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Meet the artist: Carly Williams - Fenton & Fenton

Meet the artist: Carly Williams

Carly Williams is an abstract artist living in Daylesford. Her constantly evolving work reflects her obsession with all things raw, bold and beautiful. Carly’s paintings have been described as vivid and brash in colour and composition with a strong emphasis on rich texture and moody tones.

What inspired your latest artworks being showcased at the Spring Exhibition?

I felt my inspiration changed half way through my working on my body of works for the Spring Show. I began being overwhelmingly inspired by the deep, contrasting Winter colour palette of my surroundings. It was everywhere, I couldn't hide from it! Then by the end, I found a splash of colour clash which was inspired by the quick approaching Spring vibe.In a nutshell, I found the colour palette of my beautiful country surrounds, both night and day, to be my main source of inspiration for this show.

How has your work evolved over time?

I think my work has evolved quite gently over time. I manipulate the shapes and textures in my compositions quite subtly from piece to piece, but if you compare to some of my early works to more recent pieces, the change appears quite dramatic. I'm working really quite bold at the moment, with loads of layers and complex textures.

What inspires and motivates you to create everyday?

I'm so lucky to live in the lovely Victorian town of Daylesford, and even though it sounds cheesy, I draw so much inspiration and motivation from the sheer natural beauty of this place. Everywhere you look there's colour palettes and raw textures to send my creative brain into melt down! I'm really very lucky.

What is the creative process in producing one of your body of works?

My creative process always starts with the colour palette. Once I've nutted that out, I'm all about the composition then the texture. I've been known to paint a piece I love relatively quickly but will paint over it, with a totally new composition simply to create more texture. I love texture. I think it brings real personality to a piece.

How do you spend your time when you’re not creating artworks?

When I'm not working I'm either dreaming about being at the beach with the family or at the beach with the family. We are lucky enough to have extended family in the beautiful coastal town of Torquay, so we visit as much as we can - it's my place to recharge the batteries and think about new projects.

What artist, past or present, has inspired you?

One of my favourite artists of all time is the incredible Ken Done. His work with all its vibrant simplicity inspired me 20 years ago and still does to this day. I’ve actually included my version of his striking cobalt blue that he's famous for, in a selection of my works for this show. Love you Ken!


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