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At Home with Ange Castran - Fenton & Fenton

At Home with Ange Castran

A charming Victorian Terrace in Albert Park. Our Head Visual Merchandiser Ange Castran purchased her home on a whim when she stumbled across the auction in 2011.

The home was renovated and styled embracing the Fenton & Fenton aesthetic; mixing colours & styles and with an extensive collection of art & memorabilia.

Seeing inside Ange’s house (aka Lucy Fenton’s mum) it becomes obvious where Lucy inherited her love for eclectic interiors.

Join us as we journey through Ange’s inspiring home and learn some of her tricks of the trade.

When did you first purchase the house?

We purchased the house in 2011 on a whim at auction. We were driving past and stopped when we saw the auction about to start. We had never viewed the house before so had a quick look through, decided it felt right and bought it on the spot.

If you could just pick one favourite element of your home what would it be?

One of my favourite elements of the house are the high ceilings throughout, the other standout feature is the open fireplace in the kitchen, especially in Winter – it’s atmospheric and cosy to entertain around the table with the fire burning.

Clockwise from top left. Left image: Quiet Spaces #6 by Marnie Ross, Quiet Space #5 by Marnie Ross, Woodrow Oval Marble Coffee Table, Amanda Dziedzic Glassware, Dome Crystal Bookend, Betsy Armchair, Raff Travertine Side Table, Amanda Dziedzic Glassware. Right image: Dome Crystal Bookend.

What inspired the aesthetic for the interiors?

We wanted to retain the period features of the house but also create a contemporary home that was comfortable for living and entertaining.

Each room has a slightly different colour scheme which primarily revolves around the art. Collecting art has always been a passion, some from travels, some memorabilia and some from galleries. I find a neutral colour palette allows me to introduce new artworks, it’s constantly changing and evolving.

What is your favourite piece in your home?

It’s hard to pick my favourite piece – but one that particularly stands out is the Bill Henson Untitled #19 photograph hung in the sitting room.

Clockwise from top left. Left image: Changwang Pool #3 by Dave Kulesza, Vase #15 by Jai Vasicek, Bowie Dining Table, Leather Strapping Dining Chair. Right image: Travertine Marco Bowl.

Are there any pieces you want to add to your home?

I am always collecting vintage pieces, especially mid-century, but I try to be selective, so I don’t overcrowd. If I bring new pieces in, I try to take something out – but I am always looking at art to add. I just recently purchased an original artwork by Nunzio Miano.

What were the biggest challenges in the renovation?

When we renovated what was a dark and tired interior, I think the challenge was to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Where possible we opened doors to full height and removed walls between rooms, which made a huge difference and maximised space. We also painted the interior white.

Clockwise from top left. Left image: What Next by Denise Hojdyssek, Christine Quartz Coffee Table. Right image: Christine Quartz Coffee Table.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when merchandising the Fenton & Fenton showroom?

There is a lot of forward planning that goes into merchandising the ever-changing Prahran showroom. Lucy, the team and I will meet to discuss any events we have coming up, art exhibitions, new arrivals and products we want to hero in the store. From there I draw inspiration from a colour palette in the art, rugs, or a freshly painted wall. I usually start with larger furniture placement and then I work down to the smaller items, pulling together pieces that complement the existing tones. I always finish with flowers, foliage, or foraged seasonal leaves from the garden.

F&F is known for embracing vibrant colour combinations and for not being afraid to mix styles and patterns yet always incorporating furniture that is both practical and affordable. Giving clients confidence is important and I hope to inspire people when they come into the showroom.

Clockwise from top left. Left image: Euphoria #1 by Andy Staley, Nunzio Miano Artwork, Bedouin Societe Duvet Cover, Bedouin Societe Flat Sheet, Ted Armchair. Right image: Yongwang Station by Dave Kulesza, Bedouin Societe Flat Sheet, Bedouin Societe Fitted Sheet, Bedouin Societe Duvet Cover, Bedouin Societe Pillow Case Pair, Perla Throw, Bone Inlay Deco Bedside, Okina Table Lamp, Amanda Dziedzic Glassware.

Tip three tips for a beautifully styled home?

1/ . Anything you love will always work. Home is not a showroom but reflects you, so it must be comfortable and practical but that does not mean dull and boring!

2/ . Even on a budget you can make a difference by rearranging furniture, rehanging art, adding colour in soft furnishing, flowers and plants.

3/ . If unsure or lacking confidence, get some advice. You don’t need to buy everything new or at once but if you have a concept to work toward it can save expensive mistakes and give you the end result you are aiming for.

Clockwise from top left. Left image: Charlie Bennell Artwork, Summer in Provence by Nicole Nelius, Woodrow Marble Bedside, Bedouin Societe Flat Sheet, Bedouin Societe Fitted Sheet, Bedouin Societe Duvet Cover, Bedouin Societe Pillow Case Pair, Bedouin Societe Gauz Coverlet, Willow Rattan Bedhead. Right image: Marble Deco Console.

Your Albert Park home is now on the market, why the decision to sell and what’s the next project on the horizon?

We didn’t have any intentions to move, as we love the house and the Albert Park area – it has such a nice village atmosphere, a real community feeling that we will miss. However, a rare opportunity came up for us to buy a new house that we both fell in love with, it’s a new project for us to sink our teeth into.

And it's currently on the market - view the listing here.

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