Daniela Cristallo

Daniela is an abstract painter who lives and works from her home studio in Sydney. She predominately works with acrylic and oilstick on canvas and board, with a long time interest in drawing with mixed media on paper.

Daniela is known for her richly textured paintings that are inspired by the Australian landscape which strongly draw upon her plein air studies. Back in the studio, she explores these places with deeper meditations using the materiality of paint to allow these original forms to be met in a more primal and inventive way.

Her connection to the many places travelled and experienced attempts to convey an intimate subjectivity that evoke emotion and a sense of place through the language of colour , texture, mark and mood, exploring the relationship between the raw beauty of the natural world and all its meeting places.

Says Daniela of her work: ‘I love learning from the immediate experience of being totally immersed in the landscape, there is something much bigger than myself out here, which allows me to explore my direction into abstraction. Painting for me is a sensory experience, a dance of deeper conversations of remembered landscapes that I have travelled to and the feelings it leaves me with. I allow the work to develop of its own accord which is paramount to the process; I don’t just want to paint a pretty landscape, but capture the essence of this spirited land in the most authentic way I can.’

Daniela’s work is exhibited regularly throughout Australia and has been a finalist in a significant number of art awards and accrued in private collections both nationally and internationally.

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