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Living Life In Colour with Lucy Fenton & Inside Out - Fenton & Fenton

Living Life In Colour with Lucy Fenton & Inside Out

Lucy Fenton recently shared her top tips with Inside Out to help you begin your colour revolution.
1. The psychology of colour 
It starts with the mood we want people to feel when they enter a space. We try to be sympathetic to the environment so features like stained-glass windows or a view can act as a starting point. Although we don’t play by design rules, we do follow some practical steps.
2. Find your ground zero
Whether it’s artwork, furniture, accent cushions or the colour of a wall, we’ll create a hero of one and build from there. Think about how you transition around the room and how the colours work in succession. Understanding what light will do to the colour in the space is important, too. Our recent Brunswick East Project was flooded with natural light so we wanted the home to feel like sunshine. We chose a sunny palette of yellows, warm god and crimson corals. This set the tone for the whole house, so we could create different colour accents, such as cobalt blue and sunset red, elsewhere.
3. Risk vs rewards
The reward of colour always outweighs the rise. Paint a wall, add a piece of artwork, introduce a statement lamp and always have a rug. Colour transforms the way you feel about a room and can be very addictive.
4. Just add one piece 
A bold sofa really sets the tone of a room. More is more! Try golden tones of ginger, spice and chestnut. They will stand the test of time and give a room a warm glow. Pair them with almost any shade - especially French blue, rich red to crimson, lilac and aubergine. The trick is to play with pairings that create feel-good vibes and lift your mood.
Take the tour of the Brunswick East Project here.