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Artist Bio

Megan Grant

Megan Grant is a painter, illustrator and maker of many things who lives with her two children in Melbourne’s west. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT and paints everyday from her home studio as well as running an illustration practice.

Her love of colour, design and composition are the common threads tying her works together..... whether they be paintings, illustrations or design projects...... and works are less about the subject matter than about the juxtaposition of shape and colour. Endlessly inspired by the rich colour pallets found in everyday life, Megan takes note and brings these ideas into her studio, where she works intuitively on canvas, with each new mark informed by the one beside, adjacent, or underneath. Thus, her paintings are a constant dance between the considered and the carefree, harmony and discord, sweeping colour fields and tiny marks.

Megan feels that her best work results when her painting process is brave and uninhibited and each painting explores this paradox of conceptual planning and deliberate abandon. Her finished paintings are rich in texture, transparent layers and thick brush strokes, as a she explores the possibilities and limitations of her medium - oil paint on canvas.

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