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Coffee Table Styling 101 - Fenton & Fenton

Coffee Table Styling 101

If there ever was a spot in your home that yells “this is me right here on the surface”, it would be your coffee table. It’s usually the one spot that we look at when we’re resting and reclining, or simply hiding from the chores of the day. It’s the drop off zone for the remotes and phones, but also the resting place for the fun things – hello to the fresh mag and end of day tipple.

So, here’s three words for you to get this baby styled to perfection: high and low. Yup. It’s all about balance and height no matter what you love to have on it. Scattering the things you love along the tabletop is the fun part. Keep it personal and gather what you like to look at. Books, candles, plants, glassware, momentos all play a part here. A little or a lot, you pick. No rules, remember?

Coffee tables inevitably become a conversation starter, so make yours do the work for you. It’s the place we gravitate towards in a living space so a little bit of quirk will go a long way in impressing your mates. One of our Stefania Boemi vases would be a fab focal point to get the good vibes flowing!

Another quick tip when starting to curate your table – don’t forget about what else is happening in the room. Keep in mind that creating a balance between what you already have around you in the space; try to make this surface feel cohesive with what else is sharing the space. But don’t be afraid to mix and match – colour blocking and a play on textures goes a long way! Call it a theme if you’d like to. It may mean the difference between totally gorgeous and a hot mess.

To start with maybe try the divide and conquer trick. Divide the surface into imaginary quarters and keep your decorative pieces in four zones. It will create order, interest and show off your tables beautiful detail all at the same time!

Lastly, the best trick I use to rescue small bits that look a little lost on a big surface, is to use a tray. Again, our semi-precious trays add to the overall curation, whilst the smaller pieces get a new life being part of a collection, looking like they were intended to be harnessed together.

When you have finished putting it together, check out your table from every angle. Adjust and swivel so everyone in the room gets to see the good bits. Glassware, like our faves from Amanda Dziedzic, or crystal Buddy vases are super clever at looking good no matter what. This glassware eases up on the clutter; they’re see-through enough to maintain your table’s flow.

It’s cliché but true, practice makes perfect. Curating the perfect coffee table may take time but it will definitely win you brownie points in the styling game.