit the website here- or check them out on Instagram @hipetalposies

Pressed Juices

Pressed Juices will be serving feel-good refreshments and offering nutritional advice instore on the day of the Garden Party between 10am and 1pm (or until they run out of juice)!

Q. Tell us how your business came about?
A. Leo Pegoli, our founder saw a gap in the Australian market for convenient products that were not compromised in quality. Cold pressed juicing was an integral part of Leo’s lifestyle overseas and unable to find the equivalent genuine and authentic cold pressed juice products in Australia, he began The Pressed Juices movement in Melbourne. Our first store opened in February 2013 in Armadale, Victoria. We have now expanded to 20 stores Australia wide and are producing not only cold pressed juices but delicious smoothies, nut based mylks and wholesome raw food.

Q. Where can people normally find you?

A. We have stores Australia wide and also in Hong Kong. Australian stores are in New South Wales, Victoria, Brisbane and Hobart. You can also order juices, smoothies and mylks at our online store. (

Q. What are your nutrition tips for the warmer weather ahead?
A. With the warmer weather approaching it’s a great time to boost your consumption of fruits and vegetables to get you feeling and looking great. Increasing your greens (our Greens 4 is very popular) not only gives you energy but has nutrients including Vitamin C and Silica to improve the look of hair, skin and nails. Hydration is key for spring and summer, consuming natural coconut water and vegetables such as cucumber will hydrate you from the inside out, leaving your skin glowing.

Q. Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?

A. Our favourite part about the warmer weather is eating and drinking outdoors! A beautifully decorated table always adds a little something. Be creative with a fabulous cheese platter (we like to go beyond the normal cheese and crackers by introducing beautiful stone fruits, nuts and a little dark chocolate). Chilled Rosé is a must and of course colourful fresh juice on hand! At dusk make sure you have a little flicker of light to add to the mood, either fairy lights or some candles.

Find your nearest Pressed Juice on their website and follow their delicious blends on Instagram @pressedjuices

Popstic Ice Cream

There’ll be a sweet pop-up by Popstic Ice Cream in our courtyard serving delicious frozen treats, including their famous G&T heart shaped sorbet on a stick from 2pm.

Q. Tell us how your business came about?
A. Coming from a food service background servicing beautiful restaurants I knew our product resonated strongly with Chefs. This gave us the confidence to enter the retail market. Our aim is to give the everyday person the same opportunity to experience a beautifully crafted product. Something they never quite expected or imagined.

Popstic was the perfect name. Fun at heart, approachable and behind it all, product focused. We make our ice cream in Melbourne supporting local suppliers.

Q. What are your favourite Popstic flavours this summer?
A. Customers trying our sorbets for the first time are now converts. Texturally sorbets are harder to achieve because of the residual sugars, lack of fat and high water content from fruit. We've been able to produce a product which is super clean, creamy, punchy, balanced and refreshing. All the while remaining dairy free and vegan.

Must tries include Mandarin & Cumquat, Coconut with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, Passionfruit and Raspberry Sorbets.

In terms of ice cream...I can't go past Cookies and Cream. We use a French vanilla base with biscuits folded through. Customers love it as well as the Chocolate Mousse ice cream...which we’ll be serving at The Garden Party! The most satisfying part of what we do is having kids and the young at heart coming back to say thank you.

Q. Where can people normally find you?

A. We have a sweet little Ice Cream Bar at Riverland Fed Square, in the old bank vaults of Melbourne. Upstairs we operate a Pop Up ice cream cart at Fed Square near the Visitors Centre. We love doing festivals, foodie events & private functions and we've been so well received by our Melbourne audience and from our interstate and overseas visitors.

Q. Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?
A. Keep it simple with beautiful fresh produce, icy cold drinks and a few special details that will make your guests feel welcome. A sparkling drinks tray, a small vase of fresh flowers or delicious food won't be forgotten. You don't have to go big on everything just select one or two heroes that your guests will remember.

We offer Popstics for private parties & events, small and large ice cream carts and bespoke flavours. Handmade alcohol based Popstics are perfect for the season. Think Sauvignon Blanc Passionfruit, Brown Brothers Moscato, Gin and Tonic Sorbet and Watermelon and Mint Granita.

Stick your sweet tooth in here:  @popsticicecream


Our friends at CAPI just love a party and generously support many of our events. A Garden Party wouldn’t be complete without their sparkling water and punchy flavoured mineral waters. CAPI will be on ice all day long.

Q. Tell us how the CAPI business came about?
A. The CAPI brand was born from a simple idea to produce clean, natural carbonated refreshments. In a world full of mass-production, CAPI wanted to defy the norm through its craftsmanship, quality ingredients and outstanding drinks.

Taking on the sourcing and blending responsibilities ourselves we have secured the finest natural extracts and botanicals; working with latitudes, climates, seasonality and exotic locations. Our commitment extends to our blending and manufacturing practices where we don’t use preservatives. By keeping our mixers pure and clean, you have the ability to taste the true profile of the spirit and ultimately can enjoy a better finished drink.

Q. Where can people normally find your drinks?
A. The best place to find our full range is at Dan Murphy’s. A selected range is stocked in Coles and Woolworths, quality provedores and independent grocers in Australia.
You will also find our range stocked in some of the best restaurants and cafés, high end hotels and bars in Australia.

Q.What are your fave flavour combo’s for the warmer weather ahead?
A. During summer you can’t go wrong with a simple gin and tonic. CAPI has you covered with both its Tonic and Dry Tonic, which contains 30% less sugar exemplifying the flavour and hit of gin. All you need is quality gin, ice and either a CAPI Tonic or Dry Tonic. The perfect thing to sip on a spring arvo.

If you’re entertaining we’d definitely recommend a summer jug to keep things light and fresh!
Our Grapefruit, Mint and Watermelon Jug is a guaranteed hit. This entertaining jug plays on the freshness of the watermelon, aroma of mint and the naturally tart taste of CAPI Grapefruit to make a beautifully balanced beverage. Overload your jug with fruit and mint to make sure each guest gets their share of the action.

All you need is:
-12 Watermelon wedges
-8 Slices of fresh lime
-12 Mint leaves
-2 CAPI Grapefruit sodas (250ml)
-1 CAPI Mineral Water (250ml)

-Place watermelon, mint and lime in a jug and muddle.Half fill with block ice.
-Fill with 2 CAPI Grapefruit Sodas.
-Fill the rest of the jug with ice.
-Top with CAPI Mineral Water.
-Garnish your serving vessels with watermelon and mint.

Q: Any tips for easy outdoor entertaining this Summer?
A: Here at CAPI we believe in the simple pleasures in life. Summer is all about family, friends and relaxation.  In terms of drinks, CAPI has done all the hard work for you. All you need is quality spirits, garnishes, ice and CAPI mixers to make bar-grade drinks that your guests will be impressed with.

Follow Capi on Instagram @capisparkling and Facebook here


A Sneak Peak | Peace of Art 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

97 Australian Artists come together to help children living in poverty receive a quality education

Fenton & Fenton is back again this year with Peace of Art – a celebration of Australian art, with 100% of proceeds benefiting ‘School’s-A-Gift’.
Art lovers looking to add to your collection or take the plunge with your very first purchase, get ready for an Art Event that you won’t want to miss.

Fenton & Fenton is proudly hosting ‘Peace of Art’ 2016 – a biennial online art auction showcasing the works of 97 of Australia’s most coveted and emerging artists, donating the entire proceeds to ‘School’s-A-Gift’ – an Australian not-for-profit organisation that helps children living in poverty by working towards building schools in remote parts of Ethiopia.

In 2014 Peace of Art raised just over $100,000 for ‘School’s-A-Gift’. The funds have since been used to construct a new secondary school in a remote region where previously no secondary schools have existed.

Founder of School’s a Gift, Georgina Fenton, along with the help of her sister Lucy, tells us that so far the charity has managed to enable over 1,500 children access a secondary education, with at least half of them being girls. This year we aim to surpass the figure raised from the last event which will enable School’s A Gift to continue their work in improving the livelihoods of children living in rural Ethiopia.

We are super excited and grateful to announce and introduce you to our line-up of Australian artists for Peace of Art 2016. Without them this project would not be possible.

For now, enjoy a flashback to Peace of Art 2014.

So, if you are in the market for a new piece of art and would like to support students in less advantaged parts of the world, register your interest in participating in our online auction when it goes live in November here.

And, make sure you RSVP to our gala night and wrap party on 24th November.

Register your interest to attend the gala event and to be notified when the auction goes live.

* indicates required
Peace Of Art 2016




#Events #Peace of Art


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Fenton & Fenton is in the mood for Summer and celebrating with a Garden Party and whimsical solo art show – ‘A Tale for Emmy Jean’ by talented Sydney visual artist and storyteller Melissa Mladin-Lowgren of Kishikaa.

Held on Saturday 22nd October in store and extending to our courtyard garden at 471 High Street, Prahran; the exhibition will take you on a whimsical journey through summer, with flowers-a-bloom, music, giveaways and line up of complimentary, fun refreshments all day.

Melissa brings her search for beauty and grace to the canvas via delicate veils of ethereal colour, intended to feed all the senses. This body of work has been imaginatively created with a mixed medium of materials including oil paint (applied via brush, knife and fingers), oil wax sticks, pencils, pantone markers and biro. Painted for her 13 year-old niece to inspire her to dream, imagine, play, dance and create; it's intended to encourage her and others to pick up their pencils, their textas, their paints and to explore one’s imagination and just create.

The work itself is magical, almost fairytale like which is the inspiration for our studio and courtyard transformation preluding Summer. To celebrate both the Fenton & Fenton Summer Collection and Melissa Mladin’s imaginative journey, we will be hosting a Summer Garden Party in true Fenton & Fenton style.

Garden Party runs all day Sat 22nd October. Come along and enjoy a line-up of summery treats and everything we love about Summer, including:

Feel-good refreshments and nutritional advice for the new season by Pressed Juices between 10am and 1pm.
Chilled glasses of the ‘it’ drink for Summer - Frosé (aka frozen Rosé) between 2pm and 5pm.

A sweet pop-up by Popstic Ice Cream in our courtyard serving delicious frozen treats, including their famous G&T heart shaped sorbet on a stick.
A colourful pop-up of the prettiest summer posies and a Garden Party install by event planner and flower enthusiast Hi Petal!
Soulful tunes to get you in the mood for Summer.
Giveaways and lucky door prizes throughout the day.

All RSVP’s and attendees go in the draw to win a Summer Prize Pack of our favourite pieces for Summer living and entertaining. 

Click here to RSVP

The exhibition will run from 22nd October until 4th November. The Garden Party will run between 10am and 5pm Saturday 22ndOctober.

Our little black book of wedding tips

Friday, September 30, 2016

At Fenton & Fenton we love attending and ogling weddings online, especially when there is a Pinterest board involved and never ending flowers! To celebrate the launch of our new Bridal Registry webpage, we thought we would let you in on a few of our hot wedding tip-offs.

We love helping our brides put together the perfect registry and watching them compile the list of their dreams. Working with so many brides, we have had many of you ask what are our top event organising tip offs, so... we have put together a list from our little black book for you to get inspired and ogle.

The Decorations: For gorgeous decorations, event inspiration and hire, get in touch with Lenzo to create your perfect hens day or wedding. 

The Flowers: There is nothing better than the perfect bunch. Hi Petal work with local and seasonal botanic flowers to produce the most beautiful styled posies for any occasion. We loved watching what they put together for this amazing hens day, and their vibrant colours worked perfectly with our Sebel Pink Velvet Chair.

The Food:  Catering for the hens or wedding? We love the team at Cookes Catering and Events. They use seasonal, local and sustainable food, bringing farm to table and restaurant quality results to clients and events. They also have the best looking and delcious tasting desserts! 

The Photographer:  We adore wedding photographer Oli Sansom. Oli is one of Melbourne's most sought after photographers for a reason, his images are magical. We love going through his imaginative and artistic collection on his website. 

The Celebrant: Whether you are eloping, getting married, renewing your vows or having a civil commitment ceremony, we adore celebrant Lara Williams. Lara is a no-nonsense kind of lady. She has a natural gift of public speaking, using humour, language and style to perfectly hold the day together. Her attention to detail is exceptional.

The Presents: We are so happy to launch our new Bridal Registry page! At Fenton & Fenton we offer the most incredible collection that couples can choose from for their special day. From artwork to homewares and many lifestyle products, you can pick lots of things or a few stand out pieces to mark the occasion. Our team at Fenton and Fenton offer an incredible service to make your registry experience fun and easy. With beautiful registry cards, a personalised webpage and a dedicated staff member to assist you, we can't wait to help you compile your dream list. 

