Festive Decorating

It seems hard to believe that it is once again time to deck the halls, festoon the arches and decorate our homes with festive flare - I guess time flies when you're having fun! As always, we are here to help add some chic to your holiday decor with our guide to contemporary festive decorating.

The trick to a great festive tablescape is finding the balance between having a bit of fun and recreating a nativity scene on your table with no room for food or drinks! We enjoy taking a colourful, playful and organic approach using layers of height and texture to add interest. Some greenery from the garden and a set of fairy lights laid down on the table to create a glowing ambience will really give a festive feel and set the stage for an intimate dinner with your loved ones. Playful glassware, contrasting napkins and cute bon-bons will provide additional festive oomph to your holiday spread.

You will likely find that green and red tinsel clashes with your existing decor, not to mention the sense of zen-like calm you are trying to maintain in the midst of the holiday chaos! By all means though, we encourage you to play around with vivid hues, even if they take you out of your comfort zone a little. For us this season, nothing says 'Let's celebrate!' like pinks, reds and yellows.

There's nothing like a traditional Christmas tree to conjure feelings of nostalgia, joy and multitudes of pine needles to sweep up come pack up day. Who said having a Christmas tree means sacrificing the style and chicness of your home? For a minimal approach, opt for an eco-friendly wooden Christmas tree featuring timber branches decorated with your favourite baubles. For a bold, fuss-free and eminently re-usable option, we are going with this perspex cut-out tree.

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