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Fenton & Fenton x Bauwerk - Fenton & Fenton

Fenton & Fenton x Bauwerk

Travel is a constant source of our inspiration at fenton&fenton and we are thrilled to launch our first ever custom palette in collaboration with our friends at Bauwerk Colour.

A palette inspired by places our creative collaborators have been and dream to go, sun-kissed days that turn into nights and summer time fun with family and friends.

Introducing a sun-kissed palette of 6 hues

With Bauwerk Colour, we teamed up with some of our fave Australian creative talent and translated their best travel memories into an inspiring palette, suited to both interiors and exteriors.

'Casablanca' by Lucy Fenton

Inspired by her next trip to Morroco.

'Lago Guatemala' by Mr Fenton

Inspired by a trip to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

'Saint Germain' byHeather Nette King

Inspired by a colour Heather sees everywhere when traveling to France

'Aurora' by Jai Vasicek

Inspired by the morning light and mist haze over the sea when sailing the Great Barrier Reef with his Dad as a child

'Amsterdam' by Lynda Gardener

A warm white inspired by the streets and natural light of Amsterdam

'Bronte' bySarah Ellison

A warm neutral inspired by the rock formations of Sarah’s local beach.

The limewashed paints are made with clay, minerals and natural pigments and transform all masonry surfaces such as render, concrete and brick.

Proudly on show at our ‘Home Away from Home’ in Sydney until this Sunday 29th October – we have installed and lime-washed a Moroccan inspired riad and filled it with our collection of indoor and outdoor faves.

Shop the palette – paint, colour cards or sample pots are all available via Bauwerk's Website.

Insider Secrets with Bronwyn Riedel - Bauwerk

1.What exactly is limewash paint and what are the features and benefits of using it?
Limewash Paint is paint made from limestone and coloured with natural pigments. It works by taking limestone, heating it, soaking it in water for many months, then ageing it for aminimumof 7 years, then finally making it into paint, it’s like the way a winemaker would make wine, a simple process that requires lots ofexperienceto do it well.

It uses the perfect elementalcycle of earth, fire, water and air. The final process, air, is where it takes carbon dioxide from the air to dry, unlike conventional paints which are based on the petro-chemical industry that require plastics to dry.

2. What are the advantages of painting with Bauwerk Colour limewash paint?
This paint does not contain any of the toxic chemicals found in all water based paints - which often include Biocides, Pesticide, VOC’s endocrine disrupting chemicals, plus a whole cocktail of others. Plus, there here is no smell in the room after painting and it’s super easy to clean up after and is safe for waterways.

When painting over surfaces such as render and brick the walls are able to breath creating a healthy home environment and micro climate. From an aesthetic point of view, the real beauty comes from the way that light is refracted from the paint due to its natural and mineral structure. This means light bounces off it in a way that is unlike any other paint. Other companies call their paints limewash paint, but are made differently to how ours is made-not all lime paints are created equal. Bauwerk’s is a true limewash, and the company goes with the ethos of doing one thing well. Our colours are created by us alone and are not made with industrial tints. Instead they are made with natural pigments to our own colour recipes. I create them all with an artist eye for colour not a chemist view on an industrial system.

3. What are your suggested applications for using Limewash Paint this Summer?
Any exterior masonry wall, especially ugly bricks that need a quick and easy makeover. Or, a quick bedroom makeover can completely transform a space for around $200! We recommend getting your friends over for a painting party – make sure you crank the music up!

4. What colour stories (from neutrals through to saturated tones) can we look forward to from now through to 2018?
I am loving warm neutrals and soft greys at the moment like our new colours with fenton & fenton, evoking mood from cities and travels across water. From Lynda Gardener comes the softest grey, inspired by the light of Amsterdam. Jai Vasicek, created Aurora, a moody grey with a hint of blue inspired by sailing in the early morning light.

Bronte from Sarah Ellison, is a warm, wriggle your toes through the sand colour, a warm neutral which we are seeing a lot in Europe colour palettes currently. Also, very on trend currently is our continued love affair with PINK, a perfect interior and exterior shade of pink is our new colour with Heather Nett King - the colour of Paris, Saint Germain. Also, something new popping through are strong colours inspired from exotic travels. Lucy Fenton’s Casablanca transporting you to the Raids of Moroccoand Mr Fenton’s deep blue, inspired by the depths of Lago Guatemala. Colours that inspire a playful sense of fun and summer, but are also timeless classics which immediately take to your favourite holiday destination.

5. What colours and textures are you drawn to?
I love moody colours and this is what we do best at Bauwerk - colours that evoke emotion. Colour has the power to completely transform a space, your mood, and is the one of the most inexpensive ways to change your space in an afternoon. I am constantly drawn to the perfectly imperfect, loving texture and patina, a life and home, full of life.

6. What’s your favourite hue from this collection?
Oh, that’s too hard. It’s like asking to pick a favourite child! Every colour will be prefect for a space, that is how I choose colour, based on what the room or exterior calls out for.

7. Where can our customers find your paint?

Online via our door to door

We ship daily across Australia. The fenton & fenton range will also be available through them very soon. Stay tuned for more inspo from Bauwerk and insider secrets with the creators behind the custom range.

Thanks Bronwyn, we are loving working with you and look forward to transforming our shop and courtyard in Melbourne when we are back from Sydney next week!