If you have an enquiry about starting a bridal registry,  please visit our bridal registry page or contact us at 



How to Mix and Match Pattern & Colour this Spring

Monday, September 26, 2016

Don’t be afraid to mix to the max this Spring and create a look that is entirely yours. At Fenton & Fenton we love pattern. We especially love mixing pattern on pattern; pairing shiny new pieces with vintage glamour, combining geometric prints with florals, brights with neutrals and feminine colours with masculine shapes. Offbeat combinations that draw your attention to a space get our tick.

1. Single out one colour to match and pull your look together, like we have done here with Watermelon Pink.

2. Play around with tonal variations of similar colours. We’re loving shades of blue, mauve and purple this Spring, accented with our favourite neutral, nude.

3. Have fun with scale and size. Here, we’ve mixed a bold large print to anchor the space, and layered it with a softer smaller print. The palette ties it all together.

4. Mix Stripes with Prints. At Fenton & Fenton we see a stripe as pretty much a neutral. Recreate a look like this with different stripes mixed with bold patterns and contrasting colours.

5. Mix an earthy palette with brights. If the base of your room is neutral and earthy, don’t be afraid to contrast this with a key piece of art or rug to make your room sing.

6. Layer your Art. Never try to make your art too matchy-matchy. We love mixing different styles, like abstract with still life, and positioning the pieces at different heights and depths. Don’t be afraid to put plants or decorative objects in front of your art for added interest. 

Shop our favourite artworks this Spring >

Love the block? Get their style

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last night on the The Block Fenton and Fenton's resident artist Megan Weston's artwork wowed judges with a feature piece in Julia and Sasha's room. Fenton & Fenton pieces have been featured across some marvellous rooms the last few weeks , get the recap on the judges thoughts last night and the look below!

Tensions ran high yesterday as the show reached the halfway mark on renovations. Dan and Carleen wowed judges by creating a contemporary art deco-styled living room with large open spaces. Using their bonus points the couple secured victory and a $10,00 prize for their budget, well done team!

"It's not the living/dining space I expected from Dan and Carleen," judge Neale Whitaker said. "It's got a very different vibe. It's actually feeling quite luxe and glamorous. They've taken the deco theme and turned up the dial. If you're a young professional and a very design savvy buyer then you're going to appreciate this.... to think just a few weeks ago I was criticising them for styling choices but look at this, even the candle is just right." 

Despite disagreements, Julia and Sasha finished second place and would have tied if Dan and Carleen had they not used their bonus points.  The highlight for us was Julia and Sasha's dining room and the grand resin and mirror artwork by the incredible Megan Weston.  

Recreate this look with our featured Marble Deco Console & a Megan Weston artwork. Photos from Inside Out Magaine. 

"I wanted to see an apartment that had references to art deco that was still a contemporary and luxurious apartment. I feel like I'm standing in that apartment now." The couple's city views through an expanded window, which came at the expense of compromising with their neighbours Kim and Chris, also didn't go unnoticed. "That big view that puts a whole new perspective on this space," Whitaker said.

Brighten up your room with one of these incredible Megan Weston pieces...

0. Brazil Aquamarine | 1. Pink Topaz | 2. Azure | 3. Burma Topaz | 4. Tanzanite & Linarite 1

To find more incredible artwork to transform your living spaces, visit our artwork collection online or in store today. 

Mix to the Max

Friday, September 23, 2016

Welcome spring with vibrant colour in geometric patterned rugs, silk carpets and towels lovingly created by Mr Fenton. These looks will instantly refresh bathrooms and living areas alike. Make the most of quirky, non-essential but delightful pieces in unlikely pockets of your home. Replicate these looks by creating a sunny nook in front of a window or consider a hallway, hidden corner or in front of a book-shelf. Our Afrika pendants teamed with Rattan Bar Cart have us in the mood for sundowners on the front porch. Don’t be afraid to mix to the max and create a look that is entirely yours. We love mixing pattern on pattern, vintage with new, geometric with floral, brights and neutrals and feminine colours with masculine shapes. Offbeat combinations that draw your attention to a space get our tick. Replicate this look by anchoring a space with two strong statement rugs. 

To get the look, be inspired by our Spring Collection Photoshoot

Chai Dhurrie  Rug |  Nektar Dhurrie RugLeather Dining Chair, Strapping | Mario Luca Giusti Ice Bucket | Woodrow Marble Dining Table

Rattan Bar Cart- Oval | A frika Pendant | Hedges Cushion | Original Vintage Art Deco Pretzel Cane |

 Nektar Dhurrie Rug

Turkish Pepa Dhurri e Rug

Say farewell to Winter and hello to Spring.

Shop the new Spring Collection at Fenton & Fenton 

Say Hello To Spring

Monday, September 19, 2016

Here is the inside word on spring decorating! Spring has sprung and we have a new collection to brighten your home. 

From a muted take on brights to bold hues, this season’s colour mantra is clear – the brighter, the better. Fenton & Fenton warmly welcomes Spring with a new collection of furniture, soft furnishings, rugs, lighting and art, designed to remind us of the joy that Spring brings. The collection plays homage to the changing of the seasons through a vibrant palette and mix of materials, promising that warmer days are near.   

In the transformative spirit of Spring we welcome fresh hues, modernist forms, saturated colours, natural textures, bold patterns, imaginative accessories and lively art by Australian talent Megan Grant, Kristen Daniels, Carly Williams & Helen McCullagh gracing our walls.

Geometric patterned rugs, silk carpets and towels lovingly created by Mr Fenton will instantly refresh bathrooms and living areas alike, and the stunning Woodrow collection of furniture and Afrika lighting have been designed to add interest to your existing look.

“The Spring edit is both elegant and playful, designed to help you enjoy a colourful, expressive life”, says Lucy Fenton. There’s intentionally a lot of colour, pattern and texture this Spring, designed to help you create powerful and invigorating living spaces that will take you from season to season.

For ideas to transform your home with seasonal accents, art and furniture visit or pop into our Prahran store and courtyard during September.

Fenton Towels | Woodrow Hourglass Stump  

The Sign Hand Knotted Bengali Silk Carpet | Woodrow Marble BedsideBedouin Societe Linen  

Brass Crab | Cakebread Moonshine Purl CushionCakebread Pink Moon CushionStencil Floor LampWoodrow Marble Coffee TableTurkish Pepa Dhurrie Rug  

Auld Design Trio Sideboard | Leather Dining Chair, Strapping | Mario Luca Giusti Salad Bowl | Mario Luca Giusti Ice Bucket | Woodrow Marble Dining Table  

Say farewell to Winter and hello to Spring.

Love Fenton & Fenton x

Travelling with Lucy Fenton

Friday, September 16, 2016

Lucy Fenton established Fenton & Fenton inspired by her experiences backpacking around the globe. During her travels, Lucy was immersed in a wide variety of aesthetics which she brought home with her and reinterpreted through the filter of years surrounded by classical antiques and contemporary Australian style. Her adventures in the interiors’ space are an extension of her real world adventures, and the culmination of a rich and colourful journey through cultures home and abroad. We chat to Lucy about her most incredible travel moments and why travel is so important to her. 

Why is travel important to you?
I tend to get bogged down in the every day grind when I am at home Life is busy with work and kids so it’s important to stop and realise there is a whole world around us living very different lives to us, which is fascinating and presents so many opportunities for learning if approached with an open heart. Whenever I travel, no matter where I go, I find inspiration. Getting away from the madness and having time to think is so invigorating. I always come back from any trip bursting with new ideas.

What is the most underrated part of travel?
Being able to experience the best parts of other countries. Travel helps us appreciate how good life is at home. I have travelled all over the world and there is always something so comforting about coming home (despite the unpacking and washing). I am yet to find a city I would prefer to live in than Melbourne!

What are some of your go-to destinations for styie inspiration?
India is always my #1, the colours, culture and craftsmanship is amazing and even though it has its pitfalls and can be very difficult at times I always find my self wanting more. Morocco is a very close 2nd, the landscapes & textiles are breath taking and if it was a tad closer to Australia I would definitely visit more frequently!

What's your best travel memory?
This is a tough’s a toss up between trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas, being proposed to in the Sahara Desert...but it is hard to go past our wedding in Bali. It was a small intimate wedding but it was spread over a few days nestled in the rice paddies of Cunggu and being in such a tranquil setting just made for a wonderfully relaxed vibe with our best friends! 

If you could only travel to one country for the rest of your life, which country and why?
An even harder question... but I would have to choose India. If it was not for India I probably never would have opened F&F and the people over there have contributed so much to what we do!

What's your best advice for travelling in style?
Be organized: book accommodation, transportation and flights well in advance so you can really enjoy the trip. I am a big advocate for
researching my accommodation as much as possible. It does not have to be the most expensive hotel, you just want something in a good location, with character and good service. Accommodation can make or break a trip, often a recommendation from a friend is best!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

With the emergence of home renovation shows like The Block, House Rules and Grand Designs, buyers’ expectations are higher than ever! We recently styled this super cute Victorian terrace in Elm Grove, Richmond and worked with the client’s existing pieces to get the home ready for sale.

The Fenton & Fenton process differs from most styling companies. We recognise that buying a home is an emotional process for people because your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make!

Our style aims to inspire buyers, making the house feel liveable and wonderful. To bring the same sense of wonder to your own property here are our top 5 tips for styling a property to wow buyers.

1. Freshen up the walls.
A fresh coat of paint can really work wonders in a tired space. It not only looks crisp and clean but it will give your house a nice new paint smell. Once freshly painted we can add some colour and life using artwork and rugs!

2. Bathroom bliss!
Always display fresh clean towels; Mr Fenton’s designer towels will add some colour and spunk to any bathroom, even if it is a bit outdated. Make sure everything is sparkly clean, you may even want to consider re-grouting old tiles.

3. Declutter.
Your buyers will go through every nook and cranny, including through your cupboards, wardrobes, garages etc. Make sure they are not overflowing, make the effort to do a thorough clean out both inside and out. The opp shop will be your best friend by the time your campaign kicks off!

4. Fresh flowers.
Get green! Pot plants, fresh flowers and indoor plants are particularly good as you won’t have to replace them each week. Also don't forget to get your outdoor area looking tip top. Mow the lawns, trim the hedges and hose down all areas.

5. Get F&F on board.
If preparing your home for sale is just all too overwhelming and your furniture is a bit all over the shop, give us a call and we can make a time to come and meet you and discuss your needs. We will be happy to work with your existing furniture wherever possible and then introduce some of our signature pieces to give your property the wow factor you need to get your buyers’ attention both online and in real life. Once we’ve worked our magic your house will be looking its best and you will have saved yourself a lot of stress. Styling your property well is proven to boost your sale price on auction day, so make sure you give your property the best chance.

See more photos from the newly styled property  and how to get the look below:

Outdoor Rug Marrakech Citrus | Four Seasons Outdoor Cushion by Basil Bangs |   

Woodrow Dining TableJai Vasicek Skullerful CushionHarlequin Teal Dhurrie RugMr Fentons Turkish Pepa CushionBone Inlay Hexagon Tray

 Cactus Medium | Four Seasons Outdoor Cushion by Basil BangsPop & Scott PotMalibu Dining Table

Moonwalker Painting by Diana MillerPink Knot Cushion | Cakebread Throw - Nightgarden |  Basket Weave CushionCakebread Pile High Cushion

Pink Knot Cushion | Porthole By Jai Vasicek | Genu Table Lamp | Jai Vasicek Skullerful Cushion    

Reindeer HideStencil Table Lamp

Don't forget to head to the listing from Marshall White- Hawthorn. If you would like to look through some other homes that we've styled, then head to our Property Styling Gallery.


#Property Styling #Real Estate

Prism Exhibition - Opening Night

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Prism Exhibition showcasing Australian talent Jai Vasicek, Megan Weston and lighting by Christopher Boots; officially opened last Thursday night.

With an evening of live music by the vibrant duo Tobi Music, from Rutherford entertainment & bubbles by Bird in Hand, it was an excellent way to usher in the start of spring. The store looked incredible with Christopher's geometric lighting, Megan's bold new works inspired by minerals and natural elements and Jai's new abstract collection.

The launch was an overwhelming success so we thought we'd share some photos from the night....

Tobi Music from Rutherford Entertainment pumped out the enchanting tunes. The guitarist & double base duo created an incredible vibe in store. We wish we could have them in store everyday! For those who want to hear one of our favourite pieces listen to it below:

Tobi - Be My Baby / Crazy In Love from Rutherford Entertainment on Vimeo.

Together with the artists, we would love to thank Bird In Hand, CapiHaymes Paint, Tobi Music via Rutherford Entertainment and all our lovely clients who celebrated with us.

There is still a selection of artwork available (some of our personal favourites!) so make sure you check out the Prism Collection online.

There's plenty more photos of the evening, view them all in the gallery.

#Exhibitions #Events

Styling your home for sale

Monday, September 05, 2016

We recently styled this stunning Victorian residence in Balaclava, we worked with a combination of the clients existing pieces & a selection from our current range. With the addition of some of our signature texture and colour next to original features including marble open fireplaces, ornate ceiling roses and stained glass windows, the residence now has a new found modern elegance.

