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Artist Bio

Eva Frengstad

Born in Norway, Eva has lived, worked and studied in Norway, Poland, USA and Australia. Eva studied at the Academy of Art college in San Francisco majoring in printmaking and fine arts.

Eva has had five solo exhibitions and taken part in many group exhibitions in Norway, USA, Poland and Australia. Eva is currently working on a body of work to be exhibited in 2015.

Eva's work explores emotions, intuitions and my experience of different places she has travelled and her mind visited. She builds paintings with layers of like stratified history, each canvas a different place discovered and uncovered.

Her paintings map her journeys with words, language, colour and texture. The whole gamut of her experience is scratched, glued, stitched and painted. She brings these maps from one territory to the next and overlays one upon another to see what happens. This process situates her work in the moment of expression and yet sees each new work evolving from the last.

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