Shelf Styling with Bea Lambos

Nothing sums us up better, than what’s sitting on our shelves. Said no one ever. But there is some truth to the notion that what people see when they come into your home is a dead giveaway to what you dig. It’s all there to tell the tale. Do you need some help to tell the wonderful visual story of you?

Let’s clarify one thing before we start though.When I talk shelf, I’m also talking mantle, or ledge or sill or anywhere in your home that can hold a collection of beautiful things.

Once you’ve found your place to dazzle, wander through your home and pick out things that you’d like to see hanging together. Choose things that make you happy. Not just books; think vases, ceramics, photos (no, definitely not daggy), art and precious layers that make you, you.


Remember to add personal touches too, as all brand new can often look fake and stiff. And that’s definitely not your vibe!

Rule of thumb, and the fun part, is just to start. Start with the most loved piece and work from there. You want everyone to notice this one first, so make it seen. Large will command their own space, while medium and small items can be grouped together.

Style with function – boring I know, but why not when you have extra storage and it looks pretty too. Add items that will be useful to the room. Boards and jugs for your kitchen shelves. Candles and design books for a quiet nook away from the domestic bliss. Hello easy access and beautiful all at once!


Books are perfect for using in all different ways. Try stacking them horizontally or vertically - our terrazzo bookends are gorgeous and add another pretty decorative element. Take advantage of beautiful spines as a simple way to colour your space.

Small pieces of art add interest and can lean anywhere, creating depth to your collections and maybe even switching up the palette. Layer up smaller things in front, like vases and objects. If organic and whimsy shapes are your thing, then you really must meet our fabulous Valencia sculptures. I like to overlap items on shelves to create connections – it’s the analogy of brothers and sisters, not cousins!

Try thinking about what your pieces are made from and group like with like. Glass, mirror and shiny or rustic and hand made. Shape also comes into play. Curves and round for the win, especially when most shelves are flat and finished with hard surfaces. Let’s mix it up!


Flowers can also be a fragrant addition that peps up the surfaces and makes you feel loved, even when you purchase your own. Buying good looking vessels and vases mean that they look incredible filled with seasonal blooms or just as fabulous empty too. Between you and me, I may just have Giacomo Alessi’s Head Vase on my ‘I’m missing retail’ list right now.

And green. Let me not forget you.You add life and colour to any shelf. But if you may be a little haphazard with your plant friends (I’m so sorry fiddle leaf, again), go green with our fabulous and very impressive faux. I won’t tell if you don’t.

And the most crucial part to creating that perfect and dare I say it, shelfie? Revel in the fact that this one is finally and truly all about you!


X Bea

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