Property styling at 50 William Street, Balaclava from Fenton and Fenton on Vimeo.

Property styling before selling your home is essential. With the right furniture, artwork and of course layout any room can become a desirable space. We are happy to work with you and give advice on what should stay and what should go for the campaign.

By injecting some Fenton & Fenton style in this home we were able to accentuate the house’s incredible period features.

Here are our 3 top styling tips for the week:

- Don’t be afraid of colour
- Make sure the furniture is the right proportion for the space
- Add some life to the room, use a plant, flowers or some foliage from the garden

Mr Fenton Designer Dhurrie RugIcelandic SheepskinAbigail Ahern Greyhound LampWireframe CubeLeather Sling ChairJai Vasicek Skullerful CushionWoodrow Marble Coffee TableGuatemalan Stripe CushionTeak Side Table

Matilda SofaLeather Marlboro Chair, StrappingLeather Marlboro FootstoolBone Inlay TV UnitMr Fenton Dhurrie Rug|  Woodrow Tooth StumpWoodrow Dining TableBone Inlay TrayJai Vasicek Tea China CushionLeather Cushion

Bedouin Societe Linen |   Pom Pom Wool Blanket | Bone Inlay Hexagon Bedside TableSay Hola ArtworkChevron Dhurrie, Teal and White | Pixel Tree Cushion

Saq Qhurrie RugMr Fentons Turkish Pepa CushionFlat Leather Bed HeadStencil Table Lamp|   Bedouin Linen

Kristen Daniels Cotton Painting Guatemalan Huipil CushionWobbles RunnerI Love Desk Lamp

Pop & Scott PotsWire CactusBasil Bang Outdoor CushionOutdoor Rug Chevron BlueMalibu Dining Table with Marble TopZephyr Chair

Marble HandsBath Sheet, Fish Scale Greyscale Towel

Pink Knot CushionPink Dhurrie RugBedouin Societe Linen

Don't forget to head to the listing from Biggin & Scott Elsternwick. If you would like to look through some other homes that we've styled, then head to our Property Styling Gallery.


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Catching up with Megan Weston

Thursday, August 25, 2016

On a studio visit to Barwon Heads we check in with Megan Weston while she has been creating her highly anticipated new collection. Megan has been exhibiting with Fenton & Fenton since 2014 and this year will be featuring in the PRISM exhibition.
Working predominantly with ink and resin on timber, we chat to Megan about her change in look for the upcoming exhibition and get to know a little more about the renowned Australian artist.

Photo: Styling - Julia Green, Photo - Armelle Habib

Who are your art inspirations? Do you look to other artists or movements for support or inspiration during your process?

I adore Miranda Scozeck and the minimalist works of Rothko at the moment. I don't tend to look to any other artists for my own work but as an art lover first and foremost, I am able to appreciate the creativity of my friends and contemporaries.

Who do you follow on Instagram? Apart from artists are there any digital influencers you admire?

I love the fun of American photographer Gray Malin and sculptor Chris LaBrooy at the moment.

Many of your works are named after incredible places around the world. Have you travelled to these places, where in the world have you travelled that has been the most inspiring for your work?
Rather than specific places, I feel that my work is often inspired by the feeling that stays with me after I leave and comes through in my work. That said, New York City is always a favourite. The sensory overload there always triggers inspiration and creativity. It's the energy that stays with you and I try to harness when I work.

Photo:Nikole Ramsay featured in InsideOut magazine   

You live on the beautiful Bellerine Peninsula, what is the sense of community and lifestyle like in Barwon Heads?
It's a very village like atmosphere with great beaches, walking tracks and fab for kids to grow up. Cute little shops and a ten-minute walk down the Main Street for coffee is more like a social event than a chore which is nice.
What are your thoughts on the art community in Australia? Do emerging artists in Australia get the support they need?
I think the art community is in disarray, I don't see the talented artists getting the recognition they deserve unfortunately. I definitely think there has to be more education involved. it's too easy for people to call themselves an artist and it can devalue the time, cost and commitment to produce. There is such talent and diversity in our industry currently so that is very exciting for the future.
You are known mostly for your ink and resin artwork, when did you start this style and why were you compelled to make “ink bleed”?
I started over 15 years ago with resin and ink, and what a turn of events that whole 'resin art' movement has been. I wanted the ink to travel and experience movement across the canvas surface. There is obviously a lot of new players in the game now adopting these techniques as well so the popularity of this style was somewhat of a double edged sword. With this in mind, I've evolved my techniques and the new PRISM exhibition is the first release of this evolution into the world!

Do you find yourself experimenting with mediums? Why resin and ink?
Yes I work with any medium.. In fact a lot of my early works were painted in oils always abstract though. Resin and ink translates particularly well for me and my storytelling so it has become my go-to medium.
Where has been the most incredible place you have seen one of your artworks?
Too many to say! Jen Hawkins home, Megan Gales and The Block have all been highlights. In all honestly, I get a thrill when I see my work hanging in any client's home and that I have found a place in their lives. It's very special to me.

Photo: Images styled by Heather Nette King,  Haymes Paint. Photography by Armelle Habib.

What is your main inspiration behind your pieces for ‘Prism’?
Crystals, lots of crystals. True to my topographical style, I dived into the depths of our planet in search of the beauty hidden beneath and beyond. Rocks, minerals and the natural elements that form our planet are the inspiration behind the latest colourful body of works. Optical density and a play on light are interpreted through different forms and signature to this beautiful PRISM collection.

If we where to get into your headspace and try and paint like Megan Weston, when would we paint and what music would we be listening to?
I usually paint at my studio, early in the morning or mid afternoon, this is when I'm at my best. My playlist really depends what mood I’m in but if I was to list my top ti, it would be:

1. Dime Store Diamond- Gossip
2. Blood on the Leaves - Kanye
3. MTV Nirvana Unplugged Album- Nirvana
4. Blank Face - Schoolboy Q (this is on repeat for the table tennis tournaments that are happening in break times…)
5. Desperado - Rhianna

Megan’s artworks will be featured in the upcoming exhibition PRISM.
Opening night will be held in store on Thursday September 1 and the exhibition will then continue in store until the September 15. For more information and to RSVP visit our event page.
#Artists #megan weston

Behind the scenes with Jai Vasicek

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jai Vasicek is renowned for his vibrant colour, layers of pattern and exotic adornments. Recently inspired by facets, stones, flaura and fauna from Northern Australia, we are thrilled that Jai is featuring in Fenton & Fenton’s latest exhibition PRISM. We sat down with Jai and asked him what music keeps him going at 3am, who have been his artistic inspirations and his future creative aspirations.

Behind The Scenes With Jai Vasicek from Fenton and Fenton on Vimeo.

What is your main inspiration behind your pieces for ‘Prism’?
I have been inspired by endless journeys to the far north east coast of Australia with my father. My abstract work is an interpretation of the fascinating Australian landscape, as the light changes from day to night and back from night to day. My time spent trekking uncharted terrain, exploring hidden caves and sailing to Australia’s indigenous lands between the Daintree and Cape Flattery is elegantly and abstractly brought to life in my colourful collection.

Tell us about your painting process. When do you do it and what are you listening to when creating your masterpieces?
I work best at night and it’s the time that I enjoy to paint the most. At night is when I feel the world is at rest, I don’t hear traffic near my studio and it’s often quiet, so I paint. I generally will paint after dinner and sometimes until 2am or I will get up at 3am and paint till 10am. It’s amazing what you can get done in those obscure hours of the day. When I’m painting, I will pump the music up crazy in my earphones. Typically, I would be listening to;

-Moby- Hotel Ambient (if I need to calm down, detach from the day, get into a meditative state and paint for hours)
-Portishead (For something old school. Her voice inspires me and has an effect on how I get in touch with my emotions to express into the artworks)
Beyoncé - Lemonade (the occasional guilty pleasure. If I’m feeling down, she always gets me back up. Listening to her makes me think I have to work as hard as her. That lemonade album gets me painting quick!)
- SIA – (Her older albums. They make me feel nostalgic and remind me of my high school days)
-Adele – (For when I’m feeling heartbroken.. haha) 

Who are your art inspirations? Do you look to other artists or movements for support or inspiration during your process?
I generally don’t look for inspirations, I rather admire. I like to experiment and take on my own angle in my work to stay true to myself. I appreciate all the masters like Picasso and Matisse, however I’m also a huge fan of Miranda Skoczek, Craig Ruddy and Laura Jones. I have been loving Laura Jones lately, the way she captures light with her "still lifes" and her colours are out of this world. I’m a sucker for botanical art.

Who do you follow on Instagram? Apart from artists are there any digital influencers you admire?
I love following Sibella Court and Lisa Messenger from The Collective, she is very inspiring for anyone embarking on entrepreneurship. Everyday I follow her daily reflections and I can identify with her path.

You have an incredible tale of spending your childhood upon your family’s boat Malachi. What was the longest you spent at sea, and what places did you travel to?
I think the longest sail was 4 days at sea.... my favourite stretch is in wintertime from the Whitsundays to Lizard Island! Amazing.
Your vibrant, colourful and bold works exude the brightness of some of the places you have travelled. Have there been any communities around the world you have admired or been inspired by in particular?
Although everywhere I have travelled to is reflected in my work, I think Brazil would be one of the most amazing colourful and vibrant places I have been!

You live in beautiful Byron Bay, what is the sense of community and lifestyle like there?
In Byron, everyone embraces everyone and that’s why I love it here. No matter what you are doing people are very open about expressing what their vision or path in life is.

What are your thoughts on the art community in Australia? Do emerging artists in Australia get the support they need?
All eyes are on Australia because we are an emerging country and pushing boundaries as such a creative nation. With technological advances and so many social platforms, emerging artists haven’t been restricted by borders and have been able to become globally recognised easier than before.

You experiment with many mediums and techniques is anything you are drawn back to or want to work with you haven’t got your hands on already?
It’s an aspiration of mine to work with fashion and art, I will get there one day..

Where has been the most incredible place you have seen one of your artworks?
At Fenton & Fenton of course. But also one of my friends has an incredible home in Sydney and it hangs with pride in their entrance way. I’m just amazed they chose my work to sit on that very predominant wall!

Jai's artworks will be featured in the upcoming exhibition PRISM.
Opening night will be held in store on Thursday September 1 and the exhibition will then continue in store until the September 15. For more information and to RSVP visit our event page.

#Artists #Jai Vasicek

Join The Team

Monday, August 15, 2016


We are looking for a skilled Maintenance Team Member to jump on board and participate in our warehouse and in store operations in a full time position.

Maintenance Team Member responsibilities include but are not limited to, supporting the warehouse day-to-day operations, furniture maintenance and repair, supporting the merchandising team with in-store installations of furniture and artwork and customer deliveries.

-Prepare and complete orders for delivery or pick up according to schedule
-Receive and process warehouse stock products (unload, label, store)
-Assist in the overall maintenance of the store space
-Operate and maintain warehouse vehicles and equipment
-Assist in store change-overs and installations of art work
-Assist with Hire and Consultation installations on request
-Follow quality service standards and comply with procedures, rules and regulations at all times


-Great organisational and time management skills
-Ability to assist in heavy lifting
-Familiarity with common warehouse practices
-1 year proven experience in a maintenance/warehouse team member roll.
-Experience in painting, art installation, and furniture repair will be highly regarded but not essential


If you think you fit the bill apply now

Thanks for your interest


Join The Team

Friday, August 05, 2016


Calling all enthusiastic and determined sales gurus. We are looking for a full time sales consultant to join our team. The ideal candidate for this role has a proven history in sales, ideally in the homewares and furniture industry. You thrive in a fast paced environment, with the ability to quickly establish client relationships and have a genuine eye for interior decoration. If you want to inspire people to express themselves through their homes then this is the job for you.


Fenton & Fenton is home to a colourful and decorative collection of home wares and furniture, offering a unique shopping experience both in-store and online. With an eye for the bright, the beautiful and the exotic, we love to think outside the box and inspire others to do the same. 8 years on, we are committed to doing things that stand out and giving our customers fresh home wares, decorating ideas and brand experiences.

We are home to a dynamic, creative and collaborative bunch. We work hard to ensure our liaisons are as much about the experience as the purchase. As our business expands and takes us in all sorts of directions, we are looking for a full time Sales Consultant for our High Street Prahran store. 

-Delivering a professional and unique standard of customer experience
-Coordinating the sales process as part of a team from initial enquiry to delivery
-Prioritising clients and collaborating with team members to reach store targets and deliver the best instore experience
-Ensuring visual merchandising standards are met to continue sales growth
-Administration including quoting and processing orders.


