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Aperitivo Hour with Four Pillars Gin - Fenton & Fenton

Aperitivo Hour with Four Pillars Gin

Bring on the festive season with a refreshingly aromatic Four Pillars Gin cocktail. The perfect party starters, pre-dinner drink or accompaniment to aperitivi.

Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin Gimlet


    - 60ml Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin
    - 20ml lime juice
    - 10ml sugar syrup


    Shake and double strain, lime garnish

    Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Ricky


    -60ml Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
    -30ml lime juice
    -15ml raspberry syrup (bickfords cordial or homemade recipe below)
    -120ml soda


    Combine all into a jug with plenty of ice.

    Add lime wedges to jug for garnish.

    Strain carefully into martini glass, 3 raspberries on a toothpick to garnish.

    Homemade Raspberry Cordial Ingredients

    - One punnet raspberry
    - 100g sugar
    - 50ml water

    Homemade Raspberry Cordial Method

    Heat to simmer, muddling berries as it heats, rest till cool, strain and will keep for up to a month.

    Four Pillars Pav Punch


    - 700ml 2021 Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin
    - 750mL Champagne or sparkling wine
    - 700mL soda water
    - 500mL Fino Sherry
    - 300mL fresh lemon juice 300mL sugar syrup


    Mix all ingredients except the fizzy stuff in a punchbowl.

    When ready to serve, add in the fizzy ingredients and ice and stir.

    Garnish with passionfruit hulls, orange and lemon wheels, fresh berries and mint.

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