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How to elevate your home with the Curved Bone Inlay Collection - Fenton & Fenton

How to elevate your home with the Curved Bone Inlay Collection

Learn how to style your favourite pieces from our new collection for a life less ordinary.

Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

The age-old art of bone inlay hails from the royal palaces of India’s Rajasthan, where the skill of hand-making delicate fragments of buffalo bone into beautiful mosaics is handed down from generation to generation.

The Curved Collection of bone inlay furniture at Fenton & Fenton has reimagined this ornate craft into contemporary furniture pieces that can elevate any interior, while staying true to the traditional methods.

However, learning how to decorate with - and style - new types of furniture into your existing interior scheme can be tricky. Fortunately, we have some fantastic tips to get you started.


Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

One of the defining characteristics of the Curved Bone Inlay Collection is the softly rounded shape of each piece. Whether you’re integrating the console, bedside table, mirror or drawer commodes into your space, adding other curved elements to the room will help these pieces fit seamlessly into your scheme. Furniture with arched detailing, curved rugs, rounded cushions, wavy decorative objects or even artworks that showcase curvaceous forms will do the trick.


Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

Visual harmony is easily achieved by sticking to a single colour palette. Whether you choose the black, grey, or almond colour way from the Curved Collection, try to integrate soft furnishings and decorative objects of similar or complementing hues throughout the space for instant unification.


Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

The sideboard, drawer commodes and console table from the Curved Collection present a unique opportunity to create a ‘style moment’ in your space. That is, to make the furniture the hero of your space by constructing an intentional sense of place around it. The key? Simply hang a large striking mirror or artwork above the piece, or lay a rug below it, to anchor it to the location.


Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

A new piece of furniture can feel pointless if it doesn’t fulfil a purpose within your home, and the purpose of furniture is often defined by where it lives in your home. With that in mind, allow the position of your Curved Bone Inlay Collection piece to influence your styling of it. The bedside table will sit best with a lamp, book or small vessels, while the console table lends itself perfectly to practical inclusions such as key dishes and a mirror for last-minute checks. The sideboard is an essential living room focal point, so use it to display treasured trinkets, sculptures, books and blooms.


Curved Bone Inlay - Fenton and Fenton

The Curved Bone Inlay Collection showcases the beauty of natural texture, an element that can be enhanced by arranging items of similar tactility around it. Boucle, marble, stone, linen, wool and leather will all play nicely with bone inlay – but ensure your colour palette is restrained to avoid making the room feel cluttered or busy.

If you’d like more tips or advice on styling the Curved Bone Inlay Collection in your home, please reach out to our Styling team or visit Katie and the team at our Prahran store.