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Capturing vibrant nostalgia with Michael Bond - Fenton & Fenton

Capturing vibrant nostalgia with Michael Bond

There’s a reason why Michael Bond’s work continues to resonate. Within their abstraction, there is also a familiarity – a universal applicability that unlocks core memories or emotions unique to each viewer.

In his latest exhibition, Summerdaze, Michael captures the essence and nostalgia of summer days – and the heady feeling of Summer: the colour, warmth, and joy.

We speak to Michael about his own memories of Summer and how he has brought them to life in Summerdaze.

Michael Bond - Fenton and Fenton

Your collection has come together beautifully. Is there one piece in particular that stands out to you and why?

I would say the title piece “Summerdaze”. To me, it captures the feeling of Summer. The colours express not only the warmth of Summer days, but also how the light during Summer makes everything pop! Especially the juxtaposition against the cooler blues.

What do you hope people will feel or take away when experiencing your work, particularly this exhibition?

With Summerdaze, as with all my exhibitions, I hope that people feel or take away a sense of joy and happiness. This is why I do what I do.

Michael Bond - Fenton and Fenton

160cm x 160cm
Acrylic on Linen
Natural Timber Frame

What can you share about your creative process and how you go about starting a new body of work?

It’s hard as an artist to explain the creative process. For me, it starts with an idea, feeling or emotion of what the piece or body of work will represent. In the case of Summerdaze, it’s the feeling of Summer. Ideas come to me based on the feeling that I personally get when thinking of this topic.

As a self - taught artist, how did you develop your art style and aesthetic over the years to what it is today?

My style and aesthetic have changed and grown through experimenting and developing a confidence in who I am and what I do. I have learnt that the best work I do is the work that comes from within and not so much about how the work will be perceived.

Michael Bond - Fenton and Fenton

Summerdaze aims to evoke the nostalgic and heady feeling of Summer. What are your memories and emotions associated with Summer and how is that reflected in the work you’re exhibiting in Summerdaze?

Memories that come to mind of Summer - everything seemed brighter with vivid colours and gardens in full bloom. With holidays spent at the beach, summer was the best while growing up! With Summerdaze, I wanted to try and capture the vibrancy of what I remember Summer to be.

What's next for you?

2023 is a very busy year for me, with a wedding to my partner Greg planned after the Exhibition, and a significant birthday after that. I plan to concentrate on smaller bodies of work this year as there are always ideas floating around in my head.

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