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Meet The Artist |
Marnie Ross

Marnie Ross is a contemporary painter based in Sydney.
Her abstract works are a response to organic forms, in particular the evolving shadow patterns seen in the natural environment. Nature’s ever-changing designs created by light, movement and time inspire multi-layered compositions of vividly coloured shapes.
Can you tell us how you became practising as an artist?
I have a background in Graphic Design and have been a practising artist for about 15 years after completing a Masters in Art at UNSW Art & Design.
Can you talk us through your creative process? how do you usually go about making your work?
In recent years I have been inspired by my immersion in the Australian landscape; bush paths, rural vistas and undulating valleys, experienced with the full spectrum of light patterns throughout a day. Abstract landscapes are reduced to minimal compositions, directing the focus to colour relationships and tones.
What is your preferred medium/s to work with?
Explorations of colour and texture are an integral part of my work. The contrast between soft dusky tones and saturated bold colours are further enhanced by the variation in acrylic paint application with thin frosty glazes revealing the textured wood or raw linen surface below.
How did you develop your personal style and how has it changed over time?
My current paintings are minimal abstract landscapes with a focus on colour, texture and layering.
What do you hope people feel or take away when experiencing your work?
Essentially my art practice is about stopping, observing and then capturing a moment. I hope people will experience a sense of nature’s ever-changing designs created by light, movement and time.
 View Marnie Ross’ artwork here