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Get The Fenton & Fenton Bedroom Look - Fenton & Fenton

Get The Fenton & Fenton Bedroom Look

Here at Fenton & Fenton, we are not so much into laying down rules – rather, we’re far more into creating beds that you won’t be able to resist laying down into! So whether you’re a tight-tucker, a no-top-sheeter or an over-pillower, here is a dose of inspo and encouragement from us to help you get that Fenton & Fenton look at home. It’s all about texture, colour, layering and accessorising.

Getting tactile

Some things, once you try them, you just can’t come back from - like the feeling of pure, natural linen against your skin. Our Bedouin SOCIETE linen is the highest quality, it’s eco-friendly, and importantly to us, the range of colours is perfect and unpatterned, so it provides the perfect starting point for the Fenton & Fenton bed. Leave your sheets untucked (try to forget you were ever taught hospital corners) as a bit of soft draping onto the floor or rug adds an easy, relaxed elegance not just to the bed, but your whole room.

Choose your hues

Getting your colour mix right isn’t as tricky as it seems. Ask yourself, do I want my bed to be light, airy and feminine? Deep and moody? Eclectic and arty? Handsomely polished? Chic and sophisticated? Within any of these styles, you can go for a mix of colours, or completely tonal, using similar and complimentary hues to hone the look. And remember, tonal is different to matchy-matchy – it actually gives a lovely depth to your chosen style.

Layer upon layer upon layer...

Tightly tucked, unyielding beds are simply not a thing here at Fenton & Fenton, and neatly folded throws and bedspreads have no place here at all (actually that may be our one and only rule). The Fenton bed is one that delights the eyes with its’ layers of colour, texture and just enough pattern to define your chosen style, rather than keep you awake at night. Throws, rugs and extra blankets are the simplest way to layer-up your look, and the funny thing about getting a throw to look just right is actually ridiculously simple – you just need to throw it. We find that the more you mess and stress with your throw, the more unrelaxed and contrived it’ll look. So throw it on, and step away.

Always accessorise

The Fenton & Fenton bed would be incomplete without a few well-chosen cushions, as they’ll give you the perfect level of visual interest without overpowering the whole bed. A great way to style your bed-top cushion situation is to choose one in a complementary colour to your duvet cover; another one that will provide texture and finally add one or two patterned cushions (and nobody does pattern better than the Zulta Collection), remembering that matchy-matchy is not the goal here – you can be a bit brave.

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