-The ability to multi task and problem solve
-Proven sales experience preferably in the furniture and homewares industry 
-Excellent communication skills
-Strong attention to detail
-Computer literacy in particular with Mac operating systems, with experience in the use of Adobe CS an advantage.
-An interest interior design and decoration 
-An energetic, motivated and proactive approach to their work.


Successful applicants must include a CV, summary of achievements relating to this job description and a cover letter.

Please email Ciarra at 

Thanks for your interest


New Michael Bond artwork

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We've just updated our website with gorgeous Michael Bond artworks which are set to arrive in-store next week.

Head to Michael Bond in the artwork section to view the selection before they hit the store!


'Shadowland' by Michael Bond

Queen's Birthday

Thursday, June 09, 2016

We will be open this coming Monday for the Queen's Birthday. Opening hours are 12 to 4pm.

We hope to see you in store!


214 Neerim Rd, Carnegie

Friday, June 03, 2016

One of our favourite undertakings at Fenton&Fenton is the challenge of styling real homes of all different shapes, sizes, styles & eras. We always relish the opportunity to work with the character of the home & inject some Fenton&Fenton style along the way.

We recently styled this impeccably renovated double fronted home in Carnegie and we thought we'd share these shots of the stunning 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, complete with high ceilings, patterned wall paper and graphic tiles.

And what kind of friends would we be if we didn't also share some insider tips on how to get the look!

Jai Vasicek Cross (in-store only) | Leather Strapping Dining Chairs in Teak & White | Finn Dining (out of stock) | Jacob Jon 'Earth #1' Artwork | Bone Inlay Hexagon Tray

This home is currently up for sale! Head to the listing here to check it out at

Tara Pearce Photographic Prints | Bone Inlay TV Unit | Mr Fenton's Grid Dhurrie | Mahal Coffee Table in White with White Marble | other small decorating pieces


We took full advantage of the bold graphic tiled splash back in the kitchen, which reminded us of our Geometric Bone Inlay pattern!). It worked perfectly with the black barstools & pendants, contrasting with the super white high ceilings. We carried this strong graphic theme into the living space with the choice of our black & white chevron TV unit.      

Pencil Artwork by Sean Herbert (in-store only) | Ink Roses & Mr Fenton's Turkish Pepa Cushions | Reindeer Hide


Creating a homely and lived-in feeling is easily done by adding layers of texture. Throw a natural hide or cosy blanket over the sofa along with pops of colour in the cushions to add warmth & a sense of comfort. You’ll be amazed at what some flora & foliage can do to a space! Hitting our senses in all the right ways, it's a great way to instantly add appeal to a room.

This home has a gorgeous red brick fireplace as a feature in the second sitting room. We chose to work with this as the starting point of our palette in this space and continued with warm tones & natural elements.

Leather Sling Chair in Teak & Black | Cow Hide | Concrete Tulip Pendant | Pressed Metal Ceiling (in-store only) & Metallic Star Cushions | House Protectors


We had some stunning wallpaper to work with in the master bedroom. The easiest way to create a cohesive look when working with detailed patterns or strong artwork, is to isolate one colour to repeat throughout the space. In this case we pulled the blue hues from the wallpaper and teamed it with Mr Fenton’s ‘Geometric’ dhurrie and the Maurice Golotta 'Aqua Urn' artwork to create a space that works.

Mr Fenton's Geometric Dhurrie | various cushions | I Love Desk Lamp | Maurice Golotta's 'Aqua Urn' Artwork | Bone Inlay Bedsides

Bone Inlay Commode | Abigail Ahern Poodle Lamp | Mr Fenton's Black Pepa Dhurrie

Pots | Outdoor Cushions | Outdoor Malibu Dining Table & Breeze Chairs

Don't forget to head to the listing here to check it out. If you would like to look through some other homes that we've styled, then head to our Property Styling Gallery


Winter Group Show - Opening Night

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Winter Group Show officially opened last Thursday night with an evening of cocktails, soulful tunes and of course gorgeous art!

Jai Vasicek, Tara Pearce, Annie Everingham and Laelie Berzon were all here to open the show and welcome our guests in out of the cold as the weather played its part bringing a wintery chill. The store was brimming with live music and the drinks were definitely flowing. Our walls have never looked so good with a perfect mix of artwork by our four artists and offset by deep, moody & wintery Haymescolours. 

We absolutely loved the opening night & thought we'd share some photos from the night....

The music by Cocoa Noire from Rutherford Entertainment was amazing & created such a stunning, soulful vibe. We all instantly fell in love with the duo & wish we could have them in store with us everyday. If you haven't heard their music then it's definitely worth checking out! Here's a quick video of Cocoa Noire to help set the scene for those who didn't make it along to the event. 

Capi & the Melbourne Gin Company were on board serving the most delicious winter cocktail - the MGC’s take on the classic Tom Collins. They call it the Collins St and for those of you who, like us, can't get the cocktail out of your head we've hunted down the recipe:

30mL MGC Gin
30mL Grapefruit infused sugar syrup
Served over ice in a rocks glass
Topped with Capi Soda Water
Garnished with a maraschino cherry, thai basil leaf and sprig of rosemary...

et voila! Winter in a glass.

Together with the artists, we would love to thank Capi, the Melbourne Gin Company, Haymes Paint, Cocoa Noire via Rutherford Entertainment and all our lovely clients who braved the wintery weather to celebrate with us. 

There is still a selection of artwork available (some of our personal favourites!) so make sure you check out the Winter Group Show catalogue

There's plenty more photos of the evening, view them all in the gallery


Drinks by Capi & the Melbourne Gin Company, service by Cookes Catering & Events, music by Cocoa Noire from Rutherford Entertainment, paint colours by Haymes Paint & event photography by Simon Shiff.

Join The Team

Friday, May 27, 2016



Fenton & Fenton is home to a colourful and decorative collection of home wares and furniture, offering a unique shopping experience both in-store and online. With an eye for the bright, the beautiful and the exotic, we love to think outside the box and inspire others to do the same.

8 years on, we are committed to doing things that stand out and giving our customers fresh home wares, decorating ideas and brand experiences. We are home to a dynamic, creative and collaborative bunch. We work hard to ensure our liaisons are as much about the experience as the purchase.

As our business expands and takes us in all sorts of directions, we are looking for a

DIGITAL MARKETING and MEDIA MANAGER to help us grow our online business.



Someone to take the lead on all things digital marketing and media related. You will define, implement and drive our e-commerce and media relations’ strategy, development roadmap and deliver sales growth

Your core role will be to create marketing strategies that align brand, PR and digital to help drive qualified leads to our website, optimise site experience and improve conversion rates. You will also look at how well the products on the website are performing and market them as best you can to maximise our sales.

We are looking for someone with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate; coupled with experience in SEO/SEM, retargeting, email marketing and display advertising.

You will be someone who is ready for a challenge, wants to make a difference and take our online sales and customer experience to another level. You are practical, hard working, and love getting stuff done in a dynamic and creative environment.

It’s all about enthusiasm and a willingness to help us grow. Below is a list of our preferred technical skills and know how. However, we are more about finding the right creative fit, so don’t worry if you haven’t put all these skills into practice just yet.


/ 3 to 5 years experience in a digital marketing role within the retail or online industry;

/ Demonstrated success in delivering online sales growth and exceeding targets;

/ Strong tech knowledge and understanding of e-commerce platforms and the Adobe Creative Suite, with basic graphic design and a keen eye for detail;

/ Experience in driving cost effective conversions though a host of digital channels, including SEM and SEO, EDM’s and Social Media, KPI’s, conversion rates, visitor numbers and cart abandonment strategies;

/ Strong people, project management, analytical and interpersonal skills;

/ Self motivated, a willingness to tackle new challenges, and an action oriented approach.

/ A passion for interiors and home wares or the ability to help write content advantageous, but not essential.

/ The ability to chip in when needed.

This is a permanent full time role based in our showroom on High St, Prahran. If you think you can help us grow our online business and would like to grow with us, we’d love to hear from you.


Successful applicants must include a CV, summary of achievements relating to this job description and a cover letter that answers the following:

/ What retail websites get you motivated and inspired?

/ What retail brands do you see taking an experiential approach to online marketing?

Please email by Friday 10th June. Thanks for your interest


Winter Group Show - Open!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Winter Group Show is open in store and online (and has brought the winter weather with it!). 

The official opening is tonight between 6pm - 8.30pm. Join the artists and us for an evening of soulful music by Cocoa Noire duo via Rutherford Entertainment and winter cocktails by CAPI and The Melbourne Gin Company. 

We hope to see you tonight!


'Atibaia' by Jai Vasicek in the front window

'An Assembly of Patterns II' and 'An Abstraction of Patchwork Terrain' by Annie Everingham

Detail of 'Awakening' by Laelie Berzon

Jai Vasicek's 'Gypsy Portholes' and 'Hopeless Lovers' by Laelie Berzon

'Assembly' and 'Midday Valet' by Tara Pearce

Images all by Jai Vasicek

Closed Today

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fenton & Fenton will be closed today to set up for Winter Group Show. We apologise for any inconveniences and hope to see you all in store tomorrow. 

Tonight at 5pm, the artworks will be online and the exhibition starts in store tomorrow at 10am. If you haven't already and plan to come to the opening night then head to our events tab and RSVP. 

Here are a selection of gorgeous Gypsy Portholes by Jai Vasicek as a teaser of just some of what he is bringing to the show!


'Gypsy Portholes' by Jai Vasicek for Winter Group Show

Winter Group Show - Jai Vasicek

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's busy times for our four artists who are exhibiting in our Winter Group Show. There's a lot of work to do before the exhibition opens next Thursday night. 

The ever clever Jai Vasicek sent us through sneak peak video of him creating some of his incredible artworks. We loved it, so thought we would share. 

For more info on our Winter Group Show or to RSVP, head to our 'Events' page


Image styled by Heather Nette King & photographed by Armelle Habib

Introducing.... Winter Group Show

Thursday, May 12, 2016

We are proud to introduce Winter Group Show, a group exhibition by Australian talent Laelie Berzon, Jai Vasicek, Annie Everingham & Tara Pearce; celebrating the changing of the seasons. 

What better way to kick off the cooler months than with a cosy & soulful art event! To officially open the show, we will be holding an Opening Night, 6-8.30pm on the 26th of May.

We will have live music by the vibrant duo Cocoa Noire, with Fran on vocals and Jackson DJ/Looping.  CAPI & the Melbourne Gin Company have joined forces and are bringing their signature winter cocktail to warm up our souls. Enjoy a colourful art talk by Jai Vasicek. Be inspired with fresh ways to display art within your home, dress your walls, your floors and little nooks. And, to make things even more fun - there will be lucky door prizes throughout the evening. 

We will be hosting the exhibition in our store from 26 May - 9 June.
For more information & to RSVP, head to our events tab!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Images styled by Heather Nette King with Fenton & Fenton products and Haymes Paint. Photography by Armelle Habib. Event supported by The Melbourne Gin Company and CAPI.

Fall Collection

Friday, May 06, 2016

Fenton&Fenton welcomes you to Fall!

The Fall Collection at Fenton & Fenton sees works from new Australian talents Annie Everingham, Diana Miller and Megan Grant gracing walls imbued with rich Haymes colours. We celebrate the comfort and intimacy our homes provide as the days shorten and the sun sinks in the sky. The floors are adorned with luxurious pure Merino wool and Bengali silk carpets painstakingly designed and developed by Mr Fenton and appearing now for the first time. Complementing it all are a variety of new products designed in house or commissioned exclusively for fenton&fenton echoing Deco and Mid-century aesthetics. 

 I Love Floor Lamp | Original Fler 3-Seater Sofa | Velvet Cushion in Grape (in-store only) | Cakebread Large Scale Weave Cushion | Knot Cushion in Pink | Cake Bread Pile High Cushion | Kristen Daniels "The Dreamer" Artwork | Bone Inlay 'Cuban' Deco Side Table | Mr Fenton's 'Fractural' Bengali Silk Carpet


The Fall Collection sees us playing with deep charcoals with inky undertones mixed with soft pinks and roses. We chose Haymes Lights Off and Aleaha Rose to offset our collection. A limited colour palette with layers of the same colour in different shades works well this fall. We don't tend to stick to 'design rules' here at F&F, but this season sees the 60, 30, 10 colour rule shining through.

For materials it's all about leather in tan and natural teamed with textural velvets & gorgeous wools and marble in all shades. Brass and copper are still great highlights and hints of metal in glossy black to give it some depth. 

