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Jessica Nguyen's Strawberry, Basil and Shiraz Gin Smash - Fenton & Fenton

Jessica Nguyen's Strawberry, Basil and Shiraz Gin Smash

For this cocktail, Jessica Nguyen wanted to create something fresh, simple, fun and summery so she decided to go with something fruity, using fresh strawberries, lime and basil which goes really nicely with strawberries all muddled and shaken with Four Pillars Shiraz Gin, which gives the cocktail a beautiful bright pink colour and flavour.

It’s a fun one to make for summery nights and sunset drinks for yourself or with friends for a fun dinner party.


● 4 strawberries

● 1 stalk of basil, 1 leaf reserved for the garnish

● 30ml (1 shot of simple syrup)

● 60ml (2 shots) of Four Pillars Shiraz Gin

● Juice of 1 lime

● 1 cup of ice


1. Remove the tops from your strawberries and place into a cocktail shaker with the simple syrup and basil leaves. Use a muddler to crush all the ingredients together until you get a fine pulp.

2. Add your gin and lime juice and ice and close the lid and shake till chilled.

3. Strain (or double strain with a sieve if you hate pulp) into a martini glass.