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Recreating Nostalgia with Mietta Walsh - Fenton & Fenton

Recreating Nostalgia with Mietta Walsh

The cultural zeitgeist that surrounds a ‘throwback’ needs no explanation really, it’s ingrained in our daily lexicon. We want to re-live those magic moments, but we want to make them now too (hello #tbt). Perhaps it’s because when old meets new we play in a space that embodies nostalgia, while creating room for a fresh horizon. It's not a bad place to be.

For Mietta Walsh breathing new life into sentimentality comes in the form of her childhood home, “I was born in the home I live in now with my husband and two boys. Mum passed away 8 years ago, and my father suggested we raise our sons here. It felt right,” says Mietta.

“We wanted to renovate but we were conscious of honouring the architectural history of the house, so it was important to bring on board someone we trusted. We worked with Tom Robertson Architects – Tom is a dear friend – who made the experience great. The process was easy. Tom clearly understood our brief and vision and kept us informed, but just ran with it. Dad got to see the renovation too, before he passed away, and that warms my heart.”

The double-fronted Victorian terrace in Carlton North retains its old-world charm with the original façade along with ornate rose-adorned ceilings and a marble fireplace, “The brief to Tom was to keep it clean, light and simple. The back of the house is completely new, and some parts have been revamped, like my childhood bedroom which is now an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.”

“We added skylights and chose a black, white and marble base colour palette so that we could inject our own flavour through furniture and décor.”

To create depth to the pared back space, Mietta worked with the Fenton & Fenton interior styling team to realise her aesthetic vision, “I wanted the interior design to be inviting and create warmth and I was really happy with the direction the team took. I just want to sit in this space they’ve created! After the last two years we’ve had, spending so much time at home, it really makes you appreciate your surroundings.”

The interior styling balances yin and yang energy through a mixed palette of pink and green for the furniture, and deeper colours like blue and aqua are accentuated through décor, “They used so many pieces and it amazes me how it doesn’t overwhelm, the team created openness even with such a rich colour palette.”

The styling team focused on mixing pop décor with classic and vintage styles for the main furniture pieces to create balance from the entrance hall right through to the outdoor deck, “They created a library just through styling which blew me away, and I feel like overall, every time I look at the space, I experience something differently, or see something new. I remember Carrie Bradshaw once said she was cheating on fashion with homewares, and now I know exactly how she feels!”

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