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Meet The Artist |
Lily Platts

Meet Lily Platts (she/her), a visual artist living and working in Melbourne. Lily explores themes of the everyday and is drawn to the unconventional subject matter of the world around her. Through painting, she seeks to rejuvenate these objects, infusing them with vibrant colours and a sense of vitality.
Lilly-Platts-HS - Fenton & Fenton
Can you tell us the story behind your journey as an artist?
I have always been a creative person. Growing up I was always painting or making something. I had a family friend who was an artist and became a big influence on me. Once I decided to go to art school and study art I knew this was something I would always do in my life.
Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you usually go about creating your work?
I usually work from photographs, either taken by myself or from a random facet of the internet such as Facebook community pages and marketplace. I use these photos as a reference point and then work very instinctively, focusing on colour and pattern and letting the process of painting take over.
Why are you drawn to painting as a medium?
Painting is very instinctive and physical which I enjoy. It's a constant challenge and I am always learning and building upon my practice.
How did you develop your personal style and how has it changed over time?
It has been a continual development over my career, and will keep evolving. I have always been drawn to still life and colour and it's been a journey of trial and error to find distinct personal imagery.
What do you hope people feel or take away when experiencing your work?
In my work, I delve into the realm of everyday objects and our relationship with waste consumption. Through painting, I seek to rejuvenate these objects, infusing them with vibrant colours and a sense of vitality. Infused with a playful and humorous spirit, my art aims to captivate viewers, inviting them to experience a renewed sense of joy and hope.
From the pieces you have created for F&F, is there one piece in particular that stands out to you and why?
The rug and bathtub paintings are two of my favourites. I really enjoyed playing with patterns in these works and they were a lot of fun to paint!
Are there any specific themes, experiences, travels or anything that has inspired your recent work?
I am drawn to capturing objects in transitional environments, such as on the side of the road, at a garage sale, an op shop, or on an online marketplace and I hope to reveal the beauty and humanity found within them.
Additionally I hope to address the larger issue of over consumption and disposability in our society. I want to challenge the viewer to reconsider the value of the things that surround us, even in their discarded state, as a means of reflecting on our relationship with consumption and its impact on our everyday lives.
View Lily Platts' artwork here