Matilda Sofa | Annie Everingham artwork (for the Winter Group Show, later this month!) | "Krank" by Diana Miller | Cakebread Pile High Cushion | Pink Velvet 'Hessian" Cushion (in-store only) | I Love Desk Lamp | Mahal Side Table in White Marble | Mr Fenton's 'The Sign' Bengali Silk Carpet | Leather Footstool in Natural

Mr Fenton's Negative Entity Bengali Silk Carpet | Leather Tomi Chair | Leather Marlboro Footstool | Icelandic Sheepskin | Lisa Lapointe Soothsayer Cushion (in-store only) | Fossilised Stump Stool (in-store only) | "Knowing The Uncertain" by Diana Miller | "A Time To Reflect" by Michael Bond (sold) | Matilda Sofa | Cakebread Large Scale Cushion | Mr Fenton's Negative Entity Cushion | Knot Cushion in Green


This Fall, we have played homage to the Mid-Century aesthetic and designed some of our newest pieces in a Deco style. The Marble X Frame Console is one of our newbies to fenton&fenton. Teamed with our I Love Lamp brass range, you have a duo set to shine.

Mr Fenton's Negative Entity Bengali Silk Carpet | Marble X Frame Console Table | I Love Desk Lamp | "Amazon 2" by Megan Weston


Moving through to the bedroom, sees us weaving the same threads as the living spaces. Layers of Bedouin Societé linen in white, pale grey, soft pinks and inky blue & charcoal continue the colour palette. Leather, timber and wool also continue through bringing warmth and a sense of cosiness. 

"Pink Door" by Tara Pearce | I Love Desk Lamp | Esquelet Chandelier in Haymes Impact | Bedouin Societé Linen | Lisa Lapointe Cushion (in-store only) | Leather Cushion in Natural | Leather Strapping Bedhead in Natural | Cubebot | Teak Side Table | Knot Cushion in Brown     

Leather Strapping Bench in Tan | Pom Pom Wool Blanket | Bedouin Societé Linen | Ivy Muse Plant Stand & On The Side Pot | Knot Cushion in Yellow | Leather Cushion in Tan | Taxidermy Deer Head | Tim Webber Apex Shelf | I Love Desk Lamp in Copper | Fossilised Stump Stool (in store only) | Leather Ottoman | Cow Hide  


The full Fall Collection is in store and online now. For more information on any of our products, please pop into store or call us on 03 9533 2323. 

Also, we are offering 5 lucky readers a styling consult with our F&F in-house decorators. Head to our events page to find out more!

Welcome to Fall!


Best of the Best | NGV

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fenton& Fenton are proud to be invited to exhibit for the National Gallery of Victoria's charity gala dinner coming up next month. 

Best of the Best is an exhibition of high glamour and inspirational style, taking the concept of table art to a new dimension. From the whimsical to the avante garde, the tables will be conceived and created by some of Australia’s leading artists, decorators, galleries, interior designers, stylists, couturiers and florists, limited only by their imaginations.

This is something we participated in with a 'Day of the Dead' theme in 2013 (see below for photos!). This year we have something special up our sleeves and can't wait to show you.

Previously held at St Kilda Town Hall in 2013, Best of the Best 2016 will be installed at The Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria in May 2016. All funds raised will be contributed directly towards the acquisition of artworks for the NGV. 

Head to the NGV website to book!

Another Curious Tea Party, Image courtesy of the artist Kate Bergin and Mossgreen Gallery

Others invited to exhibit include: AFL • Atticus & Milo • Steve Cordony for Belle Magazine • Brownlow Interior Design • Burch&Purchese Sweet Studio • Charlotte Coote for Coote & Co • Christian Wagstaff for CPS • Christine Barro • Christopher Boots Studio • Dale Hardiman for NGV • David Hicks • Diane Bergeron (The Mercer School) • Fenton & Fenton • Flack Studio & Marsha Golemac • Flowers Vasette • Franque • Georgeous • Georgie Seccull • Gewürzhaus Herb & Spice Merchants • Gregory Ladner • Hill of Content • Hotham Street Ladies • Jud Wimhurst for MARS Gallery • Julia deVille • Louis Vuitton • Mark Douglass Design • Megan Hess for Wedgwood • Melissa Jackson Milliner & Stasia Raft • Michael Strownix / Where The Grass is Green • Minimax • Mud Australia • Paul Bangay for Elliott Clarke • Peony Melbourne Haute Parfumerie • Peter Rowland Catering • Russell&George • Sarah Scout Presents • Shareen Joel & Tarryn Joyce • Tessa Blazey & Alexi Freeman for Karen Woodbury Gallery • The Australian Ballet • Turner and Lane • 

We can't wait to see what everyone does! 


Here's a few pic's from our 'Day of the Dead' inspired table in 2013!

Images by Sarah Wood Photography


Mother's Day Edit

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whether your mum is a black & white kind of gal or loves things a little more colourful, we have created The Mother's Day edit to help you find her a little something to celebrate her day - whatever her style!



1. Louise Kyriakou ceramics | 2. Ink Roses feather filled cushion | 3. Mr. Fenton's towel set in fish scale greyscale | 4. I love desk lamp | 5. Marble Basics tableware | 6. Bone inlay coaster s | 7. On The Side concrete pots



1. Caroline Walls artwork | 2. Harlequin Mannequin | 3. Harlequin feather filled cushion | 4. Hydrangeas feather filled cushion | 5. Pop & Scott pot | 6. Bone inlay tray in fish scale | 7. Mr. Fenton's towel set in bunting  



1. Megan Grant artwork | 2. Knot cushion in blue | 3. Ceramic coasters | 4. Bone inlay tray in fish scale | 5. Ivy Muse Saturn hanger | 6. Wire spindle cactus | 7. Bone inlay photo frame

We have plenty more that your mum would love so pop into store or shop online. 

We love you, mum!


83 Pridham St, Prahran

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Here at F&F, we love nothing better than to see our products in a home setting. We recently styled this Victorian fronted & extensively renovated two bedroom, two bathroom home. We went for a clean but colourful look, incorporating Fenton&Fenton furniture, art & homewares in with the clients own and loved the way it turned out!

We couldn't help but share the photos of this gorgeous home and have included some mood boards to make it easy for you to get the look!

This house is currently for sale, have a look at the listing here

Leather Strapping Dining Chair, Mr Fenton's Star Dhurrie, I Love Lamp range, Laelie Berzon artwork (this piece is sold), Ceremonial Wedding Statue, Bone Tray, Tara Pearce Photographs

Crosses by Jai Vasicek (out of stock), "Blushing" Photographic Print by Tara Pearce, I Love Lamp range, Leather Strapping Dining Chair, Ink Roses Cushion, Skullerful Cushion  

I Love Lamp range, "The Otherside 8" by Kristen Daniels, Cakebread Pile High Cushion & Cakebread Throw, Bedouin Societe Linen, Harlequin Cushion

Jennifer + Smith Cushions, Sangria Petal Pop & Scott Pot, On The Side Pots, Basil Bangs Modernist Cushion (Exterior image courtesy of Hocking Stuart)

Don't forget to check out the listing here!


If you are selling a house or apartment and have decided that your décor is looking a little tired, or you’d just like to have someone else worry about how best to present your interiors to the public our highly trained and professional team of stylists who have experience in Real Estate are here to help you. Read about our Styling Services we offer (here) and get in touch - we'd love to help!


Colour Stylist Wendy Rennie discusses colour in 2016

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Our friends over at Haymes Paint recently discussed Colour in 2016 with Wendy Rennie - we loved it, so we thought we would share too!


WR - The direction of colour this year is very diverse, and we will see many unexpected colours paired together. Dark colours were very popular in 2015, and will remain strong. Their popularity is due to how they help to define living areas, highlight architectural features, and add a sense of depth and warmth to homes. Especially homes with an eclectic feel, they have a great way of bringing together personal pieces that have been collected over time.

Coloured featured above is Inner Depth. Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.

Blue remains a popular tone, but the range has become varied, not only dark navy blues like Haymes Stormy Blue, but also bolder bright blues are starting to dominate, like Haymes Reef Oasis.

There is still a love of coral, however earthier tones like terracotta are returning. These earthy tones are great as they provide a sense of warmth to a space and add nice relaxed vibe perfect for entertaining in. A renaissance on reds featuring deep wine reds, such as Haymes Rich Red, are popular choices.

Our Leather Butterfly Chair in Natural and White Frame

Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.

Although many of the dark and earthy tones are popular, there are still many bright colours making their way through. Haymes Autumn Gold, is a rich golden green colour and a great addition to any colour combination. Colours like this help to lift heavier palettes, and when paired with a relaxed style, leaves a holiday oasis feel.

Photography by Nikole Ramsay and styling by Emma Omeara.

The neutrals this year will continue to reference warm greys, while starting to introduce some warmer tan tones. It’s the use of the neutrals that balance out the darker tones and bring together sophisticated palettes that are now coming through with a really new and fresh feel to them, it’s a certain kind of confidence I think people have found when it comes to using colour.

                                                 Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.


WR - There are many trends that have carried through to this year, predominately pastels still remain very popular. Blush and sultry pinks such as Haymes Condare and Aleaha Rose are some of our more popular pastels.

Our Mahal Marble Side Table
Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.

I also can't go past mentioning dark greens, these lush greens have been popular for a while now, and they will continue to carry through this year. They bring with them an organic and earthy jungle charm.

Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.                           

Overall the most enduring trend, is the love of colour that has developed over the last few years. Colour has been embraced and seen as a solution for homes, and now often preferred over a white on white approach. It's becoming more recognised that colour can enhance a home, and set the tone for the spaces we live in. Another exciting shift is that a 'trends' are beginning to slowly become less aspired to, it's more about experimentation, learning and adapting to meet the needs of the individual, their lifestyle and preferred style choices

Blue vibes with Megan Weston

Monday, March 28, 2016

We've just received some gorgeous Megan Weston artworks here in store and they've got us feeling blue - the colour not the mood!

We're digging her dark inks mixed with the aqua blues - teamed with white & soft greys makes for the perfect colour combination. Blue is a very versatile colour in interiors. It goes well with most other colours and has a fabulous calming affect. Not to mention, everyone loves blue!

Here's a few artworks that have just arrived (plus a few photo's from the archives that we couldn't resist revisiting!). 

From the archives, Anacortes, 120cm x 120cm (SOLD)

Megan's artwork looks great teamed with our Leather Strapping Dining Chairs in Teak & White with a Marble Dining Table for a sleek Scandinavian style. Throw a deep navy Mr Fenton's Rug in to ground the look. 

Fraser Island, 120cm x 120cm 

Lady Elliot, 92cm diameter

Torres Strait, 140cm x 200cm


From the archives, Icelandia Exhibition photo shoot (both SOLD). In-situ images styled by Ruth Welsby, photographed by Mike Baker. 

A Megan Weston piece can be the final touch in a stylish bedroom. Try mixing it with our Bedouin Societé linen in Ink, Dusk Blue, Oasis and a touch of Wysteria for good measure and you've got yourself a winner bedroom. A casual sitting room looks great with a Megan Weston artwork and a simple hanging chair. Our FAVE Peanut Chair in White has just arrived back into stock, so look out for it's reappearance online soon!

To view Megan's full available collection, have a look at her catalogue here


Easter Trading Hours

Thursday, March 24, 2016

We will be taking a few days off over Easter however will be open on Saturday. Pop in & say hello - you're more than welcome to bring in some Easter eggs, we won't mind! ;)

The online store is always open. All online orders placed over the long weekend will be shipped from Tuesday. 

Enjoy Easter!


Property Styling

Thursday, February 11, 2016

You may not know this, but here at fenton&fenton we offer property styling services!

We recently styled this gorgeous Prahran home for sale. The client had some great key pieces which we incorporated in with our products. We have a huge variety of furniture, homewares, art & everything needed to suit all spaces and more than enough for complete fit-outs. We can come out & discuss everything with you - easy as pie!

If you have something you want to chat to us about or want more information on our services & how we can help you, then please get in touch with us at
We can go from there!


Here's the link to the listing if you're interested in seeing more on this stunning home


Lucy Fenton's Home

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ever wondered what Lucy Fenton's home might look like? Well, wonder no longer because today Lucy has decided to share a sneak peak inside her home which she shares with her husband Josh (AKA Mr Fenton) and their two children, Pepa & Woody in St Kilda East.

Since purchasing it a few years ago Lucy has made some alterations to the solid c1910 Edwardian she calls home and then transformed it in her trademark fashion with intelligent layering of colour, light and texture.

Although it has so much to offer in terms of location and an inviting synergy between indoor and outdoor living which has lead to the occasional one-too-many drinks with friends on the deck, Lucy's first home is now on the market for anyone interested.

All the details are available online here:

Living room details - Above: Esquelet Chandelier in Haymes Impact, Mahal Coffee Table, cowhide, cubebot & various other vintage pieces all from Fenton & Fenton. Hare artwork by Adriane Strampp.

Below: Artwork by Laelie Berzon, Harpers Project 2.5 Seater Sofa, various cushions, stencil lampwire accessories designed by & exclusive to Fenton & Fenton

Sling Chairs in teak & natural, reindeer hide (over back of chair), Abigail Ahern Greyhound Lamp all available from Fenton & Fenton. 

