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banner-2 - Fenton & Fenton

Fenton & Fenton X Antipodean Label collaborate with Wabi Sabi

A creative partnership celebrating individuality, artistry and the nostalgic beauty of yesteryear.

Introducing our first ever capsule collection of fashion and homewares - an exploration of the beauty found in imperfection, honouring the rhythm of the seasons and venturing outside the parameters of perfection.

The combined creative forces of Lucy Fenton, Creative Director at Fenton & Fenton and Dani Milojevic, Founder and Designer of Antipodean Label results in a capsule collection that bring the meaning of Wabi Sabi to life, recognising and emphasising the beauty found in imperfection.

Imperfection can be felt in tactile fabrication selections, hand-finished details, mismatched motifs, and free-spirited painted artworks.

After working with Dani to design Fenton & Fenton’s Life In Colour celebratory print, Lucy invited Dani to collaborate on a print that would become the foundation of a fashion and homewares capsule collection. Antipodean selling the garments and Fenton & Fenton the homewares.

Wabi Sabi encourages you to find joy in the little moments of the every-day.

Print lovingly designed by Australian fashion label, Antipodean, in collaboration with good friends Fenton & Fenton.

Wabi Sabi - Fenton & Fenton

 What made you approach Antipodean to partner with on a collection?

(LF) I fell in love with Antipodean as soon as I saw their first collection before Dani and the team had even launched the brand. We had worked together on the print design for our Life In Colour collection and we instantly had a connection, it just felt really good from the outset which is so important when collaborating with another brand.

When the opportunity to collaborate came up, like you, I just knew it was the right fit. Our two brands are very aligned. We are both committed to innovation and enduring design and working with artisans on intricate craftsmanship is at the essence of what we create.

Antipodean’s unique aesthetic is so aligned with Fenton & Fenton’s, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to create the Wabi-Sabi collection together.

Tell us a bit about yourself, creative journey and your brand and label Antipodean.

(DM) I have always been a creative and pursued this path throughout my life. From constantly spending my childhood entering colouring in competitions to taking after school art classes, studying fine arts as well as Design for Live Production, Theatre & Events. I then found myself interning for a luxury print based brand. Here I learnt how I could apply my arts background into the fashion landscape. There was something so intriguing that I found about designing a product with my art on it, I always viewed my designs as 3D forms like a sculpture.

I continued my fashion journey in accessories & homewares flying abroad 1 month on 1 month off to India, Asia & Bali for a number of years. My first ever job really allowed me to not only express myself as we were creatively encouraged to push boundaries, but it also gave me the tools to learn how to develop collections, work closely with the makers and enhanced my design skillset in an elevated aesthetic. I have been the Head of Design for another luxury leading Australian design brand and also operated my own textile business where I created artworks for an extensive list of Australian labels.

I had always wanted to work creatively for myself and after seeing how my prints transformed the brands I was designing for I wanted to further express myself creatively, so I started Antipodean.

Wabi Sabi - Fenton & Fenton

What was your vision from its inception?

(LF) We agreed that we wanted to celebrate the imperfections of Wabi Sabi, mix old with new and design statement pieces that could be cherished for years to come.

What was the design process you followed?

(DM) I am normally guided by a theme when designing.

I discovered the phrase Wabi Sabi ‘the alluring beauty of imperfectionism’ and was mesmerised with it. I embraced Wabi Sabi at every touch point of the design process, whether it was in my hand drawn artworks, organically dyed fabrications, hand embroideries or colour palettes.

Look closer and you will find subtle tiny details like patchworks with delicately frayed edges & hand crochet belts with lurex thread.

Do you have a source of inspiration you can share for the Wabi Sabi Print & Collaboration?

(DM) There is a Japanese theme woven throughout the Wabi Sabi print.

I wanted to build upon natures elements. Wabi Sabi bring together both flora & fauna, art, geometric plaids and an individualized colour palette. All elements are imperfect from the textures, artwork being hand drawn and smudged outlines. The combination of elements and colours are harmonized throughout the patchwork layout.

Throughout the artwork you will find swallows, cranes flying through the sun-kissed horizon over the oceans shore line, hand gestures symbolizing peace and harmony, floral stamp inspired tile and orchid floral patch, oversized geometric plaids mixed back with large cream patches, which tone down the play of colour.

I genuinely design with emotion and pour my heart into every stroke of artwork that I design. I design from a place of escapism and something about this particular colour palette and the elements of nature brings a sense of calmness to me.

What 3 words best describe the collection?

(LF): Playful, Whimsical & Joyful
(DM): Imperfect, Heart-filled & Textural

What’s on your Wishlist from the collection from both F&F and Antipodean?

(LF) Gosh this is tough because I literally want all of the Antipodean collection, but I am particularly loving the Wabi Sabi Kimono, which is so versatile and edgy. From the F&F collection I love the Wabi Sabi Quilt, it’s a really a unique and special piece, designed to last a life-time.

Wabi Sabi - Fenton & Fenton

Is this the first time you have collaborated with a fashion label Lucy?

(LF) Yes, I have always been fascinated by the intersection between fashion and interiors, so it was such a dream to finally explore this kind of collaboration.

We have absolutely loved the process, so much fun working with another Australian brand to bring a vision to life.  It’s been really rewarding to see the prints come together across different compositions on garments and homewares.

We can’t wait to do it again.

Is this the first time you have collaborated with a homewares label Dani?

(DM) Yes, this is the first time Antipodean have collaborated with a homewares label.

I used to design homewares so I have always felt a strong connection binding both print and homewares. I couldn’t be prouder with how both brands have partnered to create such a beautiful range. Working with a brand I have long admired, It’s been a dream come true and a truly special and unique working relationship that has been likeminded, heart-filled and fun”.