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How to Choose the Perfect Rug - Fenton & Fenton

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

Whether you are looking to add personality, colour, texture or warmth to a room, a rug has the ability to transform and enhance the feel of any space. In many cases a room will not feel complete without a rug!

Selecting a rug can be a daunting task, so here’s a few key tips to consider when choosing the perfect rug for your space.

Colour & Pattern

A rug is likely to be one of the largest features in the space, so consider the colour compatibility of the fixed features and existing furniture.

At Fenton & Fenton, we don’t believe in playing it safe, don’t be afraid to choose an inspirational design. Be bold with the pattern and colour, mixing a modern rug design with vintage pieces will create a space that is uniquely yours.

If you already have a lot of pattern and colour going on in the room and you want to ground the room, then opting for something subtler can help pull it all together – look the Serengeti Collection for inspiration. This rug offers a perfect base for any room and can be custom made to any size.


The texture of your rug will set the mood for the room – silk carpets are beautiful and luxurious if you wanting to create a more sophisticated glam feel. Cotton & wool can be a more casual relaxed look. So, consider how you want the room to feel before you hit the shops.

Injecting different textures and materials will create interest and make any room feel more welcoming. Rugs are the perfect way to add an extra layer to a room and don’t be afraid to mix them up - for instance, a cotton or silk rug will sit perfectly alongside a velvet couch or a marble coffee table.


Where will the rug live? Will it be positioned at an entry, or in the bedroom? Do you have small children and pets? These factors will determine how durable your rug will need to be. For spaces with a high volume of foot traffic, opt for a patterned rug, like the Retro Dhurrie, that can easily conceal minor stains between cleans. A two-toned or neutral rug, like the Serengeti Dhurrie in Rose, will be suitable for less commonly visited areas of the home.

Also, always consider how a rug can be cleaned before purchasing. Cotton rugs can be very easy and inexpensive to clean, so they are great in busy, high traffic areas. You want to enjoy the rug and not be too precious when guests come over, so choose something suitable for the space based on how it’s used.

Shape & Size

Perfecting the size and shape of the objects in your space will help achieve the balance in a room. A round rug works wonders in softening a space that has predominantly structured furniture or angular pieces and hard surfaces, whilst a square or rectangular rug will define a softer space.

When it comes to rug size, we believe bigger is always better, a small rug can cheapen the aesthetic of the room and even make it look smaller. The rug should be large enough to fit all your furniture legs on, or at the very least, the two back legs.

Mixing to the max is our speciality at Fenton & Fenton. We love to see people live expressively and create homes that they love and represent their unique style, so don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Still unsure what rug will work in your space? Our design service will guide you through a seamless journey of transforming your home with considered furniture and homewares selections. It starts with an at home-consult or scheduled a video call with one of our expert designers and ends with a proposal tailored to your aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.