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Meet The Artist |
Berny Bacic

Berny likes to describe what she creates as Design Art, because her career as a
designer has naturally formed her approach to her artistic work.
Berny is instinctively drawn to playing with geometric shapes that are confined within a sense of structure and balance, yet also explore unexpected and imperfect form. Through colour and texture, she embraces the freedom to add layers of expression and expose their raw edges. Berny has always been drawn to anything vintage that tells a story through the marks left by human hands and the wearing of time.
Berny-Bacic - Fenton & Fenton
Can you tell us how you became practicing as an artist?
I studied art when I left school and then transferred to graphic design and photography. For more than 20 years I have worked as a brand and graphic designer, running my own design studio. I reached a point in my career where I was longing for my own self-expression, without client briefs and input. It was instinctively at this point that my focus turned toward creating art.
Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you usually go about making your work?
Design thinking plays a big role in my art practice and process. 
Typically, I start sketching continuous line drawings of shape and form, and with this initial stage I have a feeling, emotion or theme that I’m translating to paper, so my design brain is intuitively analysing and finding meaning in the forming of shapes and connecting them to the theme. And from there, I transfer my shortlisted shapes to the computer and digitally illustrate them in Adobe Illustrator using my design skills and it is then when i start playing with colour. I always create a colour palette which informs the colour direction of a body work, much the same as I would with a branding project. Once these two stages are done, the process then goes from design thinking to pure expression and spontaneous play with hands on paint work or pattern creation.
Why are you drawn to painting as a medium?
My work is confined within very structured and geometric shapes, enriched by layers of colour and texture. These layers serve as my self-expression, with each painted layer and brushstroke conveying a deep sense of mood and meaning. I am drawn to painting because it offers a sense of freedom; the ability to layer with varying opacities and enhance the vibrancy of colour.
How did you develop your personal style and how has it changed over time?
Defining my art style was quite a journey! With many years as a graphic designer, I've developed a wide range of commercial art styles for various clients. Throughout my art practice, I explored numerous styles and techniques until I discovered what truly resonates with me and represents who I am. I refer to my work as 'Design Art' because it embodies art created with design thinking at its core. My pieces feature a minimalist, geometric, yet raw aesthetic, consisting of bold abstract shapes in two to three colourways.
berny-bacic-silhouette-03-artwork-6c - Fenton & Fenton
What do you hope people feel or take away when experiencing your work?
I hope my work sparks a sense of intrigue, inviting viewers to draw their own interpretations, emotions, and feelings from the shapes I create. With this intention, most of my paintings are designed to be viewed from multiple orientations. This allows my collectors to experiment with how each piece is displayed, creating their own unique meanings.
From the pieces you have created for F&F, is there one piece in particular that stands out to you and why?
Silhouette 02 is a special piece for me; the deep maroon silhouette is bold and yet also, conveys a sense of warmth, softness and nurturing calm at the same time.
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