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How to Style a Rug with Bea Lambos - Fenton & Fenton

How to Style a Rug with Bea Lambos

My promise and physical challenge to you right now is to refrain from using the word ‘rule’ throughout this whole piece. At the minute, we’re completely surrounded by them. So, let this be your chance to forget the rules, channel your inner creative and let you be the style boss.

In the styling world, rooms with rugs feel well-dressed and finished. A rug not doing its job will cause the whole room to scream “help”! Size is usually the culprit in most “why is this room not working” situations. Too small and suddenly it’s like that woollen jumper you shrunk this Winter. Face it, it looks terrible and you’ll never wear it again.

Retro Dhurrie

Always extend rugs under your furniture to make everything connect and feel as if each piece is part of the space and your room’s overall story. Try having this idea in your head while you’re styling your living room, feet should be on the rug when you’re sitting. Likewise in the bedroom. Somewhere soft to rest your feet feels good and ultimately looks good.

And what do you do if your rug is too small and you can’t replace it? Try using it in another space. I’m all for rugs in kitchens, bedrooms and under the dining room table. Just keep in mind that the perfect size for rugs under dining tables is one where there is room for the whole chair plus a little extra. Remember my analogy of the skimpy jumper and go down the generous path instead!

Serengeti Dhurrie

Another option when rugs fall in the too small category, is to layer it with another one. Treat it like your wardrobe – you can add a neutral base if it is patterned or vice versa. Or try mixing two with similar colour tones. Your zone your way, remember?

Shape and pattern are all going to come into play with how you live with your rugs. Kids, pets or clumsy housemates are definitely prime candidates for rugs with pattern rather than a single colour. Patterned ones are perfect in high traffic areas like the hallway or kids-dedicated spaces. Textured styles can also help to hide the sins of your household.

Star Dhurrie

Now don’t go thinking that rectangles are the only way to go. Round, square and irregular shapes can also be a beautiful addition to your space; just keep in mind that you’ll need to keep proportions right in terms of furniture and room size.

Anchor furniture with your rug but also allow a little of the floor’s beauty to shine through too. Like a marriage, it will take some tweaking and re-jigging but when it works, it’s well worth the muscle!

Oval Stripe Dhurrie

And just because 2020 has taught us that anything goes if it feels good, consider putting a rug on your wall as an alternative to art. Another beautiful layer and texture to love and enjoy, and this way won’t mean extra work on the vac!

Now go flex those styling muscles!

X Bea

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