Amanda Dziedzic Yumemiru - Pink

$ 330.00

Amanda Dziedzic is a Melbourne based glass artist, creating delicate sculptures and glass domes.

An avid fan of colour and shape, her glass bonsai are a response to her recent travels to Japan. ‘Yumemiru’, roughly translates as ‘to dream of’. These pieces are her version of a Japanese daydream.

Available in the prettiest of hues,they are just as beautiful styled together, as they are as a stand-alone statement.

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More Details

Please note the colour and size dimensions are approximate and will vary as each piece is handmade and unique.

Dimensions (approximate):
Small - 4cm x 14-15cm x 9-12cm (Base Diameter x Height x Width)
Medium - 4.5cm x 15-20cm x 12-18cm (Base Diameter x Height x Width)
Large - 5cm x 20-30cm x 13-18cm (Base Diameter x Height x Width)