Meet the artist: Megan Grant

Artist Megan Grant is an illustrator and maker of many things. Her love of colour, pattern and intuitive mark making inform her practice, as she works across many mediums and themes. Endlessly inspired by rich colour palettes found in everyday life, Megan takes note and brings these ideas into her studio.

What inspired your latest artworks being showcased at the Spring Exhibition?

The experimentation of blending abstraction with the classic still life subjects of plant life and floral arrangements. A vase of flowers has been and will be painted by artists forever, this work was about my own process of pushing and pulling against figurative painting. Letting the botanical life evolve secondary to process, colour and texture.

How has your work evolved over time?

My work evolves quite rapidly as once I feel like I have realised an idea fully, I'm always drawn to try something else. Abstraction is something I aspire to do more of as I find it the most challenging and rewarding intellectual task for me.

What inspires and motivates you to create everyday?

I've always felt motivated to make pictures of one kind or another, it never gets boring and it’s endlessly exciting for me. The joy and peace I get out of the creative process is what inspires me to create each day……I don't take it for granted what a precious personal resource this is.

What is the creative process in producing one of your body of works?

I work on lots of pieces at once and like to see them side by side. A collection evolves from a playful process in the beginning and I don't get hung on things not working out from the start. A breakthrough on one painting, informs the direction of another and after lots of time contemplating and being surrounded the work its slowly comes together.

How do you spend your time when you’re not creating artworks?

Almost all of my non-painting time is spent parenting but any little bits of spare time I have go to working in my garden, because I adore that process too.

What artist, past or present, has inspired you?

I couldn't choose one there are so many! John Olsen, Fred Williams, Hundertwasser. And some current and most recent favourites are Samuel Bassett, Florence Hutchings and George Raftopoulos.


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