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Shelf Styling 101 with Bea Lambos - Fenton & Fenton

Shelf Styling 101 with Bea Lambos

Shelf styling is a necessity when we strive for personalising our homes - inevitably there will be a shelf, a table top or surface that begs for decoration and loving.So take note of the following quick tips, it’s really not as hard as it seems!

We love a good shelfie at Fenton & Fenton. What are some quick tips for dressing and styling shelves to make a statement?

Always start empty and clean – everything looks better when your surface is spotless. Gather together everything that you would like to see in that spot – more is better than not enough so don’t curate too hard yet, this will happen as you go along. Start with your most favourite piece, front and centre and add from there. Don’t forget function too – making this spot usable will make you love it more – jugs and boards in the kitchen shelves, records and turntable in the living space, and so on. Make sure you add a pop of colour here and there – shelves are a feature so forget boring and try fun instead!

How do you display your collections in an artful and curated way that looks balanced, but not too perfect?

It’s the process of elimination that can be time consuming in shelf styling, but it will also get you the best results. Stand back and reassess from time to time. Keep what you love and take away what your gut tells you isn’t working. Less layers first then build up. Size matters so layer pieces together that have varied heights too. This creates interest, and makes your eye travel over the arrangement. This is the key - we want the eyes to feast on the beauty!

Any tips for working artwork into the mix?

Artwork is definitely something I love to add into my shelf styling. They can provide a perfect back drop for vessels and can be the best way to add a pop of colour or start the whole palette in the space. Art is easy to lean, but also looks great off the surface and hung amongst the other pieces. Make sure your art is in good proportion to the space itself, this will ensure that your vessels and ornaments aren’t made to look too small and skimpy! Every little thing needs to have its moment to shine!