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How to Perfect A Gallery Wall with Bea Lambos - Fenton & Fenton

How to Perfect A Gallery Wall with Bea Lambos

There seems to be a grand divide in the isolation world as we know it right now. On one side, we have the achievers – those that have learnt a new language, lost 10 kilos, and have a collection of homemade face masks that match every outfit. And hello to you on the other side – the fridge huggers, the ones with great intent; nowadays a good day is one which doesn’t involve bed to couch to bed and back again.

For me, I have been true to my Gemini ways and have been the perfect fence sitter. Days of ‘catch me if you can’ versus the ones where I’m lucky to match a cup to a saucer.

On the good days however, the ‘How To’ anything has been my saviour. Short and sharp snippets that have given me something to listen to, to learn and to achieve in my own time. Small steps right?

So, today this is your time to shine and say hello to the ‘How To Perfect a Gallery Wall’. Super easy steps to make a statement and bring personality to your abode and make it look professionally decorated.

To start the ball rolling, what binds these beauties together? They don’t have to be exactly the same, just find one thing that makes them look part of the team and they will work. Think colour palette, frame shape or common theme. Try mixing photography, drawings, landscapes and portraits.

Choose your hanging space – don’t limit yourself to large walls only. Around doors, kitchen cabinetry and above bedheads can be perfect too. I like to hang above pieces of furniture like consoles or sofas. They anchor the space and create good looking spots away from the floor. There are no rules with spacing - just remember to give similar space to all so that they have their own time to shine and don’t feel like they’re cramping any one’s style.

Once you have a few pieces and you are ready, lay them out on the floor near where they will live. You can hang in a grid with the same size frames and equal distance between each piece. Or go with my favourite, the salon hang. A great choice for those starting a collection. It will allow you to indulge in its uniqueness and build on the look whenever you want. Think less is more and add to the collection when your wallet and heart allow. Remember to put your favourite in the middle at eye level and build out from here.

So, your collection is sorted, and you are ready for the technical part. Make a tissue paper template of each piece and blutak this to the wall in its spot, identical to your floor layout. Measure the distance from the top of each frame to the wire at the back at its hanging point. Measure this onto the tissue and pencil in the spot. This is the spot on the wall for your nail/hook.

Hammer your heart out, hang each piece on top of your templates. And voila! Stand back and check out your handywork before you add Curator of Gallery Wall to your iso resume. And renters do not despair. Check out the 3M range of velcro strips which are super strong, and your landlord will be none the wiser!

Now go Insta the hell out of your handiwork! X Bea

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