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6 Ways to Create Visual Drama with the Wild Child Collection - Fenton & Fenton

6 Ways to Create Visual Drama with the Wild Child Collection

We're on a mission to colour your world. And, our latest collection ‘Wild Child’ aims to do just that. With optimistic and kaleidoscopic hues and contemporary shapes, this range ensures nothing but fun times ahead.

So, say hello to the ‘Wild Child’ collection – a curated selection of statement pieces. Designed to shimmer, colour wash, glow and create a light show of rainbows around your home, as the light and sunshine hits them in different places.

1/ Layer colours in similar hues

In this room, we started with the statement rug and then layered pieces with similar hues – including our kaleidoscopic Wild Child Coffee Table to refract the pinks and ambers in the vintage glassware, Amanda Dziedzic Yumemiru Sculpture, colourful book stack and tonal sofa.

2/ Have fun mixing vintage classics with modern design

Using multiple shades of the same colour, such as the moody blue tones in this dramatic living space, help add visual interest and mix things up, without fighting for attention. The striking palette of the artwork brilliantly shines through the Wild Child coffee and side table, creating a colour trance.

3/ Let vividly coloured pieces pop against light and bright backgrounds

Crisp white walls and light floors allow vividly-coloured furniture and statement artworks room to breathe. The tangerine velvet Betsy Chair reflects into the Wild Child coffee and side tables, with the light and shapes forever changing as the sun bounces around the room.

4/ Combine the Wild Child with natural and dark tones

A natural palette of cork, linen and timber compliment the moody background hue and simple styling, allowing our kaleidoscopic Wild Child Christmas tree the position of centre stage.

5/ Introduce shimmery accents to a monochromatic palette

A light, bright and monochromatic background allow our signature Wild Child pieces and statement artwork the space to shine, literally.

6/ Create a sun-soaked sanctuary

Sunny shades, curated artworks and relaxed rattan furniture combined with the kaleidoscopic Wild Child Christmas tree create pure sunshine and rainbows in this welcoming living room.

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