Meet Artist Unhinged Hands

How would you describe your art?

Unhinged, Unconventional, Layered Windows into Worlds.

Was creativity a part of your childhood?

Growing up with a playwright mother, you bet. I was always encouraged to be free spirited and push my boundaries. The creative arts surrounded me, I thrived at school in both the performing, and visual arts. I also have to pay credit to my unconventional grandmother for my wanderer gene and her 2D landscape creations; she broadened my perspective. It is clear that the love of getting lost, craving adventure and the raw need to explore runs in the family. After school, I joined the creative arts industry as an editorial fashion stylist, working to create visual art pieces for online and print through fashion. I guess I had my toe dipped in the creative waters from the very start. I took to painting when my travel daydreams took up too much real estate in my memory bank, and I simply had to put brush to canvas. I have always been a wandering spirit and recreating my dream-like vision of a place and then my experience once travelled fits my theatrical, visual and adventurous self to a T.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process and where your inspiration comes from?

My inspiration comes from my love of travel, what I think, feel about the destination before and what it was like after experiencing it is the inspiration for my work. When I'm in the studio I unlock my imaginative dream weaver persona Unhinged Hands to create moments of pause for people and spaces. The paintings I create prior to travelling capture my dream of what the place in the world might be like - a true look into the projected inner workings of my mind. I look to my senses to unlock a kaleidoscopic view of refracted colour…my imaginative vision and this big beautiful chaotic world is my oyster. Excitedly, when I return from wandering I recreate the experience, my adventure consumes every inch of the canvas. I revisit my new perspective again and again…honing the colour and visually layering all my senses with my brushes for you to enjoy. My aim is to seduce you to view and ponder this place, the experience, hopefully find your own interpretation of the colours, shapes, textures, contrasts and subtleties. I want to fill the wall with infinite possibility and opportunity. I want you to pause…and imagine your own story in this lyrical and abstract world.

Has your work ever changed or evolved over the years?

This is an interesting question…my work evolves because the world and I evolve. My style started developing way back when my grandmother’s work made me, as the viewer, see the world through her eyes so it has been evolving for decades. Now what is exciting is that the evolution of my work is because nothing stays the same; not me, not you and not the world. My challenge is to always be in the moment and layer my senses for your imagination.

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