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Colour Stories | <br> By Fenton and Fenton - Fenton & Fenton

Colour Stories |
By Fenton & Fenton

At Fenton & Fenton, we dream in colour, employing bold hues and statement palettes with intention. We believe that introducing colour into a home has the power to impact the mind and mood and we love pairing arresting colour combinations.
From playful doses of optimistic hues to colour drenching, these are some of the colour stories that have inspired our spaces of late.
Peach Fuzz
As Pantone’s 2024 colour of the year, Peach Fuzz captures a desire to nurture yourself or others, inviting a feeling of warmth into a home. Introduce it with small accents like lamps, cushions, throws, rugs or art to instantly brighten up the mood, or go bold and drench the walls, ceilings and trims in this warm and fuzzy hue. Pair it with other golden hues, mustard, rust or zingy yellows to make a style statement this Autumn.
Optimistic Red
From russet-rich tones to sharp doses of scarlet, all the rosso hues are making a colour statement at the moment. Known to elevate a space, embrace red in your home with punchy pairings like baby pink or french blue, or go bold and embrace a spicy palette of rust, garnet, crimson and raspberry.
Golden Sunshine
We never tire of a warm and sunny palette that transcends the seasons. These vibrant and cheerful hues bring warmth and positive energy into a home. Embrace nature’s palette from sunrise to sunset with sunny yellows, golden warmth and crimson corals through to the vibrant colours of twilight and create a mood that is both welcoming and comforting. If it works in nature, it will work in your home.
Optimistic hues like limoncello, lime, verde, bubble gum and tangerine are making a colour come-back in both fashion and interiors. Cheerful, lively and fun, they add an instant dose of wow. Looking to really make a statement, mix them up together for a youthful and playful home that screams fun.
Colour Drenching
Colour drenching simply means painting everything in the same shade: walls, ceiling, cornices, woodwork and sometimes even furniture. This trend is all about finding a colour you love and introducing it in a full-on, colour-explosive kind of way. When opting for a colour-drenched palette, add interest by mixing in both matt and gloss finishes.