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Style It Your Way - Fenton & Fenton

Style It Your Way

Our Styling Team share some key looks and tips for a summer home refresh, from layering pattern and texture to introducing colour and art to personalise your space and make it uniquely yours.

Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials

Combine textures and materials in your space to make it feel warm, welcoming and lived-in.


Pattern Play

Layer patterns and decorative touches to create depth and dynamism. Just as accessories can transform an outfit, they can elevate a room.


Have Fun

When it comes to furniture and artwork, inject personality with accent furniture or statement artwork.


Mix It Up

A combination of old and new, low and high are key to making sure your home is never the same-same as someone else’s!


Layer on Layer

Start with statement pieces and then add layers through rugs, artwork and decorative touches to create interest and magic to a space.


Start Small

When in doubt with introducing colour, start small. Trial a colour accent with a cushion, decorative vase or piece of artwork.


Wonder Walls

Aim to create interest and a little tension with your art choices. We like to mix up mediums, styles and sizes, often starting with a larger hero piece to anchor the collection.