shiny new things!
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If the arrival of sunshine has you busting to convert to colour, we have a feeling our new range of powder coated trays, wire sculptures and ceramic coasters will have you in a spring spin. 

Above: Bold and Pastel trays available in extra small, small, medium and large. Wire Balls also available in small, medium and large and cute ceramic coasters available in blue, orange, grey and green. 

Below: Wire spindle cactus's available in dark green, bright green and mint.
These guys make fantastic jewellery hangers!

Our new range is currently only available in-store.


New Artist-Laelie Berzon
Monday, September 15, 2014

You know you're onto a good thing when art works sell before they've been hung. This has been the case for Laelie Berzon, her first two pieces for fenton&fenton already have new homes however we are expecting more from this clever and colourful lady very soon.

Laelie Berzon is a visual artist living in Melbourne. Her work, like many artists, is a mash up of emotions, experiences and reflections. We just love her use of vivid colour and exaggerated texture. Created using oil, acrylic and soft pastel on canvas, these pieces really are mesmerising in the flesh! 

Feel free to call us on (03) 9533 2323 with any questions or to be put on Laelie Berzon's wishlist. 


A Fenton and Fenton Workshop With Julia Green-Part Two
Friday, September 12, 2014

 Our favourite stylist and speaker of all things gorgeous for the home is back for part two of our styling workshop series. Here's the deal, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors will fill your mind with inspiration and we'll fill your glass with champagne! Along with learning Julia's basic 'how to's' it's also a wonderful chance to pick up some priceless tricks of the trade plus ask Julia styling questions one on one. 

Content for part two will include bedrooms (both adult and kids), vignettes and shelving, bathrooms and much more. There are limited spaces left so be quick! For more information and to purchase tickets click here or feel free to give us a call on 9533 2323. 

And in case you need another reason to join us, we will be offering 15% off storewide on the evening (excluding artwork) plus a sneaky giveaway!

See you there!

One Fiddle Leaf, Three Ways.
Monday, August 11, 2014

Bringing the outside in, we're all for it! There's plenty of way's to display your foliage inside, here we have one fiddle leaf fig, three ways. 

Our felt baskets are a beautiful way of displaying greenery!
P.S Also a very handy storage solution. 

You can't go wrong with a Pop&Scott Pot. He can be moved outside for summer and indoors for winter, too perfect. Give us a call to go on our current pot waiting list (they are super popular!)

The easiest way to cover the pot he comes in and add cuteness and colour. We love our canvas bags. Available in small, medium and large. In-store only. 

One fiddle leaf, three ways!


A Run Down On Rugs
Monday, August 11, 2014

It's no secret that here at f&f we believe the rug, or the Dhurrie if you want to impress, to be the heart of any room. It creates comfort under foot, adds texture AND colour and also has the ability to shape or segregate a space. We're not into rules but if you're looking for our top tips when choosing a rug, here they are! 

For a living room, typically the 'rule' is that your rug should extend underneath the furniture. To break-it-down, the bigger the better! Having your furniture sitting either half or all the way on your rug will not only give the illusion of space but will also frame the space, creating an 'area'. Too small and you will visually shrink the room. 

Having a rug under your dining table is a great way of lifting (or  covering!) harsh surfaces as well as adding a form of art, and the #1 for dining table rugs is that the rug should extend past the dining chairs when they are pulled out. This generally means a further 70cm around the edge of the table. There is nothing worse than chairs becoming hooked on the edge of your rug! Our Dhurrie rugs make fantastic under table rugs as they can be completely wet washed at a professional rug cleaners, so you can stress less about that glass of red that flew out of your hand! They are also double sided, meaning double the wear! 

Onto the bedroom, where our top tip is that you don’t necessarily have to have the bedsides on the rug. The rug can go up to the bedsides, under the bedsides or even towards the end of the bed. However, the rug should extend far enough from the sides of the bed that you have room to enjoy it and walk on it. Also, a round rug in a nursery or kid's room can be a bit softer and a great way to play with shapes. 