Master bedroom details - Artwork & feathered cross by Jai Vasicek, Bedouin Societé linen, throw & cushions by Cakebread and bedside tables and lamps all available from Fenton & Fenton. 

Pepa's bedroom details - Above: Bedouin Societé linen, Monkey Lamp, Loha side table & vintage striped chair all from Fenton & Fenton. Artwork by Rachel Castle & Emma Gale. 

Below: Bone Inlay Commode, Black Pepa Dhurrie by Mr Fenton, the Palm Hanging Chair & throw & various cushions.

Woody's bedroom details - Spot Rope Rug, geometric artwork by Louise DeWeger, skull artwork by Jacob Jon, round artwork by Megan Weston

Bathroom details - Towels by Mr Fenton in Bunting design & fossil wood stool.

Styling - Lucy Fenton. Photography - Armelle Habib. 

Inflatable Sale

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Whether the swan floats your boat or the watermelon tickles your pickle, now is your last chance to grab one of this summer's most wanted essentials.

Shop the inflatable range now for 20% off - while stocks last!

Pop into store or jump online - but be quick, stock is limited....


Summer Blush

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 has got us crushing on blush!

Blush really is the perfect shade, staying well clear of being too pink but with a bit more warmth than beige can offer. Below are some of our favourite BLUSH pieces in store..... 

1. Pop & Scott 'Modernist' range.

Pop & Scott have nailed their latest range & have us dreaming of the 1950's. Earthy terracottas & gorgeous blushes are the best colour combo for creating a slightly retro vibe, now where is that fondue...

2. Jai Vasicek Crosses.
Jai's crosses have become his trademark & we couldn't love his latest drop in store any more than we do! The best thing about these is that they can be a never-ending collection, see one you love - no problem add it to the others! 

3. Dining Chair in Natural Leather & Teak.
The newest member to our leather dining chair collection. Not only are these the most comfortable dining chair ever they have super-style-appeal too - we love!

In-situ image (above) styled by Fenton&Fenton and photographed by Tara Pearce. 
In-situ image (below) styled by Beck Simon and photographed by Lisa Cohen.

4. "Blushing" by Tara Pearce. 
Photographs are a great way to incorporate a sense of travel & wanderlust into your home. Aptly named for this edit, "Blushing" is a crowd favourite amongst us here at F&F HQ. Tara's photographs are available as prints or can be timber framed. 

5. Leather Sling Chair in Natural Leather & Teak.  
The perfect chair! Introduce one or two of these into your home and wallah! all the good Scandi vibes.

6. Leather Foot Stool in Natural Leather & Teak.
Not necessarily just for the Sling Chair... Try mixing one of these with your sofa to pop your feet up or a perfect little stool for a dressing room while you put on those dancing shoes. 

7. 'Desert Flower' by Kristen Daniels.
One of our great finds last year was Kristen Daniels & her gorgeous artworks. With a good dose of blush, the colour combo in this one has us swooning. 

8. Wireframe Triangle in a Triangle.
One of the newest members to our wireframe family. Perfect for that bookshelf or sideboard that just needs a little something something. (Not online yet, but soon to be!).

9. Ivy Muse 'Nest' Stand in Peach & Copper.
Okay.... this is a lot more blush than it looks here. The inside of this cute little flower pot is a soft peach! See.... we're not going mad. 

These are just a few of our favourite blush pieces, pop into store or shop online!


More Christmas Gift Ideas

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

And... adding to the previous selection of gift ideas here's 5 extra special gifts over $100 to make your friends & family love you that extra little bit. 

1. Gold & Bronze Beanbag.

Who doesn't want to spend the summer lounging around on a beanbag next to a pool full of inflatables? Our new gold & bronze beanbags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s no dramas if you spill your drinks on them over the silly season! $120

2. Basil Bangs Love Rug.  

I love everything Basil Bangs do but my hot tip is the Love rug. They are the best picnic rug ever made - great at the park, beach or even in the backyard. These are perfect for mums and bubs and of course lovers who like prolonged PDAs around the park! $155

3. Cahaya Cross.

It means 'light' because Jai’s new collection of Cahaya crosses are sparkly but limited in numbers. Just that little bit more special for people who are just that little more special to you. $250

4. Megan Weston Artwork.

If you're really in the doghouse or you feel like spoiling a special someone, think of the points you could earn gifting one of Megan’s artworks!
We have a selection of beautiful small round pieces starting at $250. They are an investment that you will enjoy forever $260 - $4000++

5. Sling chair.  

Buy this for your boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby/wife/spoilt pet and that way you will be able to enjoy it too!!! Featuring beautiful, clean Scandi design they work in any room and enjoy the leather as it just gets better with age. $890

We have plenty more ideas up our sleeves. Pop into store, give us a call or visit us online!


Christmas Top 10

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

We LOVE Christmas here at F&F, so much so that we have put together the ultimate top 10 gift ideas! And what's even better, they all start at under $100! 

Without further ado, here they are..... 

1. Wire sculptures.  

Be a trend setter this year by arranging these up, in and around your Christmas tree!
A great gift idea for the people in your life who love to style - a scattering of funky pyramids, cubes and dodecahedra on shelves, coffee tables and bookcases just screams 'Christmas'!

2. Bug Hooks.

The perfect Kris Kringle gift at $25. Let's face it, a house can never have too many hooks.
Handy for hats, keys and dog leads in an entrance way, towels in a bathroom, or as a touch of quirky decca climbing up the walls in the kids' room.

3. Mr Fenton's designer towels.  

I'm not just saying this because I have to, but these are my top pick for most versatile pressie. Whether it's a hand towel for your aunt, a beach towel for your bestie or a whole set for Mum - you really can't go wrong! $35 - $250

4. Inflatables.

Forget the 'Favourites' - Inflatables are the thing to bring when you're told not to bring a thing to the barbie by your friends who you like more so because they have a pool.
These are great collectibles to fill the pool with on Christmas day for that post-lunch pool party... but remember - wait half an hour after you've eaten before you go swimming. We also recommend you grab a cheap pump to save your lungs. $39 - $149.95

5. Damselfly Quote candle.

Candles with attitude with a quote to tickle everyone's pickle. Grab one before your kids learn to read or buy your morose, rebellious teenager one. Whoever the recipient, they are certain to think of you as it flickers away on their mantlepiece.

6. Trays Rond  

As round as our Trays Excellente are excellent, these are brand new this season and just in time for Christmas. Not only round, but super cool and practical for festive season dips, chips and other delights. Guaranteed to impress your guests with their roundness. $40 - $120

7. Marble Basics.  

As the name suggests, their simplicity is their strength. My personal favourite is the Trivet, the ultimate entertainer and the perfect spot upon which to rest a wheel of cheese and some grapes. $70 - $270

8. Bookends.

Father Christmas does not like an unruly book shelf, but he does enjoy a laugh given the whole "Ho Ho Ho" thing he's incorporated into his branding. Those two facts make our animal inspired bookends a Father Christmas favourite! $80

9. Coasters.  

We all know Father Christmas enjoys a drink. It used to be a glass of beer or whiskey left on the hearth, but now it's milk thanks to the AMA. Why not jazz up your softies with a set of our bone inlay or ceramic coasters? Add a bottle of Scotch for the old man and you've got the perfect gift. $80-$95

10. Pots.

The now ubiquitous painted planter from the likes of Pop & Scott or On The Side is a must have for every household.
Our Fiddle-leaf Fig loves his. I know of cacti who won't grow in anything less. It's not about you, it's about your plants - they want to look handsome too. $90 - $320


That's our Christmas edit starting at under $100! We reckon there's something there for the whole family. 

Shop online or in store! 


Jai Vasicek - New Crosses!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Once again, we head into the most magical time of the year and thanks to Jai Vasicek we are now even more excited! His beautiful trademark crosses have just landed in store including some from the Cahaya series. Cahaya means "light" and they certainly are glittering with gold!

Visit us in store or online to shop the range.

They won't last long!




Summer Group Show!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Last Thursday saw the opening of Summer Group Show, an exhibition by four talented Australian artists; Helen McCullagh, Laelie Berzon, Michael Bond and Skye Jefferys.

The artwork complimented each other perfectly in a palette of summer and we loved every single piece. See below for some photos of the exhibition in store and a little info on our artists and what they each brought to the show.  



Laelie Berzon is a Visual Artist, living and working in Melbourne. She paints to understand her life as she’s living it, piece by piece, blending the dramatic influences of her Eastern European heritage with her modern perspectives to create a visual and emotional unfolding through the textural interchange of painting, collage and mixed media.

Widely travelled, Laelie Berzon draws inspiration from a mosaic of rich and diverse influences and paints with a unique voice. Her work through this exhibition is vibrant, textural and absolutely gorgeous.

Thick Skin by Laelie Berzon taking pride of place in the front window.

 You Am I hanging out with our Monkey Lamp in store.


A selection of Laelie's artwork. Shop Laelie Berzon here.  



Helen McCullagh is best known for her bright, contemporary and aesthetically beautiful still life oil paintings. She paints daily, inspired by life and the beauty of her environment. 

Drawing her inspiration from both beautiful floral arrangements in her studio and images found in online media, Helen describes her artworks as a “dialogue between social realities with images chosen through social media feeds and reproduced in a new context to distort the distinctions of time and place.” Helen reinterprets the still life genre in a modern context.

In this exhibition we saw her trademark abstract floral arrangements and also the new inclusion of retro furniture.

Two lovely Helen McCullagh pieces, Mariana and Rita accompanied by some Lealie Berzon artworks. 

Sage's Chair hanging in the front window.

Sundays Sun sitting above our Mondo Bench upholstered in a Lisa Lapointe fabric.

A selection of Helen's artwork above. Shop Helen McCullagh here.  



Brisbane based abstract artist, Michael Bond, is passionate about exploring new techniques and styles. Michael embraces vibrant colours on both large and smaller scales. For this exhibition Michael worked with a soft palette of pastels and brought in some stronger & darker colour with his Night Bloom series.  

Above & below, Cahaya by Micahel Bond. A crowd favourite here at F&F. 

Hari Indah which means 'beautiful day' hanging in store.

A selection of Michael's artwork. Shop Michael Bond here.



Skye Jefferys is a Melbourne born, Singapore-based artist and the newest member to the F&F family. Skye works predominantly with large abstract paintings, her practice is concerned with limitations, whether real or imagined, and how we respond to these. 

Her work for this exhibition was a palette of blues, olives & emerald greens,  corals & magentas and had us completely mesmerised.

October Opals above the mantle in store.  

Above, detail of Skye Jefferys' Good Vibes

A selection of Skye's artwork. Shop Skye Jefferys here.

Below, some  images of the exhibition which runs in store until November 26th, pop in if you can - we love it! 

There are still some artworks available - all of them gorgeous! Head to the Summer Group Show category in the artwork section to check them out!


And the winner is.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Congratulations to our lucky winner of our biggest ever giveaway! Cath Chugg has won a Harpers Project Marble Dining Table and a print of her choice by amazing photographer, Tara Pearce! Woohoo! 

Thank you to all that entered our instagram giveaway, it was a biggie!


Photos by Tara Pearce  

Cup Day

Monday, November 02, 2015

Fenton& Fenton will be closed Tuesday 3rd November to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day!

The online store will be open otherwise see you in store Wednesday!


Photo by Lisa Cohen & styled by Heather Nette King. 

Flash Sale! 40% off Quilts

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Now is the time to get your favourite Fenton & Fenton quilt, take advantage of our 40% off flash sale!!!

The sale is on selected styles and stock is very limited so get in quick! 

You may be thinking it's almost summer and not quilt weather, but don't be fooled. Our quilts are amazing in the warmer months with just a linen sheet. Trust us, a fave combo here at F&F!

There are some gorgeous kantha's, ikat and Ahoy throws on sale too. Head to our bedding section here to shop!


Images styled by Julia Green and photographed by Armelle Habib.  

Spring is in the air!

Friday, September 25, 2015

With the daffodils blooming and the lighter evenings we can definitely feel Spring in the air! We have picked out our favourite items for getting us excited about Spring and the warmer months to come. 

Here are our Top 10 Spring picks!


1. Ivy Muse Plant Stands. 

It wouldn't be Spring without fresh flowers & new leaves. Ivy Muse have just released their new range Calypso & we love!



2. Pots!

Whether the bold, geometric & colourful designs of Pop & Scott make your heart flutter or the industrial, clean & simple style of On The Side concrete pots tick your box, they both look great with the Ivy Muse plant stands. Try a pot on the ground next to a pot on a stand to vary height and create some interest. Fab for outdoors or in that corner you don't know what to do with.



3. Amanda Dziedzic glass.

The colour palette of Amanda's glass screams Spring. Try grouping on a coffee table or mantle for an injection of colours.The Yumemiru glass vases are the perfect vase for those fresh flowers.  



