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Artist Bio

Casey Burrill

Born into a family of talented musicians, Casey Burrill learnt to express herself through her art before she could walk.

While her passion and talent for singing has never waned, her paintbrush is now just as much an outlet for her creativity as her voice. Having music constantly playing in her studio as she paints further entwines those two forms of artistic expression and as a result, Casey’s playful use of colour seems to dance on the canvas with a sense of freedom and movement.

Casey’s love of painting was formed at an early age with visits to her grandfather in Tasmania. Ted Burrill was a beautiful water colour artist and his detailed works had Casey mesmerised. She studied teaching at Deakin University, majoring in visual arts and now teaches primary school children different art techniques and processes. A hobby soon became a profession when Casey faced her doubts and fears to paint full-time while on maternity leave. In a short space of time, she has built up quite a following with most works sold before the paint has had a chance to dry.

Living near the ocean provides inspiration for Casey’s vibrant, textural works which give a nod to some of her favourite artists while pushing out in her own evolving original style.

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