Let there be Light. A How To.
Monday, July 28, 2014

Lighting is the key to creating harmony in any room and the best lighting schemes, as broken down by one of our favourite designers and lighting nuts Abigail Ahern, is layered lighting. “The trick is to blend, mesh together and harmonise both so you get this enchantingly lit beautifully glowing spaces” 

We thought we would break it down five ways. Hero lighting, clusters of light, lamps, highlighting and statement lights. 

Hero Lighting. This almost becomes your ‘piece of art’ in the room. Think grand. Think Chandeliers. Our wire chandeliers come in three sizes and are a great way of adding mood, atmosphere and balance to a hallway, bedroom or dining area. Plus, you can customise the colour to suit the space. Hint: Softer is better, no florescent energy saver globes!

Cluster of lights. Grouping lighting together is a great way to practically and creatively light a space. We think our cage lights are perfect for this method of lighting, choose different coloured cages and cords to add personality and vibrance!

Lamps. We are all for lamps, as in put them everywhere (well not everywhere, but you get what we mean!) One of our life rules is where possible you should have lamps on, main lights off! Part of making your house a home is with lamps, choose lamps that reflect your personality and style and fit the space. Bedside lamps don't have to match, desk lamps don't have to be for the desk. Have fun with lamps!

Highlighting. Highlighting objects, artworks or indoor plants adds another dimension to whatever it is you're showing off, and why wouldn't you! We are all for using lamps for highlighting. 

Statement lights. These are lights that do exactly that, make a statement. There is no better example than our star lights. Statement lights are a great way to add to large spaces. 

Visit us in-store to chat lighting anytime or shop here


Julia Green Workshop at F&F Part 2!
Friday, July 25, 2014

Last night we hosted the Julia Green Workshop Part 2 which we can assure you was just as fun as the first with lots of yummy champagne (thanks Terindah Estate, your champagne rocks!!!). 

This time we learnt more about Julia's background before coming the styling superstar that she is. We bet you didn't know that she was a drug dealer (well...the legal kind) and had a full fledged career in pharmaceuticals before she realised that she had a knack for putting just the right combo of things together that make us all swoon.

Here's a few pic's from the night......


She uncovered all the secrets of what makes a great bedroom - both adults & childrens (remember, no theming please!). She told us where we should spend our money in the bed room and the benefits of a padded bed head (yes, there was a demonstration....). 

Julia even did some live shelf styling - if only we could style a shelf that quick in our own homes! Then she briefly touched on hallways - that dreaded area which happens to be the first place you see & seems to be the hardest to style - and how to make it a great entrance & welcoming area to your home. 

Thanks Julia - we are all off to rearrange our homes! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Friend of Fenton Felicity Lea of Creating Beautiful recently styled this whimsical, nature inspired wedding setting and we just love it. Groups of roughly cut flowers and vines sticking out of our colourful polymer planters, portholes as placemats and a beautiful wire chandelier centrepiece. What's not to love!

Wedding planners take note. 


How To Make the Bed. Fenton Style.
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ahh bedtime, it’s the best part of the day let’s face it. There’s nothing like falling onto layers of soft linen and feather stuffed pillows after a day in the cold, which is why we’re going to show you how to make the bed, Fenton style.      

 (Baby Pepa not included) 

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with creating a pillow paradise. You may not sleep with them all but adding cushions to your bed amps up the comfort factor and is the perfect way of linking your bedroom elements, whether it be artwork, a lamp or a throw on the end of the bed, these little pops of colour or pattern are often the missing link trust us- we love cushions! 

Next, we begin layering. Our handmade Indian block quilts are a divine way to add colour, texture and balance to your bedroom. They are reversible, warm and super doper soft.  Play around with having them folded to reveal the opposite side as well as your dovet cover. 

Next, add a throw. Whether it be a kantha quilt, an Indian ikat quilt or one of Jai Vasichek’s jersey throw’s we think adding this last layer is the all important final punch of personality to your bed. 

Browse the best of bedding here, or visit us in-store!

Now, is it time for bed yet? Well baby Pepa, is it? 


