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Villa-style living <br> with Lucy Bowen - Fenton & Fenton

Villa-style living
with Lucy Bowen

Old meets new seamlessly in this modern makeover of a classic Spanish Mission bungalow by Melbourne Interior Architect, Lucy Bowen and styled by Fenton & Fenton.

From the glorious lead lighting entrance to the series of repeated arches, this sunny Elwood family home invites a sense of calm.

Villa-Style Living - Fenton & Fenton

This unique take on a Spanish Mission classic blends an earthy palette, natural materials and plenty of curves, setting the tone for the perfect laid-back family summer home.

Decoration is stripped back, lines are clean and contemporary, with a modern minimalistic style breathing fresh life into its past.

What was the initial brief for the renovation and what was your design intent for this project?

The client asked us to create a functional family home with a calm environment and unique design elements. To meet the brief, it was important to preserve the essence of this Spanish Mission home.

I was drawn to the original Spanish Mission architectural elements and wanted to celebrate these design features.

Villa-style living - Fenton & Fenton

Traditionally, Spanish Mission homes embody a welcoming comfort that is created with soft arches, timber and terracotta finishes and warm colour palettes. These elements and finishes were preserved and chosen, while still elevating the space to the modern day.

Other than the facade, what other original features did you carry through the renovation?

The front door’s lead light glass was a beautiful original design element that was repurposed in a new, more functional entry door. The front two rooms remained as is structurally and the original internal timber doors were painted and reused. It’s not only a great way to preserve these original features and maintain the charm of the Spanish Mission style, but a sustainable design choice.

The client also ended up repurposing the old bar and put it in the new basement.

What is your favourite element of the renovation?

The fireplace in the Living Room is definitely my favourite element. The original curves of the mantlepiece makes for a stunning and unique juxtaposition to the modern and sleek fireplace design.

Villa-style living - Fenton & Fenton

Tell us more about the beautiful outdoor space: what was it like before you started work on it and what should people take into consideration when creating their perfect outdoor space?

There was literally only the pool! So we built decking, a feature wall and day-bed around it, incorporating landscaping and lighting to soften it.

Villa-style living - Fenton & Fenton

Think about the orientation of your dream outdoor space and how your must-have elements will work in the given space. Do you want a calm space that is a haven away from the world? A show-stopping alfresco area with the functionality to entertain comfortably? Or a bit of both? Understanding the purpose of the space will help in creating your perfect outdoor area.

Villa-style living - Fenton & Fenton

Do you have any advice for people embarking on a renovation?

Be patient and respect the process. There are a lot of moving parts and people to get that original design executed perfectly so effective collaboration is key.

Lucy Bowen

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