Hallways are a great place to play with colour. They are transition areas and you are never in them too long so are a great place to play with bold colour as you won’t tire of it as quickly. Hallways can often be quite dark as more often than not there are no windows, so again colour can be great! Also, as hallways are usually the introduction to the house, having a strong punch of colour will set the scene for the rest of the house. 

We hope you've enjoyed our rug run down! Feel free to pop into store and see us in the rug shop or you can play on our online rug builder here


A cuppa with Megan Weston
Thursday, August 07, 2014

Recently we sat down for a cuppa with Megan Weston and asked her some questions on art, kids & life!

1. Your recent exhibition with us was extremely successful, what was the highlight for you?

As an artist you spend a lot of time in the studio alone, working to bring a vision to fruition. Like a journey, it has it's ups and downs and you never really know what the outcome will be. So the highlight for me was when I saw the works installed at Fenton and I knew we'd got it right. It was brilliant being able to work in a collaborative team with Fenton where the end result enhanced the process for everyone involved.

I was honoured to have Mr Darren Palmer open the show because he has an incredible energy and an uncanny feel for contemporary detail. 

I was so excited to meet new and existing clients. people I've been in touch with with Instagram suddenly came to life and it was lovely to have that real connection. Everyone looked so gorgeous and it was 100% no-filter!

2. We love that your pieces resemble various aerial landscapes, where does this fit into the creative process? Do you decide on places before you begin?

It's funny, even though my pieces are aerial landscapes, there's many different ways to look at aerial landscapes. I'll study a variety of forms - it's like being an aesthetic explorer. I go flying with my pilot friends, I use satellite-based software, I look at printed materials - anything I can get my hands on. When something takes my breath away I want to be able to communicate that response in colour and form. So, yes, I always decide on location before i start, but that's more a point of departure than a point of arrival. Our experince of place is always emotional and I hope to be able to capture some of that in my work.

3. What's the most challenging part about your work?

There's a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci: 'Art is never finished, only abandoned'. I don't like abandoning things! I'm a perfectionist so i'll be with a piece until I'm completely happy with it. By extension, I'm a procrastinator. Once you start, you're there for the long haul so it can be a slow dance. My work has to live up to my my expectations otherwise what's the point it wouldn't be my work. 

4. Your children are adorable! Are they blessed with your creative flair?

I have two kids: Sunny, 8, and Iluka, 4. They definitely have it going on, but whatever it is it's entirely their thing! Sunny loves building things and creating various science projects with whatever he can get his hands on. Iluka has a flair for the dramatic arts. She's a great assistant, if somewhat stubborn at times! She's definitely determined. Her painting is quite amazing and she loves it. There's non of that self-questioning yet...

5. What would be your advice to people thinking of purchasing one of your pieces in terms of choosing colour and size.

Be open to the impression you receive from the work and the state of mind it elicits, rather than any sets of rules. However, I would say that it is important to let the art breathe, so larger is better if you have the space for it. In this way the artwork can be both an organic part of your world and a portal to another world.

In terms of colour, it's best to choose what speaks to you first. A lot of people get caught up in a scenario where it's 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' but then you have too many competing demands and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Where possible, I think it is important to choose art and the floors first before you decide on anything else in the room. It's surprising how easy it is to make the other decisions once you've decided on the defining features, so you've automatically made life easier for yourself. 

6. We were blown away that you also made cushions, resin vessels and platters for your recent exhibition! Is this something we can expect to see more of? What is next for Megan?

I have an insatiable desire to create anything, everything and anywhere in between! In making homewares, you get a different sense of satisfaction to making art. I'll continue the vessels, the cushions, the platters because I love being able to make everyday objects that are both beautiful and useful. The possibilities are endless and that's the amazing thing about creativity. I've got a few surprises in store and I'm always listening to the gods. 

