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How To Select The Right Rug For You - Fenton & Fenton

How To Select The Right Rug For You

A rug is a transformative furnishing piece. It can anchor an entire room, zone areas within open floor plans, provide comfort under foot or add warmth and texture to a space. However, choosing the right rug for your home is harder than it first appears. Before you take your first step into a rug store, you need to carefully evaluate the size and purpose of the room you are buying the rug for, and take note of the existing colour and pattern present in the space.

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When it comes to rugs, bigger is usually better, because a small rug can make a room feel smaller than it really is. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a rug big enough so the legs of all your furniture fit on it comfortably, without feeling cramped.

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Due to the size and typical position of rugs, they tend to take up a lot of visual real estate, so you need to select a design that’s compatible with your existing interior scheme. If your home is already bursting with colour, bold artworks and striking patterns, you’ll benefit most from a subtle rug style in a neutral hue. If you’re looking to make your rug the centrepiece of your furniture arrangement, don’t be afraid of graphic geometrics, bright colours or interesting motifs.

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Give extra thought to the purpose of the room in which you wish to place the rug. High traffic areas, or homes with pets and children, are going to require hardwearing fabrics such as cotton, jute, sisal or wool. If the rug is going into a bedroom or more ornamental space, delicate fibres such as bamboo, silk, viscose and hemp can also be used.

Watch the video below to see Fenton & Fenton founder, Lucy Fenton, chat to BuildHer co-founder and residential building professional, Rebeka Morgan, about how they approach buying a new rug.

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