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Meet The Artist |
Dan Rushford

Meet Dan Rushford, a Sydney-based artist whose creative journey is deeply rooted in the pursuit of a life well-lived. Drawing inspiration from experiences that have resonated with his core values, Rushford’s artistic practice serves as both a personal exploration and a visual ode to the essence of living slowly.

Dan-Rushford - Fenton & Fenton
Can you tell us how you became practicing as an artist?
I studied fine art at university and drifted away from it during that time because the structured nature of the art making didn’t resonate with me. I never stopped creating though. I began writing songs and still write to this day. I came back to painting some years later on my own terms and have been painting ever since. 
Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you usually go about creating your work? And how does the subject appear in your paintings?
I create paintings just like I create songs. Often it starts with a flourish of inspiration, nostalgia, or a conversation. There’s a lot of over painting, a lot of sketching with paint straight onto canvas and not a lot of planning. But I know when it feels right.
Why are you drawn to painting as a medium?
I grew up drawing, which was beautifully meditative, detail oriented and time consuming. Paint to me, can certainly be this, but it also lends itself to big gestural movements, bold colours and happy mistakes. It’s a completely different side of myself that I get to explore through this medium.
How did you develop your personal style and how has it changed over time? 
I think my personal style is mostly just what feels good to me and what I would like be surrounded by in my own space. I love vibrant colours grounded by earthy tones, refined edges next to messy texture, bright smiles on weathered faces.
What do you hope people feel or take away when experiencing your work?
I hope people get a little reminder to enjoy the small, simple pleasures we can so often overlook. Stop and smell the Italian leather.
From the pieces you have created for F&F, is there one piece in particular that stands out to you and why?  
To me, “Ben Vissuto” is the piece that I had the strongest connection with. The colours, the subjects I chose and the size all spoke to me. This is the first work I have done displaying a couple. It’s really about enduring romance and enduring love for the sun.  
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