4. Marble Basics

Spring is for fresh herbs and beautiful kitchen accessories.  The latest range of Marble Basics has just arrived and is just as gorgeous as the last collection. This time the clever sister-duo have added a gorgeous milk jug & sugar bowl (complete with copper-coloured spoon!) which are perfect for enjoying those Spring morning coffees in the sun.  



5. Helen McCullagh artwork.

The subject matter of Helen McCullagh couldn't not be more in tune with the season. Helen McCullagh is best known for her bright, contemporary and aesthetically beautiful still life oil paintings, drawing her inspiration from both beautiful floral arrangements in her studio and images found in online media. Her application of paint is initially thick, with more luscious glazes layered upon these solid foundations. Helen reinterprets the still life genre in a modern context and brings the flowers in her paintings to life with her medium.



5.  Floral textiles.

We have a variety of Spring inspired cushions in store to had that botanical look into your home.  



7. Taxidermy Birds

If you've ever seen a fenton&fenton photoshoot you will know that we love our birds & animals. The taxidermy birds are always a fave. We have some gorgeous ones in stock at the moment.  


8. Feathered Crosses by Jai Vasicek

Following the success of our mini Jai Vasicek exhibition 'Aura' we have a few of his feather crosses available. We are expecting some more of these feathered beauties in the next week so signup to Jai's waitlist to be the first to hear when they arrive!


9. Bug Hooks

The only bugs allowed in the house, perfect for hanging your towels in the bathroom, your jewellery in the bedroom.


10. Linen

Last but not least, is linen! There is nothing better than refreshing the palette on the bed for the new season. For spring we love light colours. Try combinatins of White, Wysteria, Lilac, Dusk Blue and Oasis for a gorgeous spring palette. 

That's our Top 10 picks for Spring!

Enjoy the sun!


Garden State

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Garden State exhibition has fully blossomed in store and is an abundance of Spring flowers, colours & aromas! With the gorgeous Spring weather we are having today we are all in love! 

With this collection of artworks, Megan takes on a tour with her interpretation of her home state, Victoria.

For those of you too far to come into store to view the Garden State exhibition we have put together some images for you to see what we have created with Megan Weston's stunning collection.  

Royal Botanical Gardens hanging proud in the front window. It wouldn't be a spring exhibition without the inclusion of a Pop & Scott Pot! We are running very low on these at the moment, but preorders will be able to be made for the  October delivery in the coming days! 

Above, artworks from the Lakes Entrance, Macedon Ranges, Cape Bridge Water and Wypefeld National Park series.  

Pale pinks, deep aubergines and soft duck egg blues and been masterly combined to create the Lakes Entrance series (pictured above). The pale pinks continue in the Macedon Ranges (below) series teamed with strong magenta and barely-there-yellows.  

Above & below, artworks from the Great Dividing Range series.

The Great Dividing Range series sees the colour palette switch to minty greens, bright aquas and deep emeralds. These look fabulous teamed with our Mr Fenton's Prefab Dhurrie and retro style cane chairs.

Below the Great Dividing Range series has been styled with our siganture Bone Inlay, the rose gold Eden Bed and one of our Esquelet Chandeliers in Haymes Carib Green.   

Moving into the Otways region sees Megan use strong ultramarine, sky blue and pure white. Reminiscent of the Spring skies we've been lucky enough to have over the last few days.  

The Otways series is seen with the Harpers Project Marble Dining Table, our Leather Dining Chairs in teak & white and a selection of different homewares.   

We think this writeup by Peta Mayer sums up the mood perfectly!

"After the heavy slumber of winter, Garden State re-presents Victoria through the soft focus of the Spring muse. Leaving behind the dull grey landscapes that accompanied our lowered expectations of the colder months, Weston opens the door to a world transformed by sun and light. In her aerial dialects, outer layers are discarded, the sky expands and days grow longer. Like the blush in lovers’ cheeks and the first buds of jasmine, Weston’s Garden State celebrates the hope and possibility of the fairer months in her home state. With a spring palette featuring fairy-floss pink, dusky spearmint, apple green, smoky mauve and her signature aquamarine, Weston blends home life with holiday. The result is an enchanting dance through our towns, ranges and coastlines" - Peta Mayer.

There are a few of the Garden State pieces still available, head to Megan Weston's artwork section here to view the available pieces. 

F&F x 

Garden State by Megan Weston - Online now!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Garden State by Megan Weston has begun! 

After the heavy slumber of winter, Garden State re-presents Victoria through the soft focus of the Spring muse. Leaving behind the dull grey landscapes that accompanied our lowered expectations of the colder months, Weston opens the door to a world transformed by sun and light. In her aerial dialects, outer layers are discarded, the sky expands and days grow longer. Like the blush in lovers’ cheeks and the first buds of jasmine, Weston’s Garden State celebrates the hope and possibility of the fairer months in her home state. With a spring palette featuring fairy-floss pink, dusky spearmint, apple green, smoky mauve and her signature aquamarine, Weston blends home life with holiday. The result is an enchanting dance through our towns, ranges and coastlines. 

The Spring inspired artworks are able to be viewed & purchased on our website now or in-store tomorrow by 10am.


Shop the Garden State collection here!

The mini exhibition runs until September 20, so make sure you pop into store to view - they are all absolutely stunning.


F&F Interviews | Gillie & Marc

Monday, September 07, 2015

Gillie & Marc and their Rabbitgirl & Dogman's have been gracing our store stylishly for a while now so we thought it was high time to interview them and find out a little more about the creative pair.


1. Hi guys! To start off, what are you working on at the moment?

MARC: Right now we are working on the sculptures by the sea sculpture and we’re really excited about it. It’s going to be one of our largest sculptures we’ve made and it will be five metres in height and we’ve been told it will be the largest sculpture at this year’s show. We’re attempting to make a five and a half metre flying fish that is held to the ground by a rope so when you’re standing there looking at it, it will be on the cliffs of Bondi and this huge fish that will be flying will look like it’s going off the cliffs and into the sea with a rope around it and being held to the ground. It will be in bronze, it’s a lot of work but it’s something that we’ve been working at for the last six months and are really passionate about it and so excited to see it finished. 

2. That sounds incredible! Run us through a typical studio day for you two. What does the day involve?

Everyday has to start with our coffee, so that’s the first thing we do in the morning. Then after that we will sit down together with our coffees and do a brainstorming session. We will throw ideas at each other, run through any commissions or anything that needs to be done and we’ll talk about our plan for the day and what we’re going to achieve. 

If that is going to be a painting for instance we will discuss what we’re going to paint and then we will draw it up. We will work out all the colours because obviously we’re doing this with two people so we do have to have quite a bit of discussion about it so we both know where we’re at. Once we totally have it all planned we will go set up the canvas, normally it’s quite a large canvas we work on so we’ll set it up in our studio. Then we will collect all the paints and then we’ll both sit either side of the canvas and we’ll start painting. Normally we’ll have music on and we go into sort of a meditation mode with the music and just start painting. 

We can be painting for a few hours without really talking and then we might switch sides and move around a bit. There’s quite a few stages to our paintings so normally we can work on a few at a time just because there are drying processes in between each stage. We’ll have lunch together then in the afternoon we make sure we walk our dog Indie, she’s our muse for quite a lot of our paintings and a lot of our sculptures. After that we’ll sit back, we might carry on and do a bit of painting or work on some sculpture ideas or discuss things we’ll be doing tomorrow. Generally it’s a pretty busy, intense day and we do try and achieve quite a lot. 


3. We love our Dogman & Rabbit girl’s in store. They are so unusual & unique. Tell us a bit about them….

MARC: The dogman and rabbit girl are the alter egos of us. So Marc is the dogman and Gillie is the rabbit girl. Dogman and rabbit girl travel the world and spread a message of equality and diversity and the idea behind that is that in the wild a dog would in fact attack and maybe even eat a rabbit. But in the wold of possibilities and the world we want to be a part of a dog and a rabbit are best friends and in fact lovers and together there is no stopping them.  
Gillie & Marc's contribution to Peace of Art exhibition hosted by F&F 2014.  

4. We’ve seen your artworks popping up in public spaces. What excites you about public art?

MARC: We love public art because it is so accessible. Art in galleries and where it is removed from people tends to be too elitist for us. When art is out there in the street it means everyone can touch it and engage with it, can sit on it and play with it and that is so rewarding for us because we feel like it’s able to inspire people where they are rather than them having to go to a gallery as such. 

Public art also works in with the environment so it changes the spaces and what we aim to do is actually enhance the space make it more fun and make people so of think about it but most importantly is that we’re able to be there and have our artwork really engage and really inspire. 
 It's a Beautiful Day Installed permanently outside the front of The Sydney Children’s Hospital. The Wave Riders exhibited as part of The Harbour Sculpture Prize July 30 – August 9, 2015 Deckhouse & Clarkes Point Reserve, Woolwich. 

5. We love that you are a husband & wife duo. What’s the best thing about working together?

GILLIE: I think the most amazing thing about working with your husband is that you get to be with him all the time. Honestly when I’m not with him I miss him and I don’t know that’s because we spend so much time together [or that] I’m just used to having him around, I’m not sure. It is amazing to have my husband all the time and to be able to work with him on something that we both love so much. 

I feel like we are both on the same path, going on the same journey, there is never a second where we aren’t talking about art. I’ve never had a moment when there has been nothing to say, we always have so much to talk about and so much to discuss and it feel very exciting it always feels like we’ve got new projects on the go. It’s wonderful that not only have we been able bring up our two beautiful children together and look after our dog together that we can also do our art together and be best friends. It’s really truly incredible. 

6. And lastly, we love hearing about our artists homes. Tell us a little about your home style….

MARC: Our home is filled with art and it’s the art on the walls and the floors and even the ceilings that makes us feel excited. We are constantly bringing in new artworks, some that we’ve painted but a lot that we’ve collected from new artists that we meet and friends of us. We place them on the wall and we get such enjoyment from looking at them. 

We like bringing different colours in and we like bring objects in, so we call it ‘furna-art’ - furniture that’s also in an art form. We love the idea that you can sit on art and you can touch art and you can play with it, and we’re constantly seeing our home as a gallery where we just like mixing it up. Sometimes we’ll take a painting and just put it on the floor for a while, sometimes we’ll move things around in the middle of the day just to give us a different form of inspiration. So we’re constantly seeing our style as something that is changing and evolving and we like the fact that it’s a home that is always different and surprising and you’re able to do that just by moving things around continuously. So if you want to put a name to it we would call it the ‘gallery home that is ever changing.’ 

Shop our artwork section for Gillie & Marc Dogman & Rabbitgirl sculptures and vases.


F&F Edit | Daddy Cool

Friday, September 04, 2015

Because we love our Dad's and Fathers Day is this Sunday we have put together a "Daddy Cool" style guide! These are our 13 top picks for creating a space that Dads will love.   

1. Domie Runner. 2.  Newton Copper Pendant Light. 3. Concrete Line Pendant. 4. Taxidermy Deer Head. 4. Sling Chair in Black & Teak. 5. Daschund Bookends. 6. Teak Side Table. 7. Rope Rug. 


8. Ashwood Stencil Floor Lamp. 9. 'Below Zero' Painting by Jacob Jon. 10. Marble Basics Steps. 11. Taxidermy Boobook Owl. 12. Urchin Ottoman in Black. 13. Teak & Leather Chair (in-store only).  

Happy Fathers Day, Dads!


Megan Weston's home in InsideOut magazine

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The latest InsideOut magazine came out yesterday and we were excited to see Megan Weston's home featured!

Megan shares her home with her husband Dan, her two children Sonny & Iluka and Johnny the long-haired alsatian. Their home is nestled in the gorgeous seaside town Barwon Heads on the Bellarine Peninsula. Their style has an industrial edge with polished concrete floors, dark walls (even the living room ceiling is dark!) juxtaposed with splashes of intense colour and evenly balanced with monochromes.


Having been an artist here at F&F for a while now, Megan has been collected lots of F&F goodies over the years so it is great to see how she styles the pieces at home.

To make things easier for you, we've broken it down so you can shop Megan's look!


Megan has a very open plan living, dining and kitchen. A custom built timber wall hides all of the things you don't want to see from view and her Sean Herbert artwork made entirely from pencils looks like it was made for this wall. Her Esquelet Chandelier is her hero light piece in the room blending harmoniously with her dark walls & ceiling creating the right amount of impact and not appearing too large in the space.   


1. Mr Fenton's Negative Entity Dhurrie. 2. Esquelet Large Chandeliers in Haymes Impact. 3. Megan Weston Cushions

1. Basket Weave Cushion. 2. Teak & Leather Chair (in-store only). 3. I Love Floor Lamp. 4. Megan Weston Tray on Stand (coming back soon!).