We are eagerly awaiting our next drop of Megan's fabulous artworks to the store - we are hooked!

If you would like to be contacted when we receive more of Megan's artwork through then please give us a call on 03 9533 2323 or email us at to be added to our wait list. 


Tray Time.
Monday, August 04, 2014

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of purchasing little bits and pieces that end up in hiding in cupboards because you have no way of displaying them all?

Enter the bone inlay tray. 

Our tray’s are the ideal solution, or frame if you will, for your favourite pieces to sit together. Pile your coffee table books up and top them with a pot or vase, scatter knick knacks from your travels amongst candles or store coasters and glasses. The options are endless!

Beautiful as a dining table centre piece, sitting on the end of the sofa or even outside in summer by the pool as spied at the lovely Rebecca Judd's Melbourne home. 

Shop bone inlay tray's here or visit us in-store. Another Indian treasure we believe. 


Let there be Light. A How To.
Monday, July 28, 2014

Lighting is the key to creating harmony in any room and the best lighting schemes, as broken down by one of our favourite designers and lighting nuts Abigail Ahern, is layered lighting. “The trick is to blend, mesh together and harmonise both so you get this enchantingly lit beautifully glowing spaces” 

We thought we would break it down five ways. Hero lighting, clusters of light, lamps, highlighting and statement lights. 

Hero Lighting. This almost becomes your ‘piece of art’ in the room. Think grand. Think Chandeliers. Our wire chandeliers come in three sizes and are a great way of adding mood, atmosphere and balance to a hallway, bedroom or dining area. Plus, you can customise the colour to suit the space. Hint: Softer is better, no florescent energy saver globes!

Cluster of lights. Grouping lighting together is a great way to practically and creatively light a space. We think our cage lights are perfect for this method of lighting, choose different coloured cages and cords to add personality and vibrance!

Lamps. We are all for lamps, as in put them everywhere (well not everywhere, but you get what we mean!) One of our life rules is where possible you should have lamps on, main lights off! Part of making your house a home is with lamps, choose lamps that reflect your personality and style and fit the space. Bedside lamps don't have to match, desk lamps don't have to be for the desk. Have fun with lamps!

Highlighting. Highlighting objects, artworks or indoor plants adds another dimension to whatever it is you're showing off, and why wouldn't you! We are all for using lamps for highlighting. 

Statement lights. These are lights that do exactly that, make a statement. There is no better example than our star lights. Statement lights are a great way to add light to large spaces. 

Visit us in-store to chat lighting anytime or shop here


Julia Green Workshop at F&F Part 2!
Friday, July 25, 2014

Last night we hosted the Julia Green Workshop Part 2 which we can assure you was just as fun as the first with lots of yummy champagne (thanks Terindah Estate, your champagne rocks!!!). 

This time we learnt more about Julia's background before coming the styling superstar that she is. We bet you didn't know that she was a drug dealer (well...the legal kind) and had a full fledged career in pharmaceuticals before she realised that she had a knack for putting just the right combo of things together that make us all swoon.

Here's a few pic's from the night......


She uncovered all the secrets of what makes a great bedroom - both adults & childrens (remember, no theming please!). She told us where we should spend our money in the bed room and the benefits of a padded bed head (yes, there was a demonstration....). 

Julia even did some live shelf styling - if only we could style a shelf that quick in our own homes! Then she briefly touched on hallways - that dreaded area which happens to be the first place you see & seems to be the hardest to style - and how to make it a great entrance & welcoming area to your home. 

Thanks Julia - we are all off to rearrange our homes! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Friend of Fenton Felicity Lea of Creating Beautiful recently styled this whimsical, nature inspired wedding setting and we just love it. Groups of roughly cut flowers and vines sticking out of our colourful polymer planters, portholes as placemats and a beautiful wire chandelier centrepiece. What's not to love!

Wedding planners take note. 



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