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How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Interior - Fenton & Fenton

How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Interior

Restrained colour palettes influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics, minimalism and Parisian apartments have saturated the interior scene over the past few years - but colour is slowly making a comeback. Decorating with colour is an excellent way to express your personality, create a mood or subtly communicate a change in function or purpose between the spaces of your home. However, if you want your interiors to feel curated and cohesive, there’s a few rules you need to follow when dealing with distinctive hues.

Regenbogen Bowl, Rose Plaid Dhurrie, Seafood Supermarket by Dave Kulesza,


To ensure your space doesn’t feel overwhelmed, build your scheme upon one hero colour, then add up to three accent colours that complement it. For example, if blues dominate your living room, you could add touches of yellow, white or red via decorative objects, soft furnishings and art.

Dome Crystal Bookend, Provence Glory by Franois Simon, Aphrodite Crystal Vase, Zulta Cushion in Candy Stripe Musk.


One of the easiest ways to achieve instant polish is to create a tonal palette by picking multiple hues from within a single colour family. A blue tonal palette could include pale blue, navy blue and indigo.

Wild Child Tray, Amanda Dziedzic Yumemiru.


Tonal palettes can fall a little flat without a contrast colour. In this instance, you could add a pop of fuchsia or orange to create depth and drama.

Serengeti Dhurrie


Although you can successfully use a different colour palette in each room of your house, be sure to stick to one theme in any given area, such as neutrals in the living room, pinks in the bedroom or greens in the bathroom.

Serengeti Dhurrie, Olive Branch by Jai Vasicek, Hibiscus by Jai Vasicek, Thyme by Jai Vasicek.


Keep in mind that colours sitting opposite one another on the colour wheel are complementary, and dark hues can ground an oversized space.

If you’d like a little more clarity on the do’s and don’t’s of decorating with colour, be sure to watch the video of Fenton & Fenton founder, Lucy Fenton, as she talks through her step-by-step guide, below.

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