8 tips for working colour into your home

Colour has the ability to transform surroundings as well as moods like nothing else. So, think about what you'd like your home to communicate and start experimenting with some of your favourite hues. 

Start with accessories

Start with accessories

Inject some colour with cushions, linen or throws for an instant update. Choose colours that either compliment or contrast your current pieces, and don’t be afraid to go bold. 

Lay down some rugs. 

Adding a rug to a room can make a powerful statement. Not only does it anchor a space, it transforms it too. Patterns provide punctuation and help you get started with a playful palette. 

3. Hang some art. 
Art is what adds personality to a space. From wall hangings to large scale pieces, art will bring your walls alive. Don’t worry about being too matchy-matchy with your furniture, it’s meant to stand out. 

4. Play around with tonal variations of the same colour. 
We’re loving shades of licorice, emerald and mint; inspired by nature’s palette in our latest collection of deep green marble. Select the hues within the marble to introduce a new colour story into your home. And remember, it pairs perfectly with timber, leather and brass too. 

5. Remember the small stuff. 
Keep introducing colour through vases, flowers, cushions, throws, linen, bowls and artwork. 

The power of paint.
A new paint job is a fast, inexpensive way to introduce colour and reinvigorate a tired space. Start a mood board of your favourite images from magazines or Pinterest and see what colour themes come through.

7. Group like-coloured pieces together. 
A dash of colour here or there won’t have much impact. Groupings of like-coloured vases or accessories are an easy way to start to inject a bit more colour into your space. 

Make a statement
A statement piece of furniture is the easiest way to liven up an otherwise neutral space. Our new dining tables or vintage chairs have been designed to make a real statement. 

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8 tips for working colour into your home

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