Stefania Boemi - Donna Macalda Head Vase in Orange

$ 2,600.00

Bring a European exoticism to your every day with the magic of the Donna Macalda Head Vase, made in Sicily by Ceramic Artist Stefania Boemi.

Donna Macalda is handcrafted and painted in a orange matte monochrome tint, rich in natural pigments and resin binder that grants this piece its boldly beautiful depth in colour, whilst the intensity of the eyes is emphasised with a glaze. 

This unique beauty is inspired by the ancient Sicilian story of love and revenge between a Moor and a Maiden. 

More Details

30cm(l) x 40cm(h) x 22cm(d)

Handmade in Italy

Care & Maintenance

These head vases are purely for decoration. They are not suitable for water, as they are not waterproofed.