Here's Comes The Wedding Registry!
Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Here comes the bride, and here comes the best way to get exactly what you've had your eye on at fenton&fenton! It's as simple as choosing a selection of items or one special piece you've been lusting after and we'll do the rest, including sending you out a registry card to include with your invitations. 

Click here for all the details. Meanwhile here's some food for thought! 

From left to right:

-Why not choose or customise one of Mr. Fenton's rugs together? Starting from the floor up in your home is always a great place to start. 
-Cushions are often something hard to splurge on, so why not let the one's you love do it with Megan Weston's beautiful feather filled cushions. 
-Our bone inlay trays are a must have for every home in our eyes. So versatile and such a great way to shape displays in your home. 
-Lighting is key. These cage lights from duckfat come in a range of cord/cage combo's, choose one for him and one for her. 
-Our resin and marble banana fruit bowls, cast from a real bunch of bananas are a fun and practical addition to your registry, who wouldn't want to receive this! 

And finally you of course have the option to choose a piece of artwork together, and what a beautiful present for your favourite people to get together and give you as newlyweds. 


No Spikes!
Thursday, July 03, 2014

Made to touch, these hand knitted woollen cacti from ZOZO Handmade are such a cute way to brighten up a space, plus they make a beautiful gift! 

Planted with pebbles just like the real deal, these friendly cacti are available in small, medium and large in a range of colours and shapes. 

Knitting is no longer just for Nanna's! Feeling very inspired at f&f!


Art x Nature
Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What better way to bring nature and warmth into your home this winter (or anytime!) than with Greg Hatton's furniture. New to fenton&fenton and sourced from reclaimed materials, found objects and fallen trees, Greg's pieces are as much art as they are practical pieces of furniture. 

Greg's respect for his materials and giving tree's 'another life' is as clear as day in these beautifully handcrafted pieces. 

We have a lot of requests for square 8-seater dining tables as well, so we are thrilled to have Greg's stunning Victorian Ash dining table gracing our floors, and how amazing are those carved Beetle Track Stools! We have them in white, black or for a pop of colour fluro pink, sitting along side a mushroom stool-just perfect! 

Pop in and have a look at our range of Greg Hatton's furniture.


Gold Digger!
Friday, June 27, 2014

Our favourite pot heads over at Pop&Scott have been very busy hand painting their latest collection of fibreglass gold pots, and we couldn't be happier to see our green plant friends looking better than ever against hues of teal, peach and vibrant gold!

We have a small selection of large gold pots in-store now and will receive our small and medium shipment very soon, and all we can say is be quick because these gold glamours won't last long! To secure your pot visit us in-store or call us on (03) 9533 2323 to place an order. 


Coastal Calling
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Did you know we've passed the shortest day of the year and are officially on the way to longer, sunnier days? It doesn't feel like it but it's true! With this in mind, we thought it was the perfect time to share Inside Out magazine's latest feature on Lucy and Josh's holiday house in Angelsea,Victoria. Some sunnier days inspiration or a means of escaping the grey! 

A mix of old and new, Lucy and Josh have decked out their shack with vintage pieces as well as a collection of their fenton&fenton favourites. "We don't think too hard about our home's style, rather surround ourselves with things we love, you can't go wrong if that's where you decorate from" says Lucy. 

We have plenty of holiday home inspiration online and in-store, including our danish designed leather dining chairs (pictured above)

Meanwhile, desperately wishing this was us right now, hanging by the sea. *Sigh. 

You can see the rest of Lucy's tips for decorating your beach house here!


F&F Welcomes Erin Flannery
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New to the fenton&fenton family, Gold Coast artist Erin Flannery draws inspiration from fashion blogs and street style + some secret hipster watching on the side!

Drips, solid paint, washes of colour, aerosol and sections of stencil all on linen are just some of the details that make Erin Flannery's pieces so interesting and beautiful to look at. 

A lover of all things black, white, weird and wonderful we are humbled to have Erin Flannery's work hanging on our walls. Please feel free to contact us here with any enquires on Erin's work or pop in for a closer look! 


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