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All Eyes on Betsy - Fenton & Fenton

All Eyes on Betsy

There’s something to be said for furniture that with a name. Like a part of the family, these pieces relocate themselves around your home over the years, creating new zones and new feels according to the needs of all who love them. Introducing one of our nearest and dearest, Betsy.

Only have eyes for you

With a name like Betsy, you’re not going to want to share her. She’s the perfect companion fireside, window side or anywhere where it’s that time just for one. Add a side table to finish off the scene and enjoy your down time together in laid back comfort free from interruptions!

Effortless always

No matter where she’s sitting, Betsy never fails to look good. We love her in pops of vibrant colour, you know that’s our thing; but she’s also proved that she’s fabulous in neutral tones too. Paired with pieces that are simple and elegant, this gal can always hold her own.

Gangs all here

Although Betsy is known far and wide for fiercely holding her own in your space; there is still plenty of room for her when she needs to be included in family gatherings. She’ll be happy hanging to one side, especially when the crew are all home, ‘cos she knows she’s still going to be deemed the best and most fought over seat in the house.

Look at me

It’s time to go bold or go home and Betsy is one who definitely walks the walk. She’s glorious in a single pop of colour. A beautiful piece to add that wow in your home that you may desperately need, so place her in a spot where she’s sure to be seen.