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Meet The Artist |
Jordana Henry

Meet Jordana Henry, an Australian Artist working and living in Byron Bay.
Jordana’s works naturally take on the form of abstraction as she predominantly uses oils to create marks that best explore notions of landscape, shape, figure, emotion and colour.
She has exhibited in both solo and group capacities in galleries throughout Australia. 
JH-HS - Fenton & Fenton
Can you tell us how you became practising as an artist?
I went to art school about 14 years ago. After I graduated, I continued to create and exhibit my work. At first, some artist friends and I put on our own art shows in back laneways and above cafes and other random locations. I did this until galleries started to reach out and represent me. At that time I would work full time during the day and then come home and paint all night.
Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you usually go about creating your work?
It’s always different. Sometimes the ideas come to me at very sporadic moments like when I’m driving or folding washing and other times I just go into the studio and force myself to do something for 20 mins. Even if it’s just cleaning brushes and then hope the ideas come. It usually starts with a colour palette and following that is form and composition.
Why are you drawn to painting as a medium?
At this moment in time I love oil paint because I feel like it gives the right depth to work. It helps me express what I’m trying to convey. It’s the same with the size of my work…. I just can’t say what I want to say with small works right now.
How did you develop your personal style and how has it changed over time?
I think I’m still developing it. It’s very fluid and interchangeable. Style is developed from lots and lots of time making! The more you make the more you figure out what feels good to you.
What do you hope people feel or takeaway when experiencing your work? 
I just hope it makes them feel something.
Jordana Henry - Voices In My Head - Fenton & Fenton
From the pieces you have created for F&F, is there one piece in particular that stands out to you and why?
I think maybe “changing like the weather”. It was the first work I made of that collection and it’s very true to my style. When I look at it I think “yep that’s me”.
Are there specific themes, experiences, travels or anything that has inspired your recent work?
I think at this stage of my work the concepts are a mash up of all my precious investigations. It’s kind of a coming together of past present and future thoughts. 
I’m always inspired by form. Whether it be human form or solid form, natural form or the space between forms.
View Jordana Henry's artwork here