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How to Style Faux Flowers with Abigail Ahern - Fenton & Fenton

How to Style Faux Flowers with Abigail Ahern

Take it from the queen of faux flowers —your botanicals don’t need to be fresh to add new life to your home. From styling tips to selecting the perfect vase, Abigail Ahern has the right tips for adding blooms to your home that will last the long haul.

What are your top three tips for styling your faux’s at home?

Treat the faux's exactly as you would real botanicals so anything tall and branch like is fab in a bottle vase - there's nothing quite like an arching tall stem in a narrow necked vase as it looks so beautiful on dining tables and entry ways. Garden flowers are fabulous in round necked vessels, just remember (and the same goes for real) to hide the stems below the neck and arrange in the same colour family you simply cannot go wrong that way.

Are there any rules when it comes to faux’s?

There are no rules what's so ever - having said that I tend to not put faux's in glass containers which makes them even more tantalising and then you don't need to worry about filling vessels with water.

We are always looking for tips on how to bring new life into our homes. How do you refresh your home for the new season?

I refresh my pad with new botanicals, they are the quickest most impactful thing you can do enlivening surfaces, mantles and tables I am so obsessed. I also overdose on texture so add the odd slubby rug, cushions and of course wintery scents are a great way for refreshing a space.

An inspiring home office is paramount to our productivity in these times. Can you tell us a little bit about your space?

My studio is in my home and takes up a whole room so it's super vital that it feels just as cool as the adjacent living area as the two spaces flow into each other. I do this by adding all sorts of cool lighting from a wall light suspended on the outside of my bookcase above my desk, to cool table lamps. Paint colour also is so important its a quick fix and can immediately make the space feel more intimate, restorative and energising. I always have a vase of botanicals on my desk which I switch up every few months.

What is one thing you cannot live without in your home?

The one thing I can't live without is flowers, quickest most game changing thing you can do to any space to change it up.

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