Meet the artist: Ali Wood

Ali Wood is widely celebrated for her Australian landscapes and floral still life works. She finds inspiration in the landscape surrounding her farm in Braidwood, in the Southern Tablelands and she captures this acutely in her evocative works. 

What inspired your latest artworks being showcased at the Spring Exhibition?

These new spectral pieces are a further exploration of the magnified and cropped images from the still lives of the masters of the golden age. My aim is to reinvent and reinterpret this age-old genre of painting, while maintaining the opulent and luscious quality of their imagery.

What inspires and motivates you to create everyday?

I’m inspired to paint by my surroundings, when we bought our little farm in Braidwood and ever since it has inspired me with its wonderful views of the Great Dividing Range and surrounding area and lovely cold climate garden which always seems to offer up something I’m compelled to paint.

What is the creative process in producing one of your body of works?

Each work starts with very loose mark making and through layering the definition appears, I try and keep them gestural and energetic and retain some of the underpainting. Each piece is richly hued and textured with drips, runs and a juxtaposition of contrasting elements. My hope is this results in a sense of energy, movement and drama.

How do you spend your time when you’re not creating artworks?

When not painting, you’ll often find me in the garden or our farm keeps us busy with different projects.

What artist, past or present, has inspired you?

There are so many artists who have inspired me over the years, but current favourites are Margaret Preston for her wonderful still life works, Richard Deibenkorn for his use of colour in abstraction, Eric Fischel for his humorous and expressive figurative works and Fairfield Porter as I love his gestural observation of everyday life and landscapes.


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