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Free Flow with Elle-Louise Burguez our Rising Talent of 2022 - Fenton & Fenton

Free Flow with Elle-Louise Burguez our Rising Talent of 2022

Enjoying what we do for our own sake without courting a victory means folding into an ebb and flow that creates dimension through duality. Artist and musician Elle-louise Burguez honours the swirl of joy and comfort, challenge and novelty, by not overthinking her creative process but rather, taking each transition as it comes, “I feel that my life is always shifting through new phases. I grow quickly and each phase has a feeling about it,” says Elle-louise.

“At the moment I am really drawn to frescos and heavenly realms. So, in my notebook I will draw ideas relating to this feeling. Imagery, nature, films, books, travel, and everyday life will inspire me, and I will begin from there. After I have painted many works, I will notice that I have grown, and my perspective is changing. I am in a new phase. That is when new ideas come to me, and the process begins all over again.”

Rising Talent 2022 winner Elle-louise lets her intuition guide the development of her craft, “I began painting nearly 10 years ago. I started using watercolours then moved onto acrylic and pastels and I now am delving into oil painting. My journey with art has been a lot of fun and I feel that I have developed my own unique style where I don't have to restrict myself and can continue to explore."

“There isn't one thing I am trying to say but there is an overall longing to remain peaceful and in bliss. But fragments of how I have lived my life, what I have seen and felt are in everything I create. I feel very grateful to do something I love so much every day.”

Discover Elle-louise Burguez's latest series of works 'We Will Always Find Peace'.