Sonny & Iluka share their space and can exercise their own creativity with double wardrobes covered in blackboard. Megan has chosen a Mr Fenton's Dhurrie, and Metallic Star Cushion and our Ashwood Stencil Lamp. These are the perfect lamp for any children's space as the LED's don't get hot so the lamp is super safe.



1. Ashwood Stencil Table Lamp. 2. Metallic Star Cushion. 3. Mr Fenton's Saq Dhurrie.



Understated & simple with clean lines and a cool palette. Mr Fenton's Blooming towels are a perfect fit hanging simply on a gold bug hook. The Blooming towel range are all sold out but watch this space for Mr Fenton's 2015 towel collection coming soon!  

1.  Amanda Dziedzic Yumemiru Glass Sculptures. 2. Gold Bug Hooks. 3. Mr Fenton's Blooming Towels (sold out, new collection coming soon!)



Megan has chosen a warm colour palette filled with gorgeous pinks, oranges, yellows and pops of golds. The Abigail Ahern Pineapple Wall Sconce works well and adds a hint of whimsy.  

1. Megan Weston New Mexico Painting (sold). 2. Abigail Ahern Pineapple Wall Sconce.



Megan's outdoor area is mainly made up of monochrome bits & pieces which works fabulously with her warm timber decking, her gorgeous green grass & bright yellow front door. There is enough colour going on elsewhere that the pieces she has chosen tie it altogether.  


1. Basil Bangs Chaplin Stripe Umbrella. 2. Pop & Scott Aztec Pot in Charcoal. 3. Ike Chair in Black & White.  

That's it! We hope you have enjoyed seeing Megan's house as much as we have. We also have some exciting news about Megan Weston so stay tuned & we will announce something next week!


All images curtesy of InsideOut magazine. Styled by Julia Green and photographed by Armelle Habib.   

Rug Builder & Comp!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

If you've ever searched through our Mr Fenton's Rugs section on our website then no doubt you've come across the Build Your Own which up until now has been "coming soon".... Well, the good news is - it is now live and we couldn't be more excited!!!

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, should your mind suddenly and unexpectedly turns to rugs and you just have to know what a teal and orange zigzag might look like with a fenton & fenton twist, you no longer need to wait to find out. 

To celebrate this we are giving away a rug - keep reading to see how to win!

Our brand new rug builder is a new & improved version of our last one (for those of you who remember it, it's so long ago that we barely do!). This time with the room view function which allows you to see the rug in-situ. If you've ever read our blogs on rugs before you will know that we are the biggest advocates for a good rug and and how transformative they are to a space. When styling a room we often work from the floor up, choosing a rug first then going from there. A Mr Fenton Rug can often be the biggest and brightest piece in a room so beginning here can be a good idea. 

There are plenty of patterns to play with in rectangle, round & runner and a multitude of sizes. Whether you are colour lovers (like we are!) or like things a little more subdued you can now have a hand in the design process.

To make things even more fun and to celebrate the launch of our new rug builder we are giving away a Mr Fenton custom made rug to the value of $1000 in the colour & design of your choice!

How to win:
1. Follow @fenton_and_fenton and @mrfentonsrugs
2. Visit our website and design your own rug using our new rug builder (link in profile)
3. Post the image of your rug on instragram
4. Tag @fenton_and_fenton and @mrfentonsrugs #mrfentonsrugbuilder

What you WIN:
1 x $1000 towards the custom made rug of your choice.
Entries close: Sunday 30th of August at 7.30pm AEST.
The lucky winner will be announced on the @fenton_and_fenton instagram Sunday 30th of August at 8pm AEST.

Enter as many times as you like! This competition is open to all followers worldwide.

Good luck!

Photo credits:
Styling - Ruth Welsby. Photo - Mike Baker.

F&F Interviews - Laelie Berzon

Monday, August 10, 2015

Laelie Berzon has been one of F&F faves for a long time now and we are baffled to why we haven't interviewed her sooner. We thought with the new arrival of her latest piece, As You Are, it was a great opportunity to sit down with Laelie & hear all about her painting style and European heritage. 

1. We always love hearing about our artists childhood’s and how they started painting. Has your Eastern European heritage played part in you becoming an artist and developing your own style?

My inspiration is drawn from a mosaic of rich and diverse influences. Influenced by childhood recollections of the portraits and illustrations of my Latvian Grandfather and the paintings, murals and sculpture collected by my parents, I turn to painting as both a release and a healing platform; expressing my inner thoughts and emotions, epiphanies and reflections through abstract visual language.

I was a reticent and curious child, yet full of ambition. I developed an aptitude for colour, attention to detail and thinking outside the square at an early age. Growing up, nearly every page of my notebooks at primary school had a doodle on them or even a little story spreading over multiple pages. My childhood influences coupled with my love affair for Design & architecture, fashion and textiles, the arts and nature have played an integral role in forming and enriching my own style, whilst also nourishing me with intoxicating knowledge.

I blend the dramatic influences of my Eastern European heritage with modern perspectives to create a visual and emotional unfolding through the textural interchange of painting and mixed media.

2. The colour and texture in your pieces is obviously one of the first things people are drawn to with your works. How would you describe your pieces, apart from being vivid in colour and texture.

It’s a raw and spontaneous process, I allow my creative intuition to guide me, conveying on canvas what I feel at that specific moment in time. I’m a free spirit with no artistic inhibitions. Painting gives me a sense of unity and balance. It’s about the connection between the overt and subconscious feelings, which elicit emotive responses from the viewer.

Vehement brushwork and exaggerated texture, vivid colour, a blend of mediums and other disruptions on the surface are key to the essence of my body of work. I sweep through a broad palette of hues; my potent brushstrokes are imbued with passion and evoking movement.

3. Take us through a day in the life of Laelie, are you a morning painter or a night painter? An all day painter?

I love painting early in the morning and very late at night when the studio is completely empty. This is when I’m at my strongest and in my element. It depends on the status of the painting, and this usually determines if I require natural or artificial light. Natural light is paramount. My paintings come to life in natural light. The way you light your art studio can be one of the most cost effective ways of improving your painting and your colour mixing.

4. Do you listen to music while you paint? Favourites?

I try to stay clear of music in the background at the outset of an artwork, as it disrupts my concentration and thought process. I enjoy painting in silence. However, in the latter stages nearing completion of a work I’m a tad more flexible and love listening to an assortment of tunes from the likes of musically and artistically precocious artists Sia and Bjork. Florence and the Machine, Massive Attack, Chet Faker, Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin are also some of my favourites.

5. We love hearing about our artists homes and style. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture or art in your home? How would you describe your perfect space.

I love the eclectic juxtaposition of the old and the new. I would depict my perfect space as one that is simple, refined and exudes an understated elegance. I believe a home that is embellished with historical and emotional significance is a home that is distinctly and beautifully yours. I allow my living space to evolve over time rather than locking it into a specific era or decorating gender. A home filled with artworks, oversized sculptures, nature and most importantly soul is always a winner in my eyes…it’s all about that individual freedom!

My apartment has an assortment of Scandinavian furniture pieces by designers Arne Jacobson, Carl Hansen and Kasper Salto. Being the co-founder of Australian furniture label Something Beginning With does help a little, as my place is infused with pieces from our gorgeous collection.

Laelie's contribution to the Peace Of Art exhibition F&F hosted for School's A Gift in 2014 to raise funds to build primary schools in remote Ethiopia.  

6. What’s next? Any hints on future works or projects?

I’m currently working on a new body of work titled ‘Thick Skin’, and without giving too much away these works will be compelling, candid and intriguing, and will be painted with a unique voice.

Laelie Berzon As You Are, 160cm x 180cm

F&F Interviews | Jessica Tremp

Friday, August 07, 2015

New to f&f with her simply mesmerising photography is Melbourne convert Jessica Tremp. We didn't think we could be any more mesmerised, until we interviewed her and caught a glimpse of her life, loves and spirit. We are so thrilled to welcome this very clever photographic artist to fenton&fenton.

1. Jessica we are so excited to have your beautiful photographs at 
Can you tell us a bit about your background and what 
drew you to photography.

Thank you so much for having me!
I grew up in Switzerland and moved to Melbourne during my rebellious teen years.
My love for nature and being immersed in it, in a type of wonderland adventure way, is definitely
something I’ve taken with me from childhood, along with a love for theatrics and drama.
I’ve always had a need to express myself creatively.  When I was younger, this could be hours
and hours locked away in my room with my pencils and fresh pads of drawing paper.
I’ve studied dancing full-time and written songs,  though I generally only sing in private and wish I could paint better.
 Photography is the single one medium that has been by my side the most consistently.
It just linked arms with me one day and hasn’t let go.

Half a Mossy Rock(above) and Hassock (below)
50x75cms edition of 5
Framed right up to image in Fini Frames, natural crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Australian timbers

60x90cms edition of 5
Framed right up to image in Fini Frames, natural crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Australian timbers

2. Your inspirations range from blues music to Italian food, what
other people or avenues do you look to for inspiration?

Themes seem to develop without my direct steering of them, but a touch
of melancholy is mostly evident. Often what is driving it, is a desire to convey an urge to be cradled
by something quite extraordinary, intimacy and connections to other people
 or precisely the lack thereof. I find it really hard to explain
or talk about, hence I photograph instead of writing. I like to be guided or inspired
by what is around me.
Nature therefore is a great muse and she often leads the way.

Self Place #15
50x75cms edition of 5
Framed right up to image in Fini Frames, natural crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Australian timbers

3. What’s the best part about taking a photo?

The element of surprise, even with a planned piece. Images very rarely work out exactly as I see them in my mind. Sometimes they turn out better or worse, but chance, movement and emotion can't always be precisely predicted and these are some of the key factors in various mediums of artworks that can cause the heart to skip a beat.

Formalities #2
60x90cms edition of 5
Framed right up to image in Fini Frames, natural crafted from locally sourced and sustainable Australian timbers

4. Who would you say your idols are?

There are so many people doing brilliant things, but I really respect and love Sally Mann. Her work has guts, rawness, mood, brilliance and finds beauty in the imperfections and everyday.

5. Tell us about your home, what’s the best part about it?

We live an hour out of Melbourne in the Macedon Ranges. As ex city dwellers, this area is still fairly new to us, but lack of traffic and misty, moody mornings definitely have their charm. Our little cottage, though a bit of a 'fixer upper', gives us the space and home for Syd, our son and Soda, our dog, to run around in plus Michael's ever growing collection of guitars and records, paintings and knick knacks collected over the years. We're also in the middle of converting our garage into a beautiful studio space for our creative pursuits to have a bit of breathing room.

Photo credit left Tara Pearce

6. What else do you have planned this year and what do you hope to

A few creative projects beckon over these cold months while I wait for baby number two to arrive in Spring.

7. Lastly, back to Italian food! Pizza or Pasta?

I love a carbohydrate that acts as a carrier for all the sun ripened goodies such as eggplants, tomatoes and zucchinis! You also can't beat salty treats like anchovies and olives, milky dollops of mozzarella or bitey Parmigiano Reggiano, so both have a place in my heart, though I can't surpass the comfort of a bowl of pasta after a long day.

All Jessica's works are limited edition prints on archival Art Rag paper. 
Shop Jessica's gorgeous works online or in-store. 

Aura by Jai Vasicek starts tonight!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All of us here at F&F have been counting down the days til the start of our first ever mini exhibition & it's finally nearly here! Aura opens online on our website at 5pm today and in-store from 10am tomorrow.

From the archives, Jai Vasicek in his studio photographed by Alicia Taylor

For all F&F followers you will all know Jai Vasicek who has been a long-time artist here. We first fell in love with Jai when we discovered his handmade pieces way-back-when and it has been an absolute love affair ever since. We have hosted two of Jai's exhibitions here at F&F, first Paradiso and then more recently Malachi. Both exhibitions were true to Jai's style and referenced his love of travel and were laden in cultural history. You can check out the photos of his past exhibitions here

Through Jai's artistic career his crosses have become his trademark and a must-have for collectors of objet d’art. For this exhibition, Jai has used contrasting arrangements of feather and metal frames to add dramatic impact to his creations. The juxtaposition of media around each piece is an embodiment of the energy Jai has drawn from the influence of various people and places he has experienced throughout his travels.

These crosses are true works of art in their own right.

Growing up on his fathers boat (called Malachi, the namesake of Jai's 2nd F&F exhibition), Jai had a very cultural upbringing spending time on exotic lands and lighting a fire for the passion to travel which he has continued to do through his adulthood. This has heavily influenced his artwork where you will see the colours of Brazil, the natural beauty of Papua New Guinea and touches of the pacific all resulting in Jai's truly unique style. These 50 artefacts have all been inspired from the shores of Polynesia and all feature Polynesian names. 

View the limited collection of 50 artefacts in Jai's section on our website here from 5pm today or if you can pop into store to see it all until the 9th of August. 

 Check Jai Vasicek's section in our artwork category here!

F&F x

03 9533 2323