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Our Village is a small collection of original artworks by the children of Segno Gebeya, created together with Jasmine Mansbridge, Casey Burrill & Emma Gale.

In 2019, artists Jasmine, Casey and Emma travelled to Ethiopia with Australian non-profit, Create Impact NGO. They were invited to the Segno Gebeya Primary school to paint with the students. During the day of painting, students also completed their own illustrations on a large drop sheet, inspired by life in their village. The artists were able to provide a helping hand, words of encouragement and just watch the process as young artists came and went between classes. Ethiopia has a long and impressive artistic history, with traditional paintings rich in colour and symbolism. 

All proceeds from Our Village will be donated to Create Impact NGO, to fund education projects in rural communities of Ethiopia. View the collection.

Segno Gebeya

Segno Gebeya is a rapidly growing township outside of Lalibela, Ethiopia. In late 2015, the tiny primary school was blown away by strong winds and totally destroyed. For several years, many children living here either stopped attending school or had to walk to another primary school, a daily 3-hour round trip.   

With the support of Fenton & Fenton and generous donors, Create Impact rebuilt a brand-new school at Segno Gebeya, with all the necessities that these children deserve; eight classrooms, toilets, a rainwater tank, clean water, desks, books, sports equipment, staff offices and a school garden.

Segno Gebeya Primary School currently offers all stages of primary education from Grade 1 to 8 for over